Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 338 - The Daily Life Of A Good Person (21)

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Chapter 338: The Daily Life Of A Good Person (21)

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“The’ power is surely huge.” The ancients really inherited the truth.

If the ancients knew you used’ power like this, they may have jumped out of the coffin to beat you.

Now everyone couldn’t help but believe that she’d really been using them to find Five Treasures Bible, and they just delivered the Five Treasures Bible to her.

Do you wonder whether they felt angry?

They were angry to the point of madness!

“Devil, do you think you can leave here today with the Five Treasures Bible?”

“Yes, of course. For the sake of you helping me find Five Treasures Bible, I’ll allow you to fight.” Ming Shu folded the Five Treasures Bible and stashed it in her clothes. “Come, let’s have a fight.”

Everyone: “…”

Shouldn’t the devil state something? She just started a fight directly?

They were still dumbfounded, while Ming Shu had begun her work. She didn’t use any weapons and just fought with her bare hands.

“I’ll let you feel the power of the Five Treasures Bible that you pursue, no need to thank me~”

The power of the Five Treasures Bible was extreme domineering. When Ming Shu used it, everyone could feel that scary but attractive force.

“Devil, offer your life!”

Ming Shu turned to push back a strike, falling onto the chest of a person who was trying to sneak attack her. The man’s body flew into the air and fell down in a parabola, then hit onto the nearby pillar and dropped to the ground.

Other people continued rushing over soon afterward and were shaken off by Ming Shu with a few palm strikes. Many people were displayed around Ming Shu on the ground, moaning in pain.

“Surround her.”

“Devil, surrender yourself now. There are so many of us, you’ll be killed by exhaustion.”

Ming Shu was besieged, in the middle of them, but she smiled. “You want to trap me?”

She walked straight to the nearest person.

That one felt somehow a little frightened. “What do you want!”

“I’ll kill myself in front of you.”

“W… what?”

Kill herself?

Is she crazy?

That man suddenly felt the weapon in his hand pierce through something, and he looked up to see blood spreading on the woman’s clothes.

His eyes widened.

What is this woman doing?

The she-devil killed herself in the middle of a fight?

“Take the Five Treasures Bible!”

Someone shouted. The man immediately reached out to grab the Five Treasures Bible. But just as he reached out, his wrist was gripped by someone, and a chill rose up from his feet to his nape.

Her other hand grabbed onto the blade and pulled it out slowly.

“Did you ask for my permission to take my stuff?”

The voice was deep and gloomy. If it weren’t for the unchanged face, you could hardly imagine that it belonged to the same person as the smiling voice just now.



The man covered his hand and retreated to one side, watching the girl in front of him with fear. She was still the same person, but with a totally different temperament.

Her whole body was shrouded in strange, mysterious darkness and oppression, which made people tremble in horror.

After the suicide, Ming Shu fought even more ferociously. But what wasn’t changed was that she wouldn’t kill them, but save their breath.

“Why is she…” The people who kept falling down made Villa Head Nie feel colder and colder. “Has she advanced to that level?”

“No.” Shen Ming shook his head. “It’s different from the situation when Mu Changfeng was alive, it’s another kind of power…”

He once witnessed the power of Five Treasures Bible, which was indeed great, but did not exhibit such a gloomy and oppressive feeling. The power she used made people want to surrender under her might.

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“This is not like some kind of human power.” Cold sweat kept slicking Villa Head Nie’s palms. “Can you feel it?”

“He had only himself to blame!” Villa Head Nie suddenly raised his voice. “Mu Changfeng would only stir the entire martial arts circles if he was alive. So many people died because of him, could we just watch him kill all those people?”

“Villa Head Nie, you’re only saying what Mu Changfeng did, but why don’t you tell me what you did?” Ming Shu remained unmoved. “Well, let me guess… was it about the Five Treasures Bible?”

“If you want to avenge Mu Changfeng, just do it now. I’m tired of being alive anyway.” Villa Head Nie suddenly became fearless.

“I don’t kill people.” Ming Shu moved the knife aside. “But if you don’t tell me, you may suffer a little.”

“What do you want to do?”

“Actually I’m not human,” Ming Shu said seriously. “I’m capable of a mastermind skill, which is that I can read the thoughts in your mind. No matter what you did, I will know everything.”

Hearing Ming Shu’s nonsense bragging, Villa Head Nie was speechless and even the nervous atmosphere became less tense.

“Are you scared now?”

“Just kill me.” Villa Head Nie raised his head up and prepared to die calmly.

Ming Shu: “…”

He is not scared that I’m not human, so he is really asking for death now.

Ming Shu manhandled Villa Head Nie and gave him a fierce beating.

But Villa Head Nie made up his mind not to tell Ming Shu anything, so except the things she was told before, Ming Shu didn’t learn anything new.

In the end, Villa Head Nie fainted directly under Ming Shu’s torture.

Then Ming Shu began nibbling a steamed bun, stepping on the “bodies” all over the ground.

What disaster had been caused by the Five Treasures Bible 20 years ago?


I wasted too much of my life bar just now.

The steamed bun is not enough.

I need a feast first.

Ming Shu tied up Villa Head Nie, who was still in a coma, then left the hall.

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