Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 337 - The Daily Life Of A Good Person (20)

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Chapter 337: The Daily Life Of A Good Person (20)

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The entire crowd went into a dead silence.

They didn’t see clearly how she broke the plate, nor how the pieces shot into the man’s body.

Shen Ming got a sudden scare. Mu Changfeng’s daughter… has she practiced the Five Treasures Bible?

Villa Head Nie blackened his face and whispered to Shen Ming, “Brother Shen, there’s gonna be a problem now.”

“The problem might come later…” Shen Ming also had a bad feeling.

Ming Shu rested her hands on her crossed legs and maintained a smiling face. “Now, is there anyone who wants to find it?”

Shen Ming suppressed his inner fidgeting and went up to feel that person’s pulse. They were still alive and bleeding heavily, but they wouldn’t die.

This woman…

Shen Ming ordered people to take the injured for treatment first, then he and Villa Head Nie discussed for a while.

“Okay, we’ll search the villa. But if it’s not found, Leader Mu, you will not walk out of Half Moon Villa today.”

Ming Shu smiled and kept silent.

If she couldn’t walk out of the villa, she could always kill herself and get out.

Villa Head Nie scattered the people to search.

Then he took Shen Ming back to his study.

“Mu Changfeng’s daughter, is she coming back for revenge?” Villa Head Nie walked back and forth in the room anxiously. “I sent the news to you, but why did you bring so many people here? There are so many people now…”

Shen Ming’s face looked unhappy as well. “I didn’t send news to them. They arrived at the same time as me, it must be your villa that revealed it.”

“Impossible, I ordered…” But Villa Head Nie suddenly remembered something. “It’s them.”

The man who slept with Nie Shuang, he told him to go back and prepare for the marriage, so he was the only one that left the villa recently.

“As for how the news was spread, we should put it to the side first. Not many people know about that matter so there’s no need to worry. What’s important now is the Five Treasures Bible. The initial news about it said that it was taken by your daughter. Do you really have the Five Treasures Bible in hand now?”

Villa Head Nie shook his head. “I have never wanted to see Five Treasures Bible in my whole life. I asked Shuang-er, she said she was framed by Mu Ling. Mu Ling came at Half Moon Villa from the very beginning, perhaps she… has known something.”

“Since you don’t have anything in the villa, just let them search,” Shen Ming said. “I don’t believe that if she really had the Five Treasures Bible, she would hide it in the villa and allow these people to grab it.”

Then, Shen Ming patted Villa Head Nie’s shoulder. “Even if she is Mu Changfeng’s daughter, she is no more than an ignorant girl.”

Villa Head Nie’s eyes darkened and then he nodded slightly.

The two discussed in the study for a little longer before leaving.

The corridor outside was in chaos, which made Villa Head Nie very unhappy. But Shen Ming signaled him to hang in there for a while. If he didn’t let these people search, there was going to be a real trouble.

The entire villa was searched through by these people. Servants stood to the side trembling and watched these bandits rummaging through boxes and closets.

“Brother… what’s going on?” Nie Shuang looked at the people in her room and furrowed her brow heavily.

Nie Bin touched Nie Shuang’s head. “Nothing special, it’ll be okay in a minute. You people search quickly, my sister is not feeling well.”

The people finished the search very soon but found nothing. They walked out and looked at the front. “Is there a room over there?”

Nie Bin nodded. “That’s my second younger sister’s room, she’s not been in the villa recently.”

“Go search.”

“Brother, what are they looking for? Did the villa offend anyone?”

Nie Bin didn’t intend to tell Nie Shuang, but Nie Shuang’s expecting eyes just made him speak spontaneously. “The leader of Five Treasures Immortal Clan said that the Five Treasures Bible is hidden in our villa, so those clans want to search the place.”

How could the Five Treasures Bible be in the villa?

Did that woman think that it was on her, so she came to Half Moon Villa?

Seeing Nie Shuang’s face became a little pale, Nie Bin hurriedly asked, “Shuang-er, what’s wrong?”

“Brother…” Nie Shuang grabbed Nie Bin’s hand. “It’s a good chance, we can take the opportunity to leave here.”

“But, Father…” They were in the midst of such a big matter, how could he leave?

“Brother, if we miss this opportunity, father will definitely exert greater control over me, until that man comes to marry me. Do you want to stand by and watch me marry another, then never meet each other again?”

Nie Bin had some inner conflict and then said, “Pack up your stuff and we’ll meet at the back door.”

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Villa Head Nie and Shen Ming came back to the hall. Right now the hall was occupied only by leaders of several clans who were looking at different directions. The atmosphere was a little odd.

Everyone looked at the book in her hand, on which it read—”Cookbook.”

Cook! Book!

Two big Chinese characters.

“Devil, can’t you read? Even if you can’t read, the Five Treasures Bible is three words, but this is two words, who are you kidding?”

“Kidding you.”


Ming Shu took the book and sat back down. Everyone saw the cover font begin to fade and the two golden words of Five Treasures reappeared on it.

No “Bible,” only “Five Treasures.”

Ming Shu deliberately held the book high for them. “I told you that this thing was definitely hidden here, but you didn’t believe me, so I’m not the one who should be blamed.”

It was really the Five Treasures Bible.

Shen Ming looked at Villa Head Nie.

Villa Head Nie shook his head. He really had no idea that the Five Treasures Bible was in Half Moon Villa.

Some people became irritated, especially those who found the cookbook and read it. “But you didn’t tell us the Five Treasures Bible is a cookbook!!”

Ming Shu sounded very innocent. “You didn’t ask.”

Everyone: “…” Who the h.e.l.l would have thought that the Five Treasures Bible is a cookbook? No one said this before.

Even Shen Ming and Villa Head Nie didn’t know this. They once saw the book from afar and the eye-catching golden name of Five Treasures was easy to recognize.

Who’d have thought that it changed…

“Where was it found?” Someone kept his voice down and asked this.

“In Second Young Miss Nie’s room,” the one who found the book answered with a complicated expression.

“Why was it in Second Young Miss Nie’s room?”


How would he know?

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