Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 336 - The Daily Life Of A Good Person (19)

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Chapter 336: The Daily Life Of A Good Person (19)

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“Why is this devil so young? She looks weak, but how could she defeat so many powerful people in the martial arts world by herself?”

“I don’t believe she was alone. She had her disciples then, they must’ve helped her.”


“Why are you all looking at me?” The she-devil Ming Shu touched her own face and continued narcissistically, “Do I look prettier today?”

Everyone shut up at once.

The bearded uncle man coughed. “I’m Shen Ming from Xiangsi Sect. Leader of Five Treasures, nice to meet you.”

Ming Shu threw a dessert into her mouth. “Okay, next.”

Shen Ming’s face darkened immediately. Probably he had never been treated like this before.

“Leader of Five Treasures, shouldn’t you introduce yourself?” Shen Ming continued talking, so naturally no one dared to interrupt and introduce themselves as well.

“Don’t you know me?” Ming Shu asked back innocently. “Since you don’t know me, why did you call me a she-devil?”

Actually they knew Ming Shu was the leader of Five Treasures Immortal Clan, but they didn’t know her name!

Just because they didn’t know her name, they called her the she-devil. *There’s nothing wrong with that logic. *

But Shen Ming wouldn’t call Ming Shu she-devil in front of her. “I’m sorry, but so far I don’t know your name, leader.”

Ming Shu was a little surprised. “You don’t know? Didn’t you plant hidden traitors in my Five Treasures Immortal Clan?”

They didn’t even know where the Five Treasures Immortal Clan was located, and the Five Treasures Immortal Clan kept quiet for 20 years, how could they plant some spy?

Was she despising them for not even planting a spy in her clan by taking that tone?

“You’re not doing a great job!” Ming Shu chuted.

“My last name is Mu, and first name is Ling. But you don’t need to call me Mu Ling, just use the nickname.”

Ming Shu smiled and looked very easygoing, so someone couldn’t help asking, “What’s your nickname?”


“…” *Okay, she is. *

*She is teasing us now. *

Mu Ling…

Her last name was Mu.

“She’s Mu Changfeng’s daughter…”

“Mu Changfeng…”

“She looks like her.”

They began to mention the name Mu Changfeng constantly in their discussions. Ming Shu thought for a while and remembered he was her sc.u.mmy playboy father in the story.

Compared to those people last time, these people appeared a little weird.

Mentioning Mu Changfeng, some older people frowned heavily and seemed to hate this person very much.

Shen Ming and Villa Head Nie looked at each other; these two’s expressions were even odder.

But some younger people just blanked out. They didn’t seem to know why the name Mu Changfeng would make older generations in their clans behave like this.


“Leader Mu, I don’t know why you came to Half Moon Villa?” Shen Ming had returned to normal and he smartly changed the topic.

But Ming Shu didn’t pick up his topic and instead she asked the others beside him, “Do you not introduce yourselves?”

Everyone: “…” *We’re not here to make acquaintances, all right? *

Who could tell them what this weird situation was!

Shen Ming kept silent for a while and then nodded to the people below. So others began to give simple self-introductions, one by one.

“Zhao Jie, Dragon and Tiger Clan”

“Flying Snow Pavilion…”

The process continued, but actually Ming Shu was not listening attentively. By the time these people stopped, she had finished her osmanthus cake.

Ming Shu held the empty plate with her elbow propped on her knee. She then rotated the plate with one finger and the plate began spinning.

“The reason I came to Half Moon Villa…” She looked at Villa Head Nie.

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Villa Head Nie was alert at once. He thought that if she was really here to find the Five Treasures Bible, she may not want others to know.


*Just now you said with absolute certainty that the Five Treasures Bible was in Half Moon Villa, and now you said it was hidden in here? By you? *

“You lied to us last time, now you want to lie again, no way!”

“No way? Is there a window then?” Ming Shu smiled.

“…” Surely she was lying to them.

“Devil, hand out the Five Treasures Bible right now and we’ll spare your life.”

First one yelled, then a second, a third…

“Five Treasures Bible is not a thing for an evil clan like yours, hand it over!”

“Hand it over!”

“Devil, hand it over.”

Ming Shu sighed. “Didn’t I tell you that I hid it in Half Moon Villa, go find it yourselves if you want it.”

*No one believes in me no matter if I tell the truth or a lie. These goblins are hard to please. *

*I just want you to help find the Five Treasures Bible for me! *

*Is that so hard? *

It seems they won’t finish talking any time soon.

Ming Shu looked at the blue-and-white on the plate and continued to persuade them. “Better believe me than not, right? What if what I said is true?”

Everyone became a little hesitant again.

“Take her down and force her to say where the Five Treasures Bible is.” Someone from Dragon and Tiger Clan suddenly rushed to Ming Shu.

“Watch out…”

Before the sentence was finished, everyone saw the man rushing over just now fall down, his head hitting onto the ground.

Streaming blood dyed the ground in red.

The porcelain pieces floating in the air scared everyone enough to stay back, and they all stared at the girl surrounded by the porcelain pieces with covetous eyes.

The girl’s open fingers folded. Then the pieces dropped down from the air, which were then broken into even smaller, more numerous pieces.

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