Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 335 - The Daily Life Of A Good Person (18)

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Chapter 335: The Daily Life Of A Good Person (18)

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Ming Shu’s sentence seemed to have reminded Villa Head Nie of something, and he murmured, “Five Treasures Bible is nothing good at all.”

Before Ming Shu figured out what he meant by that, Villa Head Nie changed expression and continued, “Leader of Five Treasures, please behave yourself, or else don’t blame me for being rude.”

Villa Head Nie left these threatening words and then turned away.

“Villa Head Nie, about what happened twenty years ago, do you know anything?”

The voice from behind him stopped Villa Head Nie’s steps, and after three seconds, he denied coldly, “I don’t know.”

Ming Shu watched the figure of Villa Head Nie leaving and offered a beautiful smile. “No, you must know something.”

“What do you want to know about twenty years ago?” A cold aura came from the side.

“Are you haunting me?”

*Yes, I am! I will haunt you and scare you to death! *


“Leader Mu, mind your att.i.tude and perhaps I can tell you something.” Feng Bei ignored Ming Shu’s dislike.

“You were p.i.s.sing your pants at that time, what did you know?” *There’s nothing wrong with dissing him. *

Feng Bei: “…”

F**k, he was already four years old 20 years ago, how could he still p.i.s.s his pants then.

“I was little, but I read a lot of books stored in the Seven Stars Hall. I know many things about the past. Leader Mu, what do you want to know?”

Ming Shu smiled. “I want to know if you p.i.s.sed your pants or not when you were little.”

“You p.i.s.s…” *Okay, calm down, just ignore her. *

Feng Bei met Ming Shu’s gaze suddenly, which made him somewhat scared.

The girl opposite him smiled slowly, but Feng Bei became even more uneasy. He had some kind of… inexplicably scary and weird feeling.

He steadied his mind. That’s okay, it’s not uncommon that the mission target is a little strange. He had seen many freaks.

“Leader Mu, you really don’t want to know?”

“There’s no free lunch in the world, so what do you want from me?” *I must protect my snacks. *

“Five Treasures Bible and you, I want both.”

“Me?” Ming Shu thought his mission was not to woo her this time. “Hall Master Feng, why do you want me?”

“Leader Mu, what do you think you can do?”

“Well, I’m very powerful. It might not be a problem to dominate the world.” *Dominating the world means owning all snacks in the world, which seems… quite attractive. *

[Guest, calm down. Dominating the world is the plot for the male and female protagonists, you shouldn’t do that.] Dominating the world for snacks? The Harmony System also saw this for the first time.

*Isn’t the ultimate goal of the villain to dominate the world? *

[Not all villains want to dominate the world, Guest, control your imagination.]

*A villain who doesn’t want to dominate the world is not a qualified villain. *

For snacks!

*I can do it! *

[…] *Guest, watch some harmonious videos to calm down. *

The Harmony System began to play videos of goblins fighting each other in Ming Shu’s mind, which surely calmed Ming Shu a little.

Then she blocked out the Harmony System calmly. The entire world returned to harmony now.

“Dominate the world relying on your disciples?” Feng Bei couldn’t help mocking her. *She wants to dominate the world with her unreliable disciples? *

*And look at her bragging att.i.tude, I am really impressed. *

“What’s wrong with my disciples? They beat up those people last time.” *Moreover, I don’t need any disciples, I can make it on my own. *

“Those people last time couldn’t even be counted as elite disciples, do you think it’s easy to deal with the leaders and elders of all sects?” Only beating up a few small figures made her think that she was invincible, who gave her that confidence?

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“Whether I can deal with them or not, does it have anything to do with you, Hall Master Feng?” Ming Shu’s finger tapped her own chin.

“Haven’t I talked to you like this all this time?”

“Don’t you get my meaning?” Feng Bei gritted his teeth. “I like you, don’t you understand?”

“Many people like me? You’re just one of them, so just carry on!”

Carry on your @#$%!

*Except me, who else would like you? *

Pah, I like you because of the mission.

*I don’t like you at all. *

Feng Bei originally intended to ask Ming Shu what she wanted to investigate, but was dissed by her in that way. He didn’t want to talk anymore and just wanted to be alone.

Soon after Feng Bei left, a large group of people came to Half Moon Villa and surrounded it tightly.

Ming Shu didn’t wait for Villa Head Nie to invite her, but came out voluntarily while eating the osmanthus cake she took from the kitchen on the way.

As she appeared, the noisy scene suddenly quieted down.

Ming Shu held the osmanthus cake and walked onto the stage like a star. She walked through the pa.s.sage cleared by the crowd on both sides, greeting with a smile, “h.e.l.lo, everyone.”

Right in the middle of the hall sat Villa Head Nie and a middle-aged man with a bristly, unshaven chin.

Others stood at both sides and didn’t sit.

The people present at this time were not so powerful as to be on the leaders’ level, but they were also very important figures of each sect or clan.

The scene was extremely quiet and everyone’s attention was paid to the little girl. They watched her walk in, facing so many people, but she didn’t look scared at all.

Her face showed a shallow smile and her eyes were tender. As she walked, there seemed to be peach blossoms flying all over the sky, falling profusely and disorderly to the lake’s surface.

Ming Shu walked to one side, which startled and alarmed the people there.

“Relax, I won’t beat you, I just need a chair.” Ming Shu smiled at one person and pulled out a chair from behind him with one hand. The chair was placed in the middle noisily, the movement not careful at all.

“Who are you.” Ming Shu sat down with the osmanthus cake still in hand and began a conversation. She looked at the bearded man and asked in a casual tone, “We didn’t meet before. Do you all need to introduce yourselves first?”

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