Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 334 - The Daily Life Of A Good Person (17)

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Chapter 334: The Daily Life Of A Good Person (17)

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“Thank you, Brother.” Nie Shuang hugged Nie Bin. *One step back today for two steps forward tomorrow. *

Nie Bin had always liked Nie Shuang. Now Nie Shuang took the initiative to hug him and cried, tears streaming, which made Nie Bin forget to think for a moment. He involuntarily kissed her.

“Brother…” Nie Shuang seemed to be startled. She pushed away Nie Bin and hit something behind her, and her voice trembled. “You… what are you doing?”

Nie Bin explained in a hurry, “Shuang-er, I—I like you… I didn’t dare to let you know…”

Ming Shu was now trapped in Feng Bei’s arms. His body was cold, but strangely she didn’t feel cold.

The two over there talked to each other and then inexplicably began to do something unspeakable. But Ming Shu didn’t seem to notice. Her attention was all on Feng Bei right now.

Feng Bei felt a little uncomfortable. This place was too small, but if they got out, they would definitely startle the two outside.

Warmth transferred to his body from Ming Shu. She was so close to his chest, and he could see the peach fuzz on her face.

Her pink lips shone attractively, eyes down, and she looked so tender and harmless like a small animal in his arms.

Ming Shu suddenly looked up and smiled. Her clear eyes spread slight ripples, and he wanted to catch them, but was afraid to destroy them. So he didn’t dare to move even a little.


His heartbeat was inexplicably accelerated.

*What the h.e.l.l is this situation? *

It was he who was trying to woo her, not the other way around.

It must be because of the small room. He couldn’t breathe freely.

It must be that.

The noises from outside were a lot clearer than last time, when they eavesdropped outside the room. And from their position, they could even see the two naked figures and the postures they were using.

Nie Bin practiced martial arts so he was in good shape and with good physical strength. Feng Bei stood stiff and didn’t dare to look at Ming Shu.

Ming Shu lowered her voice. “Hall Master Feng, how’s your physical strength compared to his?”

Feng Bei was originally feeling somewhat awkward. Now hearing the sudden question, he almost choked on his saliva.

Calming himself down for a bit, Feng Bei lowered his head, approaching Ming Shu’s ear. “Maybe someday, you’ll want to witness for yourself, Leader Mu?”

“I wouldn’t bother with that, but my disciples may want to have a try.”

Feng Bei didn’t moved far and just continued leaning into her. “Are we talking about the same thing?”

Her disciples may want to have a try?


“What are you talking about, then?”

“I was thinking…”

“Ah…” Nie Shuang couldn’t help moaning while reaching her climax and interrupted Feng Bei.

Then the noises stopped from outside, followed by some rustling. From their angle, Nie Shuang seemed to be hanging onto Nie Bin while doing something.

“Brother, will you kill him for me?” Nie Shuang played the wronged woman. “Shuang-er will listen to your words, please kill him for me, okay? I don’t want to see him again.”

Nie Bin didn’t hesitate this time. “Okay.”

“Brother, you’re so kind.”

Nie Bin sounded quite happy. “Shuang-er, can I come to you tomorrow evening?”

Nie Shuang hesitated for a moment, but in the end she agreed.

She didn’t want to marry that man, and only Nie Bin could help her.

The two then left the room separately. Before Ming Shu could struggle, Feng Bei had already released her and stood aside with the cloak in hand.

“Hall Master Feng, what were you trying to say?”


Ming Shu took Nie Shuang’s tone. “Brother Feng Bei, tell me~”

Feng Bei felt gooseb.u.mps rise all over his body. “You… you, speak normally.”

*I was scared for a second there. *

“Don’t men always like girls speaking like this?”

“I’m not those ordinary men.”

Ming Shu returned to normal. “Then what are you?”

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*I’m a genius, of course. *

Nie Shuang stepped stiffly as hatred gathered in her eyes. “What do you want to do? This is Half Moon Villa, as long as I… I shout, you’ll be caught at once.”


*Whatever, I don’t care. *

*If you kill me then you lose the game. *

“No, don’t come over…”

“Get off me…”

“Leader of Five Treasures.” Villa Head Nie hurried over with a few people and questioned Ming Shu in the yard. “Why did you beat Shuang-er!”

“My hands were itching to beat her.”

Villa Head Nie’s face darkened. “Leader of Five Treasures, I didn’t let you in to hurt my family.”

Ming Shu threw away the nut in her hand and smiled. “Villa Head Nie, let me tell you the truth.”

The latter straightened his body and showed an alert face. He thought Ming Shu was going to start a fight any minute.

But Ming Shu was actually not intending a fight. She raised her hand to smooth down the hair hanging near her ear. “I came to Half Moon Villa for the Five Treasures Bible.”

Villa Head Nie thought he was hearing voices. “What?”

Ming Shu repeated patiently, “Five Treasures Bible.”

Villa Head Nie’s expression stagnated for a moment, but then he burst in out in fury.

“How is it possible that the Five Treasures Bible is in Half Moon Villa? As far as I know, the Five Treasures Bible should be with you, what on earth is your purpose!”

“Don’t shout!” Ming Shu picked her ear. “You scared me.”

Villa Head Nie: “…” Why didn’t he see any hint of fear in her face?

“Villa Head Nie, I’m really here for the Five Treasures Bible, do you have it?” Ming Shu asked sincerely.

Villa Head Nie: “…” *Even if I have it, do you think I’ll tell you? More importantly, I don’t have it! *

Taking a deep breath, Villa Head Nie said quickly, “As I said, Half Moon Villa is not interested in the Five Treasures Bible and we didn’t take it. I don’t care where you got this information, Leader of Five Treasures, but all I can tell you is that you’ve come to the wrong place.”

Ming Shu rested her gaze on Villa Head Nie for a few seconds and then suddenly asked, “Villa Head Nie, you seem as if you don’t like the Five Treasures Bible very much?”

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