Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 332 - The Daily Life Of A Good Person (15)

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Chapter 332: The Daily Life Of A Good Person (15)

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In the Half Moon Villa…

Nie Shuang had returned to the mountain villa for a few days.

She was the first daughter of Half Moon Villa, but her mother died early and her stepmother disliked her. When her father was not at home, Nie Shuang would often be abused by the stepmother and the younger sister, who was birthed by the stepmother.

Before, Nie Shuang only relied on her father to frighten them away, but now Nie Shuang was no longer an easy target.

“Miss, the lady said we have guests here and she asked you to go to the front hall.” Nie Shuang’s personal servant girl reported to her cautiously.

“The villa’s guests, what’s that got to do with me?”

Nie Shuang knew that her stepmother was planning to marry her off, and in recent days guests kept visiting the villa for her. Of course, some guests came to ask about the Five Treasures Bible.

The martial arts world could only guess who on earth was holding the Five Treasures Bible.

As rumors said Nie Shuang was the former posesser of the Five Treasures Bible, she was naturally given a lot of attention.

Even if there was no Five Treasures Bible, it would be cost-efficient to marry the miss of Half Moon Villa.

She had gotten rid of several people, but now other guests came again.

“Miss, you’re the eldest miss in the villa. The lord is not at home, the lady is under the weather, and the younger miss is also not at home, so you’re the only one left to make decisions.”

“Under the weather?” Nie Shuang snorted. “I’m not going.”

The servant girl proposed, “Miss, it’s not good for the villa’s reputation to neglect guests, why don’t you go take a look and then turn them away?”

The stepmother was not good, but father Nie was good to her.

Nie Shuang had to go to the front hall.

Nie Shuang was tired of dealing with those people. The guests indicated very obviously that they wanted Nie Shuang to marry into their family as they and the Half Moon Villa enjoyed a good relationship.

Nie Shuang originally wanted to drive them away, but they said they wanted to discuss something with the villa’s head and would like to wait for two days.

Hence, she had to arrange living quarters for them in the villa temporarily.

“Who on earth has taken the Five Treasures Bible…” At night, Nie Shuang pondered while lying in the bed.

Is it that woman from Five Treasures Immortal Clan who took the Five Treasures Bible, but she deliberately said she didn’t take it?

As she thought like this, Nie Shuang fell asleep unknowingly, and she felt someone come into the room while in a daze.

She tried to open her eyes and found her vision was indistinct. Her body was pressed under another body, with a man’s aura coming directly to her face.

Nie Shuang was startled and her obscure consciousness gradually awakened. She recognized the person above her. “It’s… it’s you.”

The man revealed a sinister smile and grabbed Nie Shuang’s wrist. “Miss Nie, you were arrogant today, but I really liked that.”

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, get off me. Get off, help… wuwuwu…”

“Don’t yell now, save your strength for later.”

Noises from inside the room rang out intermittently.

Outside the room, Ming Shu was nibbling on a drumstick.

Feng Bei leaned against the wall, his entire person shrouded in shadows.

“Your hobbies are extensive.” He really couldn’t understand why she came to listen to this.

And she listened very carefully.

Someone who didn’t know the situation might think that she was listening to some kind of conspiracy or important matter.

Ming Shu talked back without any mercy: “Hall Master Feng, why do you care about my hobbies, weren’t you going to wipe out my Five Treasures Immortal Clan? Are you thinking to destroy my Five Treasures Immortal Clan through my hobbies?”

“Perhaps this will work?” As long as I have you, let alone Five Treasures Immortal Clan, it might not be a problem to wipe out a Ten Treasures Immortal Clan.

“You need to bathe in moonlight more so that you will daydream less.”


Feng Bei looked up to the corridor where footsteps echoed; it seemed someone was coming toward this room.

Ming Shu threw away the bones and took out a handkerchief to wipe her hands, then she hid herself in the darkness. Feng Bei was not interested in joining her, but he was interested in figuring out what this psychopath wanted to do.

A figure walked over and as it was halfway through, it fell down to the ground quietly.

A small figure appeared beside it.

Ming Shu stood there and watched for a while, then she bent over to drag the person and threw them into the nearby bush.

Feng Bei: “…” Did he just see a scene of the murderer killing and hiding a body?

Was he going to be killed for his silence?

Should I threaten her or join her and praise that she did a great job?

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After disposing the body, Ming Shu walked back slowly and leaned on the wall, continuing to listen.

Feng Bei didn’t react at the start, then he realized she said he was a pig. He felt as angry as a balloon that was about to explode.

She cursed me again!

What have I done to provoke you!!

A personal attack early in the morning.

He listened to that unspeakable noise with her in the middle of the night, and she just treated him like this in the early morning!

So angry!

Feng Bei was about to get up and argue, then he found some blood under his head.

He subconsciously reached out to touch his head; it was not bleeding.

Then why was there blood?

Feng Bei looked up at the person who had gotten up and stood there with her hands behind her. She was watching those people running over to the room’s door.

It shouldn’t be…

Feng Bei was a little unsure. How was it possible that this psychopath would so kind to cover his head.

Perhaps it’s some kind of animal blood.

Feng Bei lowered his eyes to look at the blood stain on the ground. It was very obscure, and if he didn’t take a close look, nothing could be seen.

But it was clearly fresh blood and spilled there not long ago.

He stood up from the ground and tightened his cloak. Then he took a few steps back, trying to observe Ming Shu’s hands behind her back.

But her right hand covered the back of her left hand, and he couldn’t see if it was injured.

He was thinking too much.

He must be thinking too much.

“What’s going on here, why are you yelling in the early morning?” A woman accompanied by a crowd came over to the room.

Ming Shu and Feng Bei stood in a hidden spot where they could see the situation over there, but the people on that side couldn’t see them.

“Ahh…” The woman walked through the door and then suddenly blocked her eyes with a handkerchief exaggeratedly. “What’s going on, drag that person out quickly.”

“Yes, my lady.”

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