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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 330 - The Daily Life Of A Good Person (13)

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Chapter 330: The Daily Life Of A Good Person (13)

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The news of Five Treasures Immortal Clan intending to dominate the world was soon spread all over the martial arts circles.

The Five Treasures Immortal Clan that had been hidden for 20 years became a heated topic. This made those who didn’t know the achievements of the Five Treasures Immortal Clan also become a little knowledgeable of this unorthodox clan by word of mouth.

It was said that the Five Treasures Immortal Clan committed all manners of crimes. They burned, killed, robbed, and any other evil deeds that you could imagine.

At this time, the entire martial arts world began to discuss what they should do.

Ming Shu finally dismissed those eye-catching disciples with the excuse that they made a huge target, and she could march along alone. But she didn’t expect Feng Bei to show up and follow her.

“Hall Master Feng, it’s no use to follow me. I won’t tell you where the Five Treasures Bible is.” Because I don’t know either.

“I’ve got time.” So let’s wait and see who will be the final winner.

If the Five Treasures Bible was on her, he would find it; even if it was not on her, she would probably go to look for it.

Feng Bei made up his mind and put on a cloak, then followed her with neither fast nor slow steps.

Ming Shu turned her head and glanced at him. “Aren’t you hot?”

It’s May now, and he still wraps himself in a cloak.

Ming Shu changed the topic all of a sudden, which made Feng Bei unable to react for a moment. He then shook his head and answered, “No.”

“I’m being hunted now, you’ll get yourself into trouble if you follow me.” Ming Shu changed back to the former topic.

Feng Bei: “…”

Can we have a proper conversation!

“But I’ll have a better chance of getting the Five Treasures Bible if I follow you, right?”

Do you think I want to follow you?

These psychopaths just can’t leave me alone. If he developed any problem, it was all their fault, and he would apply for work-related injury compensation.

“Do you really want to get the Five Treasures Bible so much?”


Ming Shu smiled beamingly. “I won’t give it to you.”

I’ll destroy the Five Treasures Bible when I find it, so you’ll be angered to death.

“…” Do you think I won’t grab it at that time? Naive!

After traveling for a long day, Ming Shu stopped and took a rest. Feng Bei walked around in a circle and seemed to confirm the security of the location.

He found that Ming Shu didn’t care about the surroundings at all. She would take a rest or continue traveling whenever she wanted, defenseless all the time.

Even if they met some people fighting along the way, if she had made up her mind to carry on, she wouldn’t pause for even a minute.

This person was far too casual.

Or you could put it another way: that she was far too conceited.

He walked back. Ming Shu had already made a fire and was roasting a pheasant. Bright flames danced in her eyes, and she focused only on the pheasant as if staring at a gem.

Feng Bei’s gaze swept over her weak points and he played a show of him killing her in his mind with a hundred variations.

His hand gradually clenched under the cloak, and he stepped closer to Ming Shu’s side quietly.

Ming Shu didn’t seem to notice his movement and was still focusing on the pheasant above the fire.

Feng Bei breathed out a big sigh and walked to sit down beside Ming Shu. “Aren’t you afraid of a sneak attack?”

“You’re here, Hall Master Feng, so I can run first if there’s a sneak attack. And if you die, I’ll bury your dead body so that your soul won’t become a wandering ghost. Rest a.s.sured, Hall Master Feng.”

Rest a.s.sured of what?

How could he rest a.s.sured!

Feng Bei was so irritable that he wanted to kill people in his heart, but his expression remained unchanged. “In other words, I have to thank you, Leader Mu?”

Ming Shu turned her head and smiled. “You’re welcome.”

Feng Bei: “…” F**k…

Ming Shu didn’t intend to share food with Feng Bei at all, and Feng Bei could only ask in shame, “Leader Mu, shouldn’t you share your food with me?”

Feng Bei saw Ming Shu’s expression became a little alert, which was not common to see, and she covered her food. “Why should I share my food with you? If you want to eat, just go hunt and prepare a meal by yourself.”

Did he follow me in order to steal my food?

Don’t even think about it!

This is mine.

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Feng Bei: “…” Whenever I go out I get a lot of servants to attend me, and this character in the story doesn’t know any life skills. How can I hunt and prepare food for myself!

“Hehe.” Feng Bei couldn’t help laughing grimly, but then restrained his emotions quickly. “I am not like you, Leader Mu, I don’t have that interest.”

Feng Bei didn’t say it clearly, but Ming Shu immediately understood his meaning.

Ming Shu smiled unhurriedly. “That night, I didn’t do anything to you, Hall Master Feng. You seem very disappointed?”

Feng Bei: “…” Who the h.e.l.l is disappointed!

Just calm down.

A gentleman doesn’t fight with a lady!

Jingyuan City.

Feng Bei had never felt so happy to see a big city. He never wanted to travel with that woman again. It was torturous.

The first thing Ming Shu did after entering the city was—find a restaurant and eat food.

After feeding herself, Ming Shu rested in the restaurant for a while before slowly walking in a direction in the city.

Feng Bei knew some people were sending her messages, and they never stopped ever since Ming Shu entered the city. They sent messages in secret, but he discovered it anyway.

She was looking for something…

Or rather…

Looking for someone.

Feng Bei looked at the yard out front, and then looked at the girl who was knocking on the door.


The wooden door was opened.

It was opened by an old woman. Wrinkles covered her serious face, and her dead fish eyes landed on Ming Shu. She said in a hoa.r.s.e and unpleasant voice, “Who are you looking for?”

“I’m here to buy information.”

The old woman grunted. “Come in.”

Feng Bei also wanted to follow them in, but was blocked by the old woman, and she asked aggressively, “What do you want?”

Ming Shu didn’t intend to help him, so Feng Bei had to repeat Ming Shu’s words: “I’m here to buy information.”

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