Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 33 - League of Poor Students (10)

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Chapter 33: League of Poor Students (10)

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Jin Yuqi didn’t come to school but that wasn’t big news. Others did things as usual. What they talked about most still was the photos of Ming Shu on the Postbar.

Although they had been deleted, others couldn’t control their curiosity to gossip. Even some boy students asked Ming Shu when they had the chance.

“Lu Meng, did you really date for money outside?”

“What are you talking about?” Ye Miaomiao pushed away the boy student who asked Ming Shu, warning, “I’m telling you, if I hear that again, I won’t let you off.”

Ye Miaomiao was the famous tigress in cla.s.s and some boy students didn’t dare to displease her.

“Hah, it’s been exposed. Why can’t we talk about it. If you don’t want us to talk about it, you could choose not to do it. Since you did it, stop pretending to be innocent. Shameless.” A girl student ahead snorted.

“You say that again!”

“Liushui.” Ming Shu stopped Ye Miaomiao who was about to rush to that girl student.

“Mengmeng, I’ll help you deal with them.” Ye Miaomiao was unhappy. Those people only knew how to slander others. Her friend Mengmeng didn’t do that.

“Deal with us? Ye Miaomiao, who are you? Are we wrong?”

“That’s right. If she hadn’t done that, would we say that? She is shameless. b.i.t.c.h!”

In the past, Lu Meng was the straight-A student in cla.s.s. Her appearance was lovely and many boy students liked her, so others envied her. Now they were told that Lu Meng had done shameless things. Of course they would slander her plenty.

Jealousy makes people crazy.

Ye Miaomiao became angry at once and threw books at them. “Who is shameless? Who is a b.i.t.c.h? Who are you cursing?”


Ye Miaomiao’s behavior irritated those girls. They threw books back.

A chaotic battle took place in the cla.s.sroom.

“…” What the h.e.l.l? Can’t you let me say something? Why do all of you like to perform? Ming Shu thought.


A book came from the side and knocked down Ming Shu’s bag of nuts she had placed on the corner of her desk. The nuts fell to the ground and scattered everywhere. Then they were trampled.


Ming Shu was a freak. Others could hit her, but her snacks couldn’t be touched.

Ten minutes later.

All the girls who fought just now lay on the floor. Ming Shu didn’t care whether you were a girl or a boy. As long as you wasted her snacks, she wouldn’t let you off.

Ye Miaomiao and the other bystanders were extremely shocked.

When did Mengmeng became so fierce in fighting? Ye Miaomiao thought.

Ming Shu stood on a chair, squinting at those who lay on the floor. “Apologize to Liushui.”

“She fought us first. Why should we apologize to her?” One of the girl students stared at Ming Shu. Why is Lu Meng so fierce now? It’s painful.

Ming Shu raised her fist with a smile. That girl’s face became pale at once in fear. She lightly bit her lower lip, tears pooling in her eyes. “S-sorry.”



Under Ming Shu’s threat, the other girls apologized unwillingly.

Ye Miaomiao felt touched. I know Mengmeng is kind to me.

“Well, the second question.” Ming Shu unclenched her fist and stretched two fingers, glancing at the girls. “Who knocked down my nuts just now?”

“…” What? the girl students lying on the floor thought.


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It had been chaotic just now. Who cared about those nuts?

She asked them to compensate her nuts and hit them before just because they had knocked them down. Did normal people do that? If she wasn’t possessed by evil, what else could cause her strange behavior?

“I’m a little afraid.”

The girls looked at each other and hugged themselves, rubbing their arms. They all seemed to be fearful.

That Lu Meng had fought with others in cla.s.s was the leading news on campus again. Many people wondered whether Lu Meng was possessed by evil. How could she do all these things that didn’t add up with her image?

Some people said Ming Shu had been driven crazy because of what happened on Postbar before.

But this guess had been proved wrong. She didn’t seemed to be crazy. Her logic was present. She was normal. But her smile was frightening sometimes.

And those girl students who had been hit by Ming Shu didn’t dare to irritate her. It was like she was a cursed object and they didn’t dare come near anymore.

That Ming Shu had to clean the playground caused the headmaster pain. After school, Ming Shu left quickly and he couldn’t catch up with her.

The headmaster had no other choice. He had to wait outside the cla.s.sroom before were finished.

“Headmaster, can’t you let me off?” How could I clean the playground? It doesn’t match with my ident.i.ty.

The headmaster was serious and said, “Lu Meng, don’t joke with me.”


Now even a smile is illegal.

“Why are you still standing here? Let’s go. Today I won’t leave until you finish cleaning.” Children are more and more rebellious now. Why did she, a straight-A student, change so greatly? I must educate her well.

I won’t let her go astray.

Ming Shu’s eyes rolled, saying, “h.e.l.lo, Headmaster.”

The headmaster remained still.

“…” Headmaster, why must we hurt each other? Ming Shu thought.

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