Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 329 - The Daily Life Of A Good Person (12)

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Chapter 329: The Daily Life Of A Good Person (12)

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The Five Treasures Bible that the Host practiced was not complete, but it was still powerful. Ming Shu had no problem subduing this bunch of people.

In the end, the bunch of people lay on the ground and moaned while glaring at Ming Shu angrily. They looked as though Ming Shu had killed their entire family and they longed to tear her into pieces.

“Hall Master Feng, hurry up and take this devil down,” someone shouted at Feng Bei, who was the only one standing.

Ming Shu followed everyone’s gazes and looked at Feng Bei. Feng Bei covered himself with his cloak and stood quietly by the side. “You all can’t even win over her. How can I do it by myself?”

Everyone widened their eyes in disbelief. They couldn’t believe that Feng Bei said such things.

“Hall Master Feng…”

“Hall Master Feng, do you want to see this devil wreak havoc in the martial arts world? This is the best time to kill her before her wings spread!”

Ming Shu, who had no thoughts of reigning over the martial arts circles: “…”

Have you all asked me for my opinion?

Feng Bei: “…” If I kill her, who do I woo?

All my character setting are so irritating. Either I am an enemy of the target, or I have no relationship with the target at all. Also, I still have to s.n.a.t.c.h the target…

Is it easy for me!

Feng Bei didn’t say anything. No matter what people shouted to him, he was not moved.

Luckily, the hall master of the Seven Stars Hall was a person who didn’t like to mind other people’s business. Hence, no one felt that there was something different about him.

“Leader, should we kill them?” The disciples urged Ming Shu, “These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are so evil. They keep saying that we are an evil clan.”

“Leader, kill them and take over the martial arts world.”

Ming Shu slapped him. “Can you all have some ambition. What the h.e.l.l is taking over the martial arts world? Are you all not hungry?”

The disciples were confused. What does taking over the martial arts world have to do with being hungry?

Ming Shu looked at the heroes on the ground. “Let me tell you all, the Five Treasures Bible is really not with me. If you all find it, remember to tell me.”

“Devil, you will die a terrible death.”

“Devil, I have already send a message to my clan. Wait for your death!”

Ming Shu looked at the people who spoke and smiled gently. “If I die, you will experience what hopelessness really is. You all better wish that I don’t die.”

Everyone: “…” Crazy!

Ming Shu tied these people together and even left the name of the Five Treasures Immortal Clan on the ground.

Nie Shuang was hiding in the crowd, but Ming Shu found her and pulled her out to beat her up.

No one dared to look.

A devil is a devil. She even beat up females.

So horrible.

We must destroy them.

Ming Shu brought her disciples down the mountain. Feng Bei followed her, but was unable to get close to her as there were too many people surrounding her.

“Leader, I feel that the hall master of Seven Stars Hall is not bad. Why don’t we abduct him?” He looked a bit familiar.

The disciple thought that since he was the hall master of Seven Stars Hall, it was not weird to have seen him before.

The disciple didn’t know that he was the person they abducted a while ago.

Ming Shu looked at the disciple. The disciple smiled.

“Do you all want to go and abduct the emperor?”

“You like the emperor?” The disciples were shocked. “But the emperor is already 56 years old. The hall master behind us is so much better. He is handsome and has a good body…”

Feng Bei heard everything. “…” Can you all consider my feelings?

The disciples and Ming Shu chatted for half a day. Ming Shu was just about to hit someone when the disciples disappeared.

Feng Bei felt that the disciples did it on purpose.

But, it gave him an opportunity to go forward.

He hastened his pace and caught up with Ming Shu. Feng Bei called, “Leader Mu.”


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Feng Bei thought for a while. “Do you really not know where the Five Treasures Bible is?”

Why don’t we abduct her…

Feng Bei only thought about this and didn’t execute it. His character setting didn’t allow him to do such things.

“What do I have to do so that you will tell me the location of the Five Treasures Bible?”

“Go and die.”

“…” Why don’t you die!

Feng Bei was so angry he flared on the spot and almost slapped Ming Shu to death.

His target asked him to go and die.

He looked at Ming Shu as she walked away and gritted his teeth.

“Hall Master, do you think that she has the Five Treasures Bible?”

Feng Bei immediately regained his composure. “Maybe not…”

He felt that… if she really had it, she would take it out and show it off to him.

Don’t ask him why he had that thought.

His instinct told him that that woman would do such a thing.

Tian Shu didn’t notice anything different about Feng Bei. “Do we still follow her, then?”

Feng Bei was silent for a long while before he ordered, “You will continue to look for the scripture. I will follow her.”

“Hall Master?” If the Five Treasures Bible was not in her hands, it would be a waste of time to follow her.

Feng Bei had an abundance of excuses. “We cannot let go of any clue.”

Tian Shu thought for a while. That is true. What if it is really with her?

But for the hall master to follow her personally…

Tian Shu was worried.

Feng Bei was confident. “I know what to do.”

I’m going to kill her.

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