Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 328 - The Daily Life Of A Good Person (11)

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Chapter 328: The Daily Life Of A Good Person (11)

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Ming Shu looked down and wrote Five Treasures Bible on the blank cover page of a blank book.

Her words were elegant and smooth.

Ming Shu put down her brush and blew at the book. After a while, she pa.s.sed it to Feng Bei. “Here, your Five Treasures Bible.”

Her gaze landed on Feng Bei’s face.

Feng Bei took out his hand from under his cloak and grabbed the book. “Leader Mu Ling, do you know the consequences of fooling us?”

“Not bad, you even know my name.” Ming Shu leaned against the table and smiled at Feng Bei.

Besides the Five Treasures Immortal Clan, no one should know her name.

Her smile made Feng Bei feel guilty.

But thinking about it, he was the hall master of the Seven Stars Hall. There was nothing wrong with knowing her name. He got his confidence back and wanted to refute her.

However, Ming Shu continued without waiting for Feng Bei’s reply. “I have fooled you all. Are you all angry? You keep chasing me all day, aren’t you all tired? Even if you’re not, I am sick of you interrupting my meal times.”

This reason made everyone speechless.


Is interrupting your meal times more important than fooling all the clans in the martial arts world?

Ming Shu walked past Feng Bei and faced the clans that were talking among themselves. “I don’t have the Five Treasures Bible, but if you all really want it, I can write it out for you. However, it will not be free. There is a fee for it.”

Who wants you to write it!

We want the scripture!

“I knew that the Five Treasures Immortal Clan is an evil clan. They don’t have any good intentions. We all know that you are fooling us now.”

“We should destroy the Five Treasures Immortal Clan and prevent them from creating trouble in the martial arts circles.”

“Fooling us as though you are fooling a monkey. So evil!”

Ming Shu smiled and continued, “What can you all do to me? Why not you all form an alliance and destroy my Five Treasures Immortal Clan to appease your anger?”

Very good, the evil clan is urging us to form an alliance to kill her!

Such an unscrupulous suggestion. Should they accept it or not?

The lady’s clear voice sounded again. She said with a hint of a smile, “Speaking of which, do you know where the Five Treasures Immortal Clan is?”

Everyone: “…”

We don’t know.

So angry!

Someone didn’t want to give up and pointed at Ming Shu and shouted, “Are you hiding the Five Treasures Bible? You said that you had the Five Treasures Bible and now you say you don’t.”

Ming Shu smiled and reminded him, “Hey brother, when did you hear me say that I have the Five Treasures Bible?”

You all put words in my mouth and now, you still want to throw all the blame at me? Do you think that you are a G.o.d?

Everyone thought back carefully and realized that from start to end, she had never said that she had the Five Treasures Bible.

They were fooled.

“The Five Treasures Bible is really not with you?”

Ming Shu squinted her eyes at that person. “If I really had it, I would be practicing it behind closed doors. After that, I would come out and subdue all of you and reign over the martial arts world. Why would I still waste my time and talk to you?”

Did you all hear that!

She still wants to reign over the martial arts world!

“No matter where she is, we can’t leave her alive. Charge, everyone. Destroy the sc.u.m of the martial arts world.”

“Destroy this sc.u.m and protect the martial arts world!”

The disciples were very angry at being called sc.u.m. “Who are you all calling sc.u.m?”

“We are talking about you! Sc.u.m!”

The disciples looked at Ming Shu and said loudly, “Leader, let us fight and beat these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds to death. How dare they call us sc.u.m!”

“You all can attack.” Ming Shu signaled for them to start first.

“Leader… are you not going to fight?”

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“Let me rest for a while.”

Devil Ming Shu brought the hammer up and slammed it into his chin. The person staggered back and started vomiting blood.

“So weak. Take more tonics when you go home.”

Ming Shu took her hammer and muttered as she stepped over him.

Ming Shu rushed into the crowd with her hammer. Groans could be heard everywhere.

The disciples had left the battle and were shouting their catchphrases on the outskirts of the battleground. Give them skirts and they could become a professional cheerleading squad.

Ming Shu was speechless again as she continued slamming the hammer against people. She would knock the disciples to death with the hammer later.

With this bunch of disciples, it was not strange that the Host went on to become the ultimate villain of the story.

“Devil, do you want to be the enemy of the entire martial arts world?” A middle-aged man pointed his sword at Ming Shu.

“Hey, you all team up to fight against me and I can’t even retaliate?” Ming Shu slammed down her hammer.

The sword vibrated when it was knocked by the hammer. The middle-aged man flipped into the air and attacked Ming Shu from the side.


The hammer clashed with the sword again.

Ming Shu was surprised. It was an easy fight just now, but this time, she felt it was harder. This person seemed quite powerful.

Ming Shu sent the hammer forward and rubbed her hands together.

The middle-aged man thought that she wanted to grab the hammer back and moved his sword toward the hammer, trying to push her weapon away from her.

However, Ming Shu didn’t want to use the hammer anymore. The second the sword came over, she flew up.

The tip of her toe stepped on the sword and she made use of this momentum to kick the middle-aged man’s face.

The metal sword fell down to the ground and the middle-aged man was pinned onto the ground by an oppressive energy.

His eyes were filled with surprise. He couldn’t control his body at all.

Ming Shu turned and landed. Her body was light and when she came down, her dress billowed upward, making her look like an angel that fell from the sky.

The lady had a smile on her face. She grabbed the hammer and smashed it toward the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man couldn’t dodge in time and took the full brunt of the attack. He fell onto the ground and started twitching.

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