Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 327 - The Daily Life Of A Good Person (10)

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Chapter 327: The Daily Life Of A Good Person (10)

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“The hall master of the Seven Stars Hall…”

“Did he get more powerful?”

“The Seven Stars Hall is already so powerful, but they are still here to s.n.a.t.c.h the Five Treasures Bible. Our leader didn’t come at all. We have no chance.”

“Wait and see first. He only brought along one person so he might not be here for the Five Treasures Bible.”

All kinds of conversations were happening. The man walked into the center through the path that was cleared for him. He looked at the person in the hut.

Ming Shu exchanged glances with him and smiled.

Very good.

This should be him.

Let’s tease him and see if he will explode.

Both Feng Bei and Ming Shu didn’t say anything. They stared at each other for a few seconds and then shifted their gazes away.

After Feng Bei appeared, the other famous clans appeared too. The front seats were all taken by these famous clans.

At first, the small clans thought that there would not be many people coming. Now, they were all squeezed to the back. They could only bite their sleeves and cry silently

Why are all the famous clans here! The invitation was just a joke!

They took the invitation with a pinch of salt and came. It might be an ambush. They didn’t expect these big and famous clans to come.

The invitation Ming Shu gave the bigger clans was different from the one that she gave the rest. She wrote provocative words in those invitations and lured them with the Five Treasures Bible. The big clans had to come no matter what.

If not, where would they put their face?

When they received the news that the one who invited them was the Five Treasures Immortal Clan, they had more reasons to come.

Two disciples came out and all the clans were on their guards. They held their weapon in their hands.

The disciples sneered and shouted, “Our leader said that you all will battle it out and whoever wins will get the Five Treasures Bible.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up. Does she really have the Five Treasures Bible?

But why must they battle it out?

“Our leader also said that you all can s.n.a.t.c.h the scripture too, but if you dare to step into this area, no one will be able to get the Five Treasures Bible.”

The disciples turned sideways to let the crowd see the situation inside.

A pot of hot charcoal had appeared in front of Ming Shu. The intention was clear: If anyone dared to s.n.a.t.c.h the scripture, they would burn it.

Everyone felt indignant, but no one dared to rush in. There were so many people inside. No one was confident that they could save the secret scripture before it got thrown into the charcoal.

“How can we trust you?” What if you all ran away while we are fighting outside?

The disciples were arrogant. They said with the air of a villain, “This was what our leader said. You can choose to not heed it.”

Everyone: “…”

“How do we know that you have the real secret scripture?”

Ming Shu got up and walked out of the hut slowly. She gave her standard smile. “You speak as though you have seen the real scripture before. If I show you all a fake one, would you all be able to tell?”


“How will we know? What if one the elders here recognize the scripture if you take it out?”

“Yes, you should bring out the secret scripture for us to check first.”

Ming Shu said in a happy tone, “I am not taking it out. Are you all going to bite me?”

“You have to make us believe you, right?” The person that spoke said in a gentler tone, “We can’t just start a battle like this.”

Everyone agreed.

“You don’t have to fight if you don’t want to,” Ming Shu said, “I am a reasonable person. I will not force you.”

Everyone: “…” This is even more frustrating than forcing them to battle it out.

If they rushed up and killed her, would they be able to get the secret scripture?

“Tian Shu.”


The person behind Feng Bei immediately walked out and stood in the middle. He cupped his hand before his chest. “Seven Stars Hall, Tian Shu.”

Everyone quieted down.

Why is the Seven Stars Hall coming out now!

They had not even seen the Five Treasures Bible. Who said that they were going to fight?

“If no one comes to fight with the Seven Stars Hall, they will win the battle after a stick of incense finishes burning,” The disciple continued explaining the rules.

To h.e.l.l with the rules.

Is this really not something you came up with?

And, who says that we want to battle it out?!

“Iron Eagle Clan, Liu Kang.”

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Someone finally couldn’t stand it and jumped up. They’d rather take the opportunity than miss it.

Feng Bei walked toward the hut wrapped in the cloak.

Ming Shu came in from the side and glanced at him before sitting down.

“I won.”

Feng Bei’s voice was still very pleasant to hear. It was like the snow melting in the mountain, clear but with a hint of coldness.

[Additional Task: Gain Hatred Points from Feng Bei.]

Ming Shu tilted her head and glanced at him. She smiled. She kept the snacks on the table and waved her hand. “Get me some writing materials.”

Let me show you some calligraphy skills and anger you to death!

The disciples obediently got her the writing materials.

Feng Bei frowned slightly. “What are you doing?”

Ming Shu pulled up her sleeves. “Don’t you want the Five Treasures Bible? I am writing it for you! Personally!”

What the h.e.l.l is she saying?

F**k, was there such an option?

Why do I need you to write it? To see your precious writing materials?

I don’t want to!

Feng Bei felt his character setting breaking once he met his target.

The target never acts according to plan. What can I do?

No one can destroy my character setting.

Keep calm, I can win this.

Feng Bei calmed himself down and looked at the writing materials in front of Ming Shu. His face was cold. “I want the Five Treasures Bible, not your writing.”

“But I don’t have it.” Ming Shu took the writing brush and looked at Feng Bei innocently.

Feng Bei was very calm. “If you don’t have it, why did you ask us to battle it out?” Who gave you the courage?

Ming Shu blinked and smiled gently. “I can write it on the spot for you.”

Feng Bei: “…” Who wants you to write.

On the spot some more!

Why don’t you just say that the Five Treasures Bible was written by you!

The people outside also heard their conversation and they all had different expressions. Most of them were furious that they were fooled.

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