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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 317 - Lin Wei Extra (Complete)

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Chapter 317: Lin Wei Extra (Complete)

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Ever since she was young, her family told her that she had a fiancé.

Before she met him, she didn’t know what a fiancé meant. She didn’t understand why she had one when other children didn’t.

She was five years old when she met her fiancé for the first time.

It was during her grandfather’s birthday. She was pushed toward a little boy who was taller and bigger than her.

Lin Wei thought that the little brother was very handsome.

He was more handsome than any other little brothers she had seen.

“Ziqing, this is your fiancee. Bring her around to play.”

“Don’t bully her. If not, you will not have a wife in the future.”

The adults left and Lin Wei stood there awkwardly. She didn’t know what to do.

The little boy looked at her with disdain and walked off arrogantly.

Lin Wei thought for a while and then followed behind him. The little boy was not very fast, but Lin Wei’s short legs made it difficult for her to catch up.

“Brother…” Lin Wei panted. “Wait for me.”

The little boy didn’t seem to hear her and continued walking to the swing in the courtyard.

Lin Wei caught up with the little boy. She was sad. “You walk too fast. I can’t catch up with you.”

“Who ask you to follow me?” The little boy looked at her coolly. “Don’t follow me.”

Lin Wei wrung her hands awkwardly. “But they asked you to bring me around and play.”

“I won’t play with you.”


“You’re too stupid.”

Lin Wei stared at him angrily. “I am not stupid. I am very smart. You can test me if you don’t believe me.”

The little boy really tested her. He showed no mercy. “What is 3×24?”

“3…” Lin Wei was stunned. She had not learned this yet.

Lin Wei was only five years old. She had not even finished kindergarten. How would she know what is 3×24?

She watched the little brother walk away.

Lin Wei cried and ran back. She grabbed her father who was drinking and sniffed. “Daddy, am I stupid?”

Her father got a scare. “You are the smartest, my dear. Who bullied you?”

“Am I really not stupid?”

“Of course, my baby is the smartest.”

“Then why don’t I know what is 3×24?”

Her father and the adults beside him laughed. “My baby, you have not learned it yet. You will know the answer after you learn it.”

Lin Wei was still sniffing. She wiped her face with her sleeve. “What is 3×24 then?”


Lin Wei got the answer and rushed to find the little boy.

The little boy was sitting under a tree.

“Brother, I know the answer. It is 72.”

The little boy looked up and exposed her immediately. “You asked someone else.”

Lin Wei bit her lips. “Daddy said that I never learned this before. I will know the answer after I study it. Brother, why don’t you test me on something I learned?”

The little boy didn’t reply to her.

Lin Wei carefully moved closer. “What is your name, Brother? My name is Lin Wei. My mummy and daddy say that you are my fiancé. What is a fiancé?”

“Lan Ziqing.” The little boy acted cool.

“Brother Ziqing,” Lin Wei obediently called him. “You haven’t told me what a fiancé is.”

Lan Ziqing thought for a while and decided to scare Lin Wei. “A fiancé is someone who will eat you.”

Lin Wei’s expression changed. “Brother Ziqing is going to eat me? But I’m not delicious… I do not have much meat on me. Why don’t you eat me after I get fatter?”

Lan Ziqing: “…”

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That was the first time Lan Ziqing and Lin Wei met.

“Miss, can you help us take a photo?”

“Okay.” Lin Wei took their camera.

When the couple was ready, she focused the camera on them.

“Smile, stand closer…” Lin Wei suddenly tilted the camera. A figure appeared inside the frame and made her heart beat faster.

She quickly took a photo. The couple was smiling happily while the man behind them looked coldly in her direction.

Just like the little boy in her memory.

Lin Wei returned the camera to the couple and ran toward the person.

Lan Ziqing opened his arms for the first time to catch her.

“Brother Ziqing.”

Lan Ziqing rubbed Lin Wei’s head. “Didn’t you come here to do an operation? Are the doctors on leave now?”

Lin Wei didn’t hesitate while replying, “If you like guys, I’ll go do it.”

Lan Ziqing choked.

He hugged Lin Wei and sighed. “Lin Wei, I like you.”

Only you.

Lin Wei jumped away in surprise. “Brother Ziqing… are you confessing to me?”

Lan Ziqing rubbed his chin, which was. .h.i.t when she jumped and felt helpless.

He did hint at it to her before. but she was always nervous and jumped around too much. Every time he wanted to say something, she would change the topic. This made him angry so he decided to shut up.


Lin Wei pounced on him again and hung onto Lan Ziqing. “Brother Ziqing, I like you too. I like you the most. I will love you forever.”

The couple behind them focused the camera on them and took a photo.

When they left, they gave them the photo.

In the photo, the man had a cold expression, but his eyes were gentle. He held onto the small girl, afraid that she would fall down.

Ever since she was five years old, he was a part of her life.

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