Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 314 - Dirt on Internet Celebrity (34)

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Chapter 314: Dirt on Internet Celebrity (34)

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By the time Jiang w.a.n.g woke up, it was already noon. He looked at his phone. It was filled with missed call notifications from his a.s.sistant.

Ming Shu was still sleeping. She was hugging his waist and her head was on his chest. He could feel her soft and gentle skin underneath the blanket.

He suddenly recalled what happened yesterday night.

Jiang w.a.n.g’s heart suddenly beat quickly.

First time…

It was his first time!

Although this body was not his, it was also his first time. He felt despair. Could he go and be a monk now?

Jiang w.a.n.g held a memorial for his first time and then started replying to his a.s.sistant using one hand.

After he was done, he was in a daze. How should he face her now? Should he run away now?

“Jiang w.a.n.g, I’m hungry.”

Before Jiang w.a.n.g could execute his plan, Ming Shu’s voice sounded.

“Oh.” Jiang w.a.n.g answered, “I will go get some breakf… lunch.”

He moved Ming Shu’s hand away and got off the bed to look for clothes. He poured a cup of water along the way and placed it on the nightstand. “Drink some water.”

Ming Shu took one hand out from under the blanket. Her skin was soft and he could still see the red marks on her arm. He had squeezed her arm tightly yesterday night.

Jiang w.a.n.g shifted his gaze awkwardly and accepted his fate. He pa.s.sed her the gla.s.s.

She is the target. She is my boss.

Jiang w.a.n.g settled his boss down and hurriedly went out to buy lunch.

There were many people who looked at him on the way.

What are you looking at? Have you never seen a handsome man who was just nourished?

Pfft, what the h.e.l.l am I thinking?

It was only when he walked in front of a gla.s.s cabinet and saw his weird hairstyle…

“Su Man!” Su Man!

Even after he had slept with her, he still felt like strangling her. Why was that the case?

Jiang w.a.n.g bought a hat to cover his ugly hairstyle.

No one stared at him anymore. Jiang w.a.n.g finally had the time to think about what happened last night. He remembered that she said something…

What did she say…


She said—

There is no turning back now.

What does this mean?

She wanted to say some more but he stopped her. Jiang w.a.n.g didn’t dare to ask her what she wanted to say. He was afraid that she would kill him.

Jiang w.a.n.g carried the lunch back. Ming Shu was already snacking on the sofa. When she saw him, she raised her eyes and looked at him casually. There was no awkwardness in her eyes. It was as though nothing had happened.

Jiang w.a.n.g relaxed when he saw Ming Shu’s att.i.tude. “Don’t eat snacks anymore. Come and have some food.”

Ming Shu put down her snacks and walked toward him. She took the chopsticks and started to eat.

“Have you washed…”

“Shut up!”

Jiang w.a.n.g: “…”

Ming Shu looked at the food in front of her. She wanted to eat everything but when she remembered that the person in front of her was her boyfriend, she unknowingly gave him a small portion of the food.

Just a small portion and nothing more.

“You need to maintain your figure. Eat less.”

Jiang w.a.n.g looked at his small portion of food in shock.

Why would a man like him need to maintain his figure!

Jiang w.a.n.g felt that his life would be very difficult in the future.


His life was already difficult.

“What are you doing today?” Jiang w.a.n.g asked Ming Shu.

“Isn’t Jiang Anyan having a parent meeting today?” Ming Shu ate her food. “I’m going to attend the meeting.”

Father Jiang was busy and Jiang Anyan didn’t dare to ask Jiang Anyan. Hence, he told Ming Shu.

“What time?”

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“Three in the afternoon.”

“How do you know?”

“I watched all your videos.” Jiang Anyan was proud of himself.

Jiang w.a.n.g drove his car and looked at Jiang Anyan unhappily.

What is he doing sitting on my girlfriend’s legs!

Even I haven’t sat on them before!

Children are irritating.

“Your sister wants to eat with your brother.” Ming Shu pinched Jiang Anyan’s nose.

Jiang w.a.n.g’s expression got better. “What do you want to eat?”

“Five-star restaurant.”

“Me too!” Jiang Anyan raised his hand.

Jiang w.a.n.g: “…” I didn’t ask you. What are you excited about?

When they were eating, Jiang Anyan became quiet. Father Jiang didn’t like to talk when eating so Jiang Anyan had this habit too.

“G.o.ddess, it’s really the G.o.ddess!”

“G.o.ddess, oh my G.o.d, I actually met the G.o.ddess! Can we get an autograph?”

“G.o.ddess, I… I really like you.”

A few girls popped out suddenly and contained their excitement as they asked Ming Shu for her autograph.

Ming Shu was patient and even took photos with them.

After taking the photos and getting her autograph, her fans left excitedly.

“G.o.ddess is so gentle! I thought she would reject us.”

“The handsome guy opposite G.o.ddess is the president, right? Sigh, I forgot to ask just now…”

“He looked good with the G.o.ddess. They even have a child already. Ahhh…”

Ming Shu twitched her mouth.

What child…

This child looks nothing like me!

Can you all stop adding storylines for me!

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