Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 31 - League of Poor Students (8)

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Chapter 31: League of Poor Students (8)

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They were tucked into a narrow corner this time and close to each other. Ming Shu could even hear his heartbeat, smooth and powerful and unhurried.

Ming Shu slapped the boy student’s hands away and kicked him.

How dare you be impolite to me!

“You…” The boy was a little angry.


The sound of high-heeled shoes came from the stairs, echoing up the stairwell. The sound cut into the silence, extremely frightening.

The boy student didn’t dare speak, holding his breath.

“The Upper Government has been extremely strict in relation to crime recently. I suggest we stop for some time to avoid any trouble.” A woman’s voice emerged. Then another set of footsteps could be heard, sounding like a man’s.

“Don’t worry. If we get into trouble, those who support us and deal with us would be in trouble too. So they would protect us,” the man said fearlessly, his voice deep.

But the woman was still worried, saying, “I feel distraught recently. I don’t know whether something is going to happen.”

“You just think too much. Don’t dwell.”

Their footsteps echoed up the stairs, the sound of their chatter fading till it disappeared altogether.

After waiting for a while, the boy student moved back several steps, unable to see Ming Shu’s expression clearly in the darkness. He rested his hands against the wall and kabe-doned Ming Shu instinctively. “Lu Meng, why did you come here?”

“To abandon a corpse.”

Ming Shu hit his arm unkindly. Her thin arms and legs seemed to be powerless. But actually they were as powerful as a man’s when she struck. The boy frowned in pain.

Had she eaten too much spinach?

The boy student didn’t believe that Ming Shu had killed someone. He thought that she might have locked that girl here. “Which floor did you lock her in?”

“It’s none of your business. You want to rescue her?” Ming Shu walked downstairs, saying with smile on her face, “If you want to rescue her, you’d better find her yourself. It’s insincere of you to ask me.”

The boy student glanced upstairs, then followed Ming Shu. “Did you hear the conversation just now?”



Can we have a good chat?

“Don’t you think that their voices are familiar?” The boy student continued asking questions.

“Oh.” What’s the use of being familiar with that? It can’t be eaten.

The boy was speechless. He walked besides Ming Shu, hands in his pockets. “You’re lucky that you met me just now. If you met them instead, you would’ve died without knowing why.”

“Everyone will die at some point. No need to be nervous about death.” I’m going to have an evening snack later. I’m a little hungry.

“…” Was it his imagination that she didn’t listen to him just now? “I suggest you not come to the old teaching building in the future. It’s dangerous here.”


I don’t know how to spell dangerous.

Ming Shu left the school by way of jumping over the wall and found a place to eat an evening snack. Narrowing her eyes, she looked at the boy student in front of her, asking with a smile, “Why did you follow me?”

Following a female student at night, do you want to kill me for snacks?

“Lu Meng, don’t you think we should have a good talk?” The boy raised his eyebrows at Ming Shu.

“I don’t think so.”

The boy leaned forward, his handsome face suddenly magnified in Ming Shu’s pupils. “Lu Meng, I have seen you beat a cla.s.smate and saved your life indirectly. Shouldn’t you invite me out to eat to express your grat.i.tude?”

“Did I beg you to see that? Don’t you know to close your eyes?” Ming Shu smiled.

“…” Was this an option?

Why was this girl’s answer different from normal people’s?

Ming Shu moved all the food closer to herself, leaving nothing to the boy.

Seeing what she had done, the boy student felt funny. Why did she like to protect her food so fiercely?

He stood up and left his seat suddenly.

Ming Shu thought that the annoying boy decided to leave. But after a moment, he came back with a plate of cake in hand. He gave it to Ming Shu, saying, “It’s for you.”

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Ming Shu studied the cake for a while, then studied the boy for a while.

[…] Its Guest didn’t accept just any food from anybody. For example, she didn’t accept food from Jiang Xun. But she ate when other people gave her food.

And in this plane, she would eat food provided by Ye Miaomiao. But when it came to this boy student, she would refuse.

[But why did you ask him for food before?] The Harmony System remembered that.

“Maybe I was foolish because of hunger at that time.” The first time, she just woke up in an old teaching building, extremely hungry and would have even devoured a whole person.

The second time, when she was in the infirmary, she was also extremely hungry.

The most important point was that she didn’t feel this boy had ulterior motives at those times. She only felt that when they met for the third time.

[…] Since the Guest said it like that, what else it could say?

[Guest, the Extension Task: Reveal the school’s evildoings.] Releasing a task to calm down , the Harmony System thought.

Reveal the school’s evildoings?

Didn’t we come here to get Hatred Points? Why are we doing this now?

Wasn’t the school meant to educate people? Are there any evildoings?



[You could win Hatred Points from everybody.] The Harmony system added. [But Guest, don’t offend other people to win Hatred Points. You can only win Hatred Points by completing my tasks. Normal Hatred Points are useless.]

That sentence destroyed Ming Shu’s excitement.

She concentrated on eating and was unwilling to talk to the Harmony System, not answering whether she would accept the Extension Task or not.

After waiting for a while, the Harmony System found that Ming Shu was still unwilling to speak to it.

[Guest, if you complete the tasks well, I will give you more Extension Tasks to win Hatred Points.] The system lost Ming Shu’s interest, then gave her another motivator.

“Hehe…” Do you think you are worthy of your name, Harmony System?

You encourage me to do these bad things.

Am I a sc.u.mbag?

[I have told you before. You could regard these worlds as game settings. These people are fict.i.tious people only.] You can’t even be called a human being when you’re about to do bad things.

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