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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 309 - Dirt on Internet Celebrity (29)

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Chapter 309: Dirt on Internet Celebrity (29)

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Xixi’s mother took leave for Xixi and said that she wanted to take her out for a holiday. She had no close contacts here and felt worried about leaving Xixi alone.

Her child was still so young and there was nothing she could learn here. The teacher had no reason to ask her to stay and could only agree to let her leave.

Xixi’s mother quit her job and stayed at home to accompany Xixi. She took a long time to find out what happened.

“They chose their targets well.” This was the conclusion Ming Shu reached after listening to what Xixi’s mother said and combining it with the things that Qiao Yu helped her to find out. “These children either come from single-parent families or have parents like you who are really busy.

“These children are being taken care of by old people or their parents will hire other people to take care of their child. These children were neglected.”

Normally, a family that could afford their school fees would not be poor. However, single parents and neglection by the elderly gave the school a good opportunity.

Children from these families would have some personality issues too, so they only needed to find the children that were timid and introverted.

The teacher would then threaten the child. As the child was still young, he or she was easily frightened. Thus, the child would not tell anything to their parents.

“You mentioned that some children stay in school?”

“Yes… some parents are very busy and would only come during the weekends. On normal days, the teacher will take care of them.” Xixi’s mother nodded her head. “These kinds of schools have very good facilities.”

Ming Shu pondered for a while. “I’ll find a way to get in to take a look at night.”

“How are you going to get in?” Xixi’s mother was puzzled. “The school’s security is very tight.”

“Climb the wall and get in. I can’t walk through the walls,” Ming Shu said blatantly.

Xixi’s mother remembered the videos she saw online and knew that this lady was good at fighting. She chose to keep quiet.

Ming Shu didn’t know what she would see tonight, but she turned on her livestream.

Most of the viewers were puzzled. Why was she sneaking into a school in the middle of the night? What was going to happen tonight?

[This is a kindergarten right?]

There would be occasional images of toys and wall paintings which allowed the viewers to guess the location of the livestream.

[What is G.o.ddess doing at a kindergarten? Are the people in this kindergarten embezzling money?]

[That is such a small issue. How can G.o.ddess be activated by such a small issue? It must be something big!]

The people started typing their guesses on the screen. The Sunlight Orphanage was still fresh in everyone’s mind so most people thought about the worst-case scenario.

However, there were no children there at night. They didn’t understand why Ming Shu sneaked in to do a livestream at this time.

[Maybe there is a ghost there!]

[The person in front, enough. I didn’t see it but the moment you said it, I felt cold.]

[Hahahaha, G.o.ddess seems to have gotten better with her moves. Last time, she still needed to run before climbing the walls but now, she doesn’t need to run at all. Her landing is so handsome too. Let me proclaim my love for my G.o.ddess.]

[G.o.ddess hasn’t said anything yet… did you all not realize it?]

The viewers went wild. Previously, Ming Shu would always do an introduction at the start of her livestream but today, she didn’t say anything.

Ming Shu walked around the cla.s.srooms and went toward the hostel. She realized that there was no one there.

A teacher was keeping watch.

Ming Shu suddenly appeared at the window and frightened the teacher to death. He almost fell down from his chair. “Who… who are you? How did you get in?”

Ming Shu pulled open the door. The teacher moved back in fear and grabbed the feather duster as a weapon. “Don’t come near me. This is a kindergarten, there’s nothing for you to steal.”

Ming Shu stepped on the chair that the teacher was sitting on just now and asked, “Where did the children go?”

“Children? They’ve gone home. It’s past school time.” The teacher glanced at Ming Shu. “Are you here to fetch someone and didn’t manage to find him or her?”

Ming Shu smiled. “I’m not talking about those children. I’m talking about the children that live in this building.”

The lights shone on her and a warm light formed around her. Yet, the teacher felt no warmth from her.

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No matter how beautiful and gentle her smile was, he didn’t feel any warmth from it.

Xu Youran stole his investor when he was in trouble.

He had always been the one who stole other people’s investors but this time, he lost to a woman! How could he not be angry?

Xu Youran was shocked.

“Chang Feng!” the person sitting beside Xu Youran shouted. “Drag him out.”

The attendants immediately came forward and dragged Chang Feng out of the villa.

Chang Feng couldn’t retaliate so he screamed at Xu Youran, “Xu Youran, you will die a terrible death! You dirty woman! So many people rode on you…”

The things he said were so obscene Xu Youran’s face turned pale. She saw Ming Shu.

She was stunned. Why is she here?

[Isn’t that Xu Youran? Hahahaha, G.o.ddess really has something against her!]

[What is the topic today exactly?]

[Could it be Xu Youran?]

Xu Youran saw the cellphone in Ming Shu’s hand with the camera lens was pointing at her. She immediately covered her face and left the scene.

She left the crowd and took out her cellphone. She saw that Ming Shu was indeed doing a livestream and there were many people commenting on her being splashed by wine.

Xu Youran was so angry her face turned hideous.

After the two main leads left, everyone dispersed and started doing their own things.

Ming Shu didn’t find the children downstairs, but she managed to find Teacher Xin. She was talking to someone.

Ming Shu walked over. “Teacher Xin.”

Teacher Xin didn’t recognize Ming Shu, but the person beside her did. “Old Li actually managed to invite Miss Su.”

Quite a few people wanted to get to know her, but she just smiled at them and said to Teacher Xin, “Teacher Xin, let’s talk somewhere else.”

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