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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 308 - Dirt on Internet Celebrity (28)

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Chapter 308: Dirt on Internet Celebrity (28)

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When the woman came out, she saw Ming Shu and Jiang w.a.n.g arguing with each other. Jiang Anyan was sitting to the side eating snacks as he looked at them curiously.

The woman was amazed at Jiang w.a.n.g’s facial features, but when she saw the lady who brought her here, she didn’t find it strange anymore.

“Thank you.”

The woman thanked Ming Shu. The woman didn’t seem that unfriendly now.

The woman said awkwardly, “They are still examining my child… the doctor asked me to wait outside.”

The woman was a single mother. The child’s father died on the job not long after the child was born.

Although they had received some pension, she still needed to work day and night to let her child have a better life and a better living environment.

The woman loved her child a lot.

That time when Ming Shu saw her, she was undergoing tremendous stress at work and her child didn’t speak to her at all.

She felt agitated. She needed to release her anger sometimes so she did it at the child.

“Is this your child?” The woman looked at Jiang Anyan.

Ming Shu shook her head. “No.”

The woman didn’t probe further. She looked inside the room anxiously. Her phone rang a few times before she picked it up.

“Okay, okay, I’m not doing this anymore! Go find other people to do it!” The woman shouted and hung up her phone.

The wait was torturous. The woman paced around worriedly.

Jiang w.a.n.g stood beside Ming Shu and let her lean on him. He was looking down and taking a call. He was frowning as though he had met some difficulty and was talking in a low voice.

“You two look good together.” The woman sat beside Ming Shu and looked at her with slight envy.

Most normal people would be gone by now. The man seemed really busy. His phone never stopped ringing, but he still stayed by her side patiently.

If her husband was still with her…

Ming Shu didn’t have the time to reply to her. The doctor came out at that moment and asked the woman to go in.

The child was sitting on the bed eating a sweet that the nurse gave her. She looked like she was in a daze.

“Doctor, what happened to my child?”

“Has your child been sick recently?” The doctor didn’t reply to her but asked a question back.

“No…” The woman shook her head. “She started to talk less and doesn’t even answer when she’s called. She would also have nightmares at night, but she wasn’t sick.”

The doctor nodded his head and talked gently to the child. After the child nodded, he pulled up her sleeve.

“There are many pinholes on her body.” The doctor pointed to an area on her arm.

The woman was shocked. “How is it…” She grabbed the little girl’s arm and looked at it closely. There were indeed a few pin holes.

“I never brought her for any injections.” The woman shook her head. “Doctor…”

“Mummy, pain,” the little girl suddenly said.

“I’m sorry, my baby, I hurt you.” The woman let go of her anxiously. She didn’t know how these pinholes appeared on her daughter’s elbow.

The doctor was not sure, either. He suggested a full body examination for the child.

The woman agreed without any hesitation. While they were waiting for the results, Ming Shu told her that she had seen the little girl running out naked from a cla.s.sroom. The teacher’s expression was weird then.

“You mean… this happened in the school?” The woman was even more stunned. “That is a n.o.ble kindergarten. It costs me a few thousand each semester. I researched it for a long time before sending my child there…”

The woman felt cold. Her child was either at home or at school. She never abused her child at home so that meant that it could only happen at school.

After the doctor communicated and coaxed the little girl for a long time, the little girl finally opened her mouth and exposed the horrifying truth…

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She spent thousands of dollars to send her child to the best school, but they abused her and even… did obscene stuff to her.

The woman bit her lips after a while and carried her child out of the hospital.

She decided to listen to her.

Although she was not sure why, when she looked at the smile on her face, she felt much more at ease.

This kindergarten was not like the orphanage. It looked very normal from the front. It was so normal that no one would suspect anything.

Ming Shu and Jiang Anyan squatted outside the school and observed for a long time. However, they got nothing out of it.

“Sister, why is Brother not coming with us?”

“He doesn’t want to squat outside the gate with us.”


Ming Shu though for a while. “He’s stupid.”

Jiang Anyan spoke up for his brother. “He’s very smart.”

“To me, he’s stupid.”

How dare he chase me when he doesn’t even want to squat outside a gate!

“Miss Su.”

Ming Shu sucked a lollipop and turned around. She saw Xixi’s mother standing behind her.

“What’s the matter?” Ming Shu looked at her against the light.

Xixi’s mother walked toward Ming Shu. “I’ve talked to Xixi. She said that there were a few children who had similar encounters. I’m not sure if that’s useful to you.”

Ming Shu brushed off her clothes and stood up. Jiang Anyan stood up too and looked at Xixi’s mother.

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