Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 307 - Dirt on Internet Celebrity (27)

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Chapter 307: Dirt on Internet Celebrity (27)

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In the afternoon, Ming Shu was delayed by Lin Wei. She kept asking him about whether her cousin was gay so when she reached the kindergarten, it was almost closing time.

Ming Shu walked to the cla.s.sroom. Jiang Anyan was sitting in the cla.s.sroom alone and staying pitifully at the door.

When Ming Shu appeared, he grabbed his bag and hugged Ming Shu’s leg. “Sister.”

“Where’s your teacher?”

“She said that she has something to do and asked me to wait here.”

Ming Shu frowned. “Let’s go.”

Ming Shu held Jiang Anyan’s hand and went down the stairs.

When they reached the third floor, a little girl suddenly ran out of the cla.s.sroom. She looked only four or five years old and was just wearing strawberry-print pants. Her body and legs were exposed to the air.

“You…” The teacher came out of the cla.s.sroom saw someone along the corridor and panicked. She calmed herself down and caught up with the little girl. “Baby, I’m just changing your clothes. Why did you run away? I told you not to play with water just now but you don’t listen to me. If you get a cold, you will need to eat medicine and be injected.”

The little girl heard that she would need to be injected and eat medicine and started crying. “I don’t want to eat medicine. I don’t want to be injected. I want my mommy.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll change your clothes and then take you to find your mother, okay?” The teacher patiently coaxed the child and carried her up. She covered up the little girl’s body as though she was afraid that she would catch a cold.

She looked at Ming Shu and explained, “Her mother is late. When I was not watching her, she went to play with water and drenched all her clothes.”

Ming Shu looked at her and kept quiet. She held onto Jiang Anyan and climbed down the stairs.

The teacher didn’t want to provoke her too. When she saw Ming Shu leaving, she brought the little girl back into the cla.s.sroom.

Jiang Anyan reached the bottom of the stairs before shaking Ming Shu’s hand. “Sister… that teacher is very scary.”

“Oh? How so? Does she have another head or another eye?”

Jiang Anyan whispered, “No, she is very fierce to the children from other She’s not fierce when she comes to our cla.s.s, but I’m still afraid of her.”

Although Jiang Anyan was not born into the Jiang family, Father Jiang treated him well and let him attend the best cla.s.s.

The children in this cla.s.s were all kids of rich or powerful people. Hence, even the would not be fierce toward them.

“Don’t think too much. Let’s go home and eat.”


The next day, Jiang w.a.n.g was actually free. He sat in Ming Shu’s car and they went to fetch Jiang Anyan together.

“Why are you free today?”

“I just signed a deal. Don’t you miss me?” He worked like a dog every day and still had to appear in front of her to make sure that she remembered him. He was afraid that someone would s.n.a.t.c.h her away when he was not looking.

At the start, he wanted to use Jiang Anyan to bond with her, but he suddenly became busy.

He was so angry.

Being a president was not easy.

“Miss you to death?”

“…” Cursing me whenever you’re unhappy. I want to strangle you.

Jiang Anyan was so surprised and happy that Jiang w.a.n.g came to fetch him today and kept calling him.

“Get in the car.” Jiang w.a.n.g was not as patient toward a child.

Jiang w.a.n.g climbed into the car pitifully. Ming Shu pushed Jiang w.a.n.g away and carried the stupid kid onto the backseat. “Have you learned how to bully a kid now?”

Jiang w.a.n.g felt wronged.

How is this bullying a kid?

Why is everything my fault!

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Ming Shu closed the door. She noticed a woman holding the hands of the little girl she saw the other time. The little girl was looking down. The woman said something to her, but the little girl had no response.

At the hospital.

Jiang w.a.n.g hurriedly rushed over and grabbed Ming Shu, checking to see if there was anything wrong with her. He seemed worried.

“Are you okay?”

Ming Shu’s heart softened but her mouth didn’t give in. “I’m not the one who got into trouble. Did you use your brain or your toes to listen to what I said to you just now?”

Jiang w.a.n.g heaved a sigh of relief and retaliated, “I didn’t care about anything the moment I heard that you were in the hospital. Ungrateful soul, take it as I’m worried about you for nothing.”

“Don’t care about this ungrateful soul then.”

Jiang w.a.n.g sneered. “If I don’t care about you, who will? Take it as I am kind and pity you!”

Take it as I am unlucky.

Unlucky to meet an idiot like you who needs so much care and concern.

Ming Shu suddenly grabbed him by the neck and kissed him.

Jiang w.a.n.g glared at her. “Why are you kissing me in front of so many people? Are you crazy!”

Don’t think that I will forgive you just because of this.

Jiang w.a.n.g showed her the other side of his face. “Kiss me again.”

Ming Shu smiled. “Get off.”

“Are you still not going to admit that you like me?” Jiang w.a.n.g was pleased. I knew that I could complete my mission this time.

I can’t be proud.

Keep calm, I can win this.

Ming Shu glanced at him and smiled. She didn’t reply to him. She would not admit that she liked him.

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