Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 306 - Dirt on Internet Celebrity (26)

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Chapter 306: Dirt on Internet Celebrity (26)

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Since his family didn’t allow him to look after Majesty anymore, Jiang w.a.n.g shamelessly sent Majesty to Ming Shu again.

As compensation, he gave her many boxes of dried fish.

He willingly gave them to her because he was able to enter Ming Shu’s house with a valid reason now.

It meant that he was making progress.

“Su Man.” Jiang w.a.n.g squeezed onto the sofa.

Ming Shu guarded her dried fish and shrunk into a corner of the sofa. She looked at Jiang w.a.n.g with vigilance.

Why are you coming near me?

Are you planning to grab my fish?

Jiang w.a.n.g was speechless. Who wants your cat food…

“You have nothing much to do recently, right?” Jiang w.a.n.g asked.

Ming Shu thought for a while. Besides having to shoot some promotional photos for Qiao Yu, she was free.

“Why?” Even though I have nothing to do, I am still very busy.

Jiang w.a.n.g continued. “A child came into my family recently and my dad wants me to fetch him to and from school. I am so busy so I don’t have the time to do it. Help me?”

“Why must I help you? It’s not a child of my family.” Ming Shu was unwilling. “No.”

“My family is your family, right?” Jiang w.a.n.g leaned toward her and looked at the dried fish in her hand. He kissed her cheeks. “Okay, okay?”

“Are you whining?”

“…” Who is whining!

Not me.

Ming Shu gave an evil smile. “Whine one more time.”

I am a genius. Let’s do it!

“Help me, please. Okay, okay?”

“Hmm… okay.” Ming Shu smiled in answer.

Jiang w.a.n.g heaved a sigh of relief. He would have a chance to see her everyday now.

“Come here.” Ming Shu hooked her finger at him.

Jiang w.a.n.g was on his guard. “What do you want?”

Ming Shu looked at him and signaled for him to come. Jiang w.a.n.g was in a dilemma. He didn’t want to go because he felt that he was going to be tricked.

However, the other party was his target so he had no choice but to go near her.

Ming Shu straightened up her body and suddenly kissed him on the lips. Jiang w.a.n.g’s heart was in a flurry. However, before he could reach the peak of his excitement, his mouth started to taste like dried fish.

F**k, this crazy person was actually feeding him cat food.

“Don’t spit it out.”


Majesty squatted under the sofa. It couldn’t understand why the two p.o.o.p-pickers were eating its dried fish.

Jiang w.a.n.g unwillingly chewed on the food. It actually tasted quite good. After all, it was imported and was a high-quality dried fish on par with human’s powdered milk.

But it was still cat food!

He finished chewing his dried fish and got up immediately, “I have things to do at my company. I will send you the child’s school schedule soon.”

“Jiang w.a.n.g.”

Jiang w.a.n.g stopped in his tracks and felt himself breaking down. He didn’t want to eat cat food!

“When you go out, help me get some food delivery.”

Jiang w.a.n.g: “…” Why are you not dead from your laziness!

“Okay,” Jiang w.a.n.g replied irritatedly and left.

He pa.s.sed by a restaurant and ordered a lot of food. Eat until you die.

However, he still told the people at the restaurant, “Don’t put too much chili inside. Add another serving of drinks and dessert. Yes… add this and this too.”

“Okay, sir.”

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“Send it to this address.” Jiang w.a.n.g wrote down the address. “Make it fast. Do not let the food turn cold.”

The stupid child didn’t really understand but he nodded his head. “Sister-in-law, I understand.”

“Don’t call me sister-in-law, call me Sister.”

“But Brother said…”

“Listen to me now.”

“Oh, Sister.”

Ming Shu sent Jiang Anyan home. Father Jiang was at home too and happily invited her for a meal.

Ming Shu never rejected any offers of food.

Father Jiang chatted with Ming Shu and was very satisfied with her. Ming Shu wasn’t sure what he was satisfied with.

Ming Shu fetched Jiang Anyan for the next few days and stayed at the Jiang family for a meal. However, Jiang w.a.n.g seemed really busy and would only come to visit her for a short while before leaving.

She didn’t even have the chance to quarrel with him.

So frustrating.

I need snacks to calm myself down.

“Sister, does Brother not like me?”

Jiang Anyan held Ming Shu’s hand and asked her timidly.

“Hm?” Ming Shu took down his bag. “Why do you ask?”

“Every time I call him, he would just answer and then leave. Does he not like me?”

She heard from Father Jiang that this child just lost his parents and his grandma was sick too. That was why he was sent to the Jiang family.

Jiang Anyan stayed in their house and was very obedient. He tried to make everyone in the Jiang family happy, but he must be feeling very anxious.

“Brother is very busy. He needs to earn money to let you go to school and buy some snacks.” Ming Shu knocked on the stupid child’s head. “Don’t think too much. Hurry up and go in.”

“Sister… I’m scared.” Jiang Anyan looked at the school and seemed frightened.

“What are you afraid of? You have Uncle Jiang at your back, right? Does Jiang w.a.n.g dare to bully you? He can’t win against his father.” Ming Shu sent him to his cla.s.sroom. “Be a good boy. I’ll fetch you after school.”

Jiang Anyan seemed to calm down with Ming Shu’s smile and nodded his head. He walked into the school unwillingly.

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