Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 30 - League of Poor Students (7)

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Chapter 30: League of Poor Students (7)

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Ming Shu turned on a flashlight and pointed the light inside. Obstructing the sudden strong light, Jin Yuqi stood up hardily, not caring for her image now. “Lu Meng, what do you want to do? Let me out.”

“Let you out?” Ming Shu answered with a smile, which looked strange in the darkness. “No. It cost me great effort to bring you to here.”

Wasting food is shameful.

Jin Yuqi rushed to the window. Her face was scrunched up under the beam of the flashlight. “What you’ve done is illegal. Lu Meng, as long as you let me out, I won’t tell others about this.”

“Ah.” Ming Shu was a little confused. “You know it’s illegal?”

Jin Yuqi was amazed and had an unfortunate feeling at the same time.

Looked around the cla.s.sroom quickly, Jin Yuqi thought—she fooled Lu Meng into coming here in Shangguan Feng’s name and didn’t show up. Lu Meng shouldn’t know the truth.

But now Lu Meng locked her in here too, which meant she did know the truth.


Gripping the bars of the window, she cried with red-rimmed eyes, “Lu Meng, I know you don’t like me and think I took away A’Feng. But you have to know love can’t be forced. A’Feng doesn’t like you. Even if you were together, you wouldn’t be happy.”

Amazing. She starts acting more readily than me.

“It has nothing to do with me.” It had nothing to do with Ming Shu who Shangguan Feng liked. Ming Shu knocked on the steel bars, saying, “You’d better stay here without resistance. Maybe one of your boyfriends will come to rescue you.”

Seeing that Ming Shu was about to leave, Jin Yuqi was extremely worried and shouted loudly.

“Lu Meng!”

Because she had shouted so loudly, her voice broke, making it sound like a ghost’s cry in this vacant teaching building.

Ming Shu turned her head and illuminated her face with the phone. “What’s the matter?”


Ming Shu stopped as soon as she was called by Jin Yuqi, which was different from what happened in fiction and TV shows. Jin Yuqi was surprised for several seconds. Catching the steel bars, Jin Yuqi said angrily, “Lu Meng, do you think A’Feng would like you if he knew you locked me in here?”

“So… I should kill you now.”

“…” Was there any relation? Why couldn’t she understand?

“But I haven’t been full today. I have no energy.” Ming Shu was a little sad. She almost used up her energy.


Ming Shu wanted to kill her?

Jin Yuqi was shocked by Ming Shu’s answer. She loosened her grip on the steel bars and stepped back quickly, looking at Ming Shu as if looking at an evil villain. Is she really Lu Meng?

“Lu Meng… come back.” Seeing that Ming Shu really left, Jin Yuqi hit the bars heavily and shouted, “Lu Meng, come back! Let me out.”

But Ming Shu walked further and further away, disappearing from Jin Yuqi’s sight in the end.

No matter how Jin Yuqi shouted, Ming Shu didn’t respond to her.

Lu Meng…

She did something like this to her.

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“Hey.” A person appeared outside the window suddenly. Ming Shu’s voice rang out again.

Jin Yuqi moved closer to the bars, saying resentfully, “Lu Meng, you’re a bad girl too. Although you pretend to be innocent, you’re evil inside.”

Ming Shu threw the phone inside after she removed the SIM card, smiling calmly and saying, “Only those who are evil would think others are evil too. Jin Yuqi, I advise you to visit a psychologist, you might be cured.”

Since they knew each other’s true nature and there was n.o.body else here, Jin Yuqi didn’t pretend and said, “Lu Meng, I won’t let you off.”

“Bring it on!” Ming Shu opened her hand, smiling. “But you have to escape first. How about jumping down? This is the fifth floor. If you jump down, your arms or legs would be broken at most. You wouldn’t die.”

If it was not serious that her arms or legs might be broken, what was serious?

Jin Yuqi was extremely furious inside. But she restrained her anger and avoided irritating Lu Meng because she was at a disadvantage now. If she irritated Lu Meng and got killed, she would lose everything.

When she got out, she would deal with Lu Meng.

She didn’t believe that she couldn’t overcome Lu Meng when she knew what would happen in the future.

Seeing that Jin Yuqi abruptly fell silent, Ming Shu just snorted and briskly left.

I’m a little hungry. Gonna go eat something.

Ming Shu went down the stairs. There were no lights so she had to use the phone to illuminate her way. When she got to the third floor, a hand suddenly emerged from the darkness and dragged her into the shadows.

Her back rested against the cold wall and a warm body hovered near her.

Ming Shu was already making to attack.

“Stop. It’s me.”

“… Why is it you again!” You’re so annoying. What do you want?

“Hush!” Putting his finger on Ming Shu’s lips, the boy student moved closer to her.

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