Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 3 - Gossip Queen (3)

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Chapter 3: Gossip Queen (3)

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Ming Shu left with a smile, as if she hadn’t poured juice on someone just now.

“…” The spectators could only think, She’s worthy of being the big-shot.

“…” Song Man was also silent. What was she doing just now?

Ming Shu returned to the break room, her smile shrinking but still visible. Tian Yuan was afraid of even breathing loudly and didn’t dare to lecture Ming Shu. She secretly sent a message to Sister Aileen.

Sister Jiang Nian is not herself today.

Meanwhile, Ming Shu was talking to the Harmony System.

“How was my behavior just now?”

[You should have poured it on her face.] the Harmony System suggested.

Ming Shu’s gaze changed and after a while she said, “I didn’t know you’re that type of system?”


What kind of f.u.c.king harmony?

[My task is to help you get Hatred Points, so the suggestion I’m providing is that you make others more hateful.]

Ming Shu’s index finger rubbed her lips and her smile even curved her eyebrows. She was very peaceful and gentle now, which made others want to be close to her.

But the Harmony System knew she was not so innocent. Even when she killed others, she was hardly affected and a smile always graced her face.

Ning Keqing also went back to the break room she shared with a few others, full of confusion and resentment. Another woman made fun of her when she arrived, embarra.s.singly enough.

Ning Keqing glanced at her and hid her hatred behind her eyes. Then she silently went to the dressing room to change out of her dirty dress.

She looked at the reflection in the mirror and her face became gloomy.

What had happened today was outside of her expectations. Why did Jiang Nian act against her? Jiang Nian smiled at everyone, but in the past days of filming she didn’t notice that Jiang Nian was especially close to Song Man. So why did Jiang Nian help Song Man today?

Yes, now Ning Keqing thought that Ming Shu was helping Song Man.

Ming Shu had nothing to do with today’s affair. And according to what she had known about Jiang Nian before, she should have simply stood by.

Ning Keqing patted her own cheek. She lived so miserably in her last life, she wouldn’t allow herself to live that way again.

No matter whether Jiang Nian was trying to help Song Man or not, she would remember what had happened today.

One day…

She would succeed.

Ning Keqing firmed her resolve, walked out of the dressing room while ignoring everyone’s scorn, and started to read the script.

Because of this argument, the leading roles’ act was stopped. The director had to film other scenes first.

What Ming Shu was acting in now was called Ever-Burning Light, which involved some magical elements. The ever-burning light which allowed people to live forever was the central point of this story, and most of it would be filmed in the palace.

Ming Shu played the second leading female role, a spoiled concubine of the highest rank, so Ming Shu’s part was pretty much this scene.

Because of her great background, Ming Shu could easily get the opportunity to play the first leading female role. But her agent, the director, and the scriptwriter believed her image was more suitable for the second leading female role.

Ming Shu was going to play opposite Ning Keqing in her next part.

In the plot, Ning Keqing was a newcomer to the palace and the Emperor spoiled her constantly. Since she was so popular, she was going to be taught by another concubine, one of the highest rank.

Ming Shu seemed to be interested in acting, so she read the script willingly. With the original owner’s knowledge and skill, acting wouldn’t be a big problem for her.

She was even afraid of herself when she started acting.

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So, was acting a problem for her? Nope.

“… Y-yes.” The new beauty’s voice trembled, though she tried her best to restrain it.

The concubine dropped her hand and said, “His Majesty has been busy recently, but he still hasn’t forgotten to visit you, so you’d best serve him well. Today I am going to ask somebody to teach you how to serve His Majesty well. Do you wish to learn?”

The new beauty seemed to know what the concubine really meant. She was so frightened. She dared to look up and glance into the imperial concubine’s eyes.

Ning Keqing made eye contact with Ming Shu and felt truly frightened for a second. At that time, she seemed to see Ming Shu’s smile in her eyes. Ning Keqing appeared to be scared and quickly looked down to avoid being distracted by Ming Shu’s eyes.

The director held his breath and looked at the screen. This was what he wanted.

Although lowering her head just now was different from what the script demanded, it was so great that he didn’t stop Ning Keqing.

Jiang Nian didn’t need to be mentioned. She’d acted for many years and her skill was exceptional. But this woman who’d joined the film crew through the backdoor and was called a vase—somebody with good looks but no real talent—could also fulfill her role so wonderfully.

This part was so successful that the director grinned from ear to ear. “Miss Jiang, you’ve worked hard. Let’s prepare for the next part.”

Ming Shu didn’t feel tired; it wasn’t difficult for her to play as others. Now she only wanted to find someplace to eat food.

She started acting early in the morning and hadn’t eaten anything up until now. She was very hungry.

“Sister Jiang Nian.” Ning Keqing approached, hands lifting her skirt. She gently smiled and said, “I’m so sorry for what happened yesterday. When we finish here, could I invite you to a meal to apologize? I beg Sister Jiang Nian to give me this chance, otherwise I’ll feel guilty.”

Ming Shu was watching the props crew the entire time she was spoken to so she answered randomly, “Well, you can keep on feeling sorry.”

Ning Keqing’s eyes widened in surprise. She didn’t think that she would be refused in such a way. Does she have any good opinion of me? Ning Keqing tried to recall when she had offended Jiang Nian.

But before this, they even didn’t know each other. After they joined the same film crew, there was also no conflict between them.

Ming Shu took several steps and stopped.

She said she’d invite me to dinner?


I want to eat.

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