Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 299 - Dirt on Internet Celebrity (19)

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Chapter 299: Dirt on Internet Celebrity (19)

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[These people must be human traffickers, they don’t look right at a glance.]

[Look at their outfits, do they look like doctors?]

[They’re definitely human traffickers. These human traffickers are too rampant in recent years, and they dare to kidnap people directly at the train station. Do they have any laws in their mind!!]

[My G.o.ddess is doing a livestream again, wow, that movement is handsome!]

[Each time G.o.ddess makes a livestream it’s for a big thing, G.o.ddess, you’re always supported by me!!]

After deterring these people, Ming Shu then offered a smile and began to talk. “You said she’s your daughter? Then tell me, what’s her name, where was she born, how old is she now, and is there any birthmark that can prove she’s your daughter?”

The opposite people kept silent. How would they know the name of this wicked girl.

“She… is Erya.” The middle-aged woman was also kicked by Ming Shu several times. Now her face became pale and she began to look around, getting ready to run.

They had successfully done this several times, and they didn’t expect to meet a tough guy today.

“My name is not Erya.” Perhaps because Ming Shu stood in front her, the little girl got some courage to refute and took out her ident.i.ty card.

“My name is Zhou Yingying, I came here to study. I don’t know them. This is my ID card, my ticket, and this is my admission letter.”

The onlookers became a little suspicious now.

Most people didn’t know the real situation and were afraid of causing trouble for themselves. So no one was willing to offer help.

But seeing the development was not right, the human traffickers tipped each other the wink and began to run.

“Wait, why are you running, won’t you have a cup of tea?”

As Ming Shu said this, the human traffickers ran faster. Screw your tea, who the h.e.l.l wants to have tea.

The human traffickers rushed out of the crowd and ran to the minibus.

Lin Wei shouted to the onlookers, “Hey, catch them, or they will kidnap your own kids someday!”

This sentence might stimulate some parents who had kids. A group of people rushed out behind the human traffickers and surrounded the minibus.

Ming Shu went to chase the several running fake doctors, while Lin Wei held the phone and followed. She kept yelling, which made the livestream viewers become a little annoyed.

[Where did G.o.ddess get this a.s.sistant, she’s so noisy!!]

[Indeed. If it weren’t for the G.o.ddess, I’d want to mute this.]

[But if she didn’t shout aloud just now, perhaps the G.o.ddess wouldn’t catch all these people on her own. But she is too noisy.]

[Ahhh, my G.o.ddess is coming back!!]

Ming Shu dragged a man in doctors’ clothing and walked back slowly along the street.

The man in white moaned on the ground. Several policemen in uniforms hurriedly went up and “saved” the man from Ming Shu.

Ming Shu looked at those human traffickers in handcuffs and smiled tenderly. “I told you that you could have a cup of tea, why did you run.”

Wasting my physical strength…

Where’s my snacks! I need one bite now!

Human traffickers: “…” Very unlucky of them to have a cup of tea in the police office now.

Ming Shu and Lin Wei cooperated with the police to record testimonies. It was already night when they went back.

Cousin looked at the two women standing at the gate and snorted. “Cousin, you just went out for a day and made yourself the most searched again. But you didn’t finish the task for me, so why would I need you?”

“To send you a wife?” Ming Shu smiled.

How great this wife is, she delivered herself to you!

Lan Ziqing glared at Ming Shu.

“Brother Ziqing!” Lin Wei didn’t care much, though, and she rushed straight at Lan Ziqing and pretended to cry. “Wuwuwu, you don’t know, Brother Ziqing, I was scared a lot today.”

Lan Ziqing blocked Lin Wei. “Didn’t I tell you not to come?”

Lin Wei said in a wronged tone, “But now I’m here already. Do you want me to live on the road?”

“You should follow whoever takes you back.” Lan Ziqing drove Lin Wei and Ming Shu away from the gate. “Don’t block my way.”

Lin Wei’s expression became even more pitiful. “Brother Ziqing…”

Lan Ziqing didn’t know why, but he paused for a moment. And Lin Wei took the chance to swiftly run into the house.

Lan Ziqing: “…”

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Ming Shu stood at the door and looked at her cousin, smiling. “Cousin, if you really didn’t want her to come, you wouldn’t have let me pick her up, right? Look at my well-known face… Didn’t you know she would definitely recognize me?”

Royal p.o.o.p-Picker V: Miss Su, it’s not enough for you to abuse me, now you begin to abuse my cat?

Royal p.o.o.p-Picker V: If you want to vent, just come at me!

Snacks Are Justice: Mr. Jiang, are you sure?

Royal p.o.o.p-Picker V: Yes, whatever you want.

Snacks Are Justice: Really?

Royal p.o.o.p-Picker V: Yes.

Snacks Are Justice: What about you go running naked?

Royal p.o.o.p-Picker V: Su Man, don’t go too far just because I like you.

Ming Shu thought Jiang w.a.n.g must be angry enough to explode at the other end. But as a result, this sentence jumped out on her screen.

Royal p.o.o.p-Picker V: I want to show you alone. Do you want to see me running naked?

“…” I’m begging you to hate me!

Royal p.o.o.p-Picker V: Open the door.


Ming Shu went to the French windows and looked out. Jiang w.a.n.g’s car was sure enough parked outside. His slender figure stood beside the car and he was focusing on his phone with his head lowered.

Ming Shu’s phone kept ringing. They were messages that urged her to open the door.

Ming Shu slowly went down to open the door and leaned against it, staring at the man below. “Mr. Jiang, are you really here to run naked?”

Jiang w.a.n.g walked up the steps. He looked at Ming Shu through the light in the house and then approached her, saying vaguely, “Miss Su, do you want to see that?”

“If you dare to be naked, then I’ll dare to see.” Ming Shu tilted her head slightly and showed a perfect smile, then said lightly and slowly, “Do you dare, Mr. Jiang?”

“Why not!”

Jiang w.a.n.g gritted his teeth. I won’t suffer any losses.

Wait until you fall in love with me!

I’ll let you know what it is to pursue but fail to get.

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