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Chapter 292 - Dirt on Internet Celebrity (12)

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Chapter 292: Dirt on Internet Celebrity (12)

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“Why are you zoning out? Do you want to get first-hand news?” Ming Shu looked at the reporter that was still in a daze.

The reporter recovered from his daze and immediately started his work.

The reporter stood beside Ming Shu so no one chased him away. There was no way this could be kept a secret anyway.

Ming Shu followed the doctor into the orphanage. She was afraid that someone would play tricks again. She called the City’s Children Hospital directly.

The doctor looked at Ming Shu angrily.

Ming Shu continued smiling.

There were many children. It took a long time for them to examine the children. The doctors of the children’s hospital became more serious after the examination and even requested for a child psychologist.

There were a few children who would scream and shout the moment they went near them.

They didn’t know what to do and could only wait for the psychologist. At this moment, Ming Shu walked in.

She squatted beside a little boy who was screaming. “Don’t cry, didn’t I beat up the bad guys?”

The little boy seemed to remember her and looked at her timidly. He then glanced cautiously at the smiling doctors behind her.

Ming Shu smiled and raised her hand.

Her smile was like the afternoon sun, glaring but warm and gentle. She was able to let other people put their guards down around her.

The little boy whimpered and carefully placed his hand on her hand. The hand was warm. He felt that he was holding a little sun.

The doctors were surprised. They didn’t manage to coax the little boy after so long, but the lady did it with one sentence.

Ming Shu patted his back gently. The doctors were quick to act and came to examine the boy.

Ming Shu silently stared at the scars on the little boy’s body. The little boy held tightly onto Ming Shu’s hand, afraid that she would leave any moment.

The doctors checked the children. When they met one that screamed and shouted, Ming Shu would come up and coax them. The children all seemed to like her.

She was very patient and in the end, she even ate with the children.

When the examination finished, there was a whole row of children sitting down and eating food.

Everyone: “…” They looked like they are queueing up for their food.

The reporter captured these heartwarming moments and wrote a special column about it. Ming Shu gained many new followers.

[Even though I’m not present, I can still feel how warm the G.o.ddess is.]

[Heart hurts for the children but jealous of them too. They are able to meet a lady that is willing to stand up for them. I support the lady.]

[I hope that there is more positive energy in society. Let these ugly happenings be exposed and don’t let it affect our children. Let’s give them a healthy environment to grow up in.]

[G.o.ddess is awesome! I knew that I followed the right person.]

[I have become a fan.]

[Why do I think that this lady has a powerful background?]

[You are not the only one.]

Her chatroom was opened almost immediately after it was blocked. The police acted quickly and the news was broadcasted on a big broadcast station. She must be a powerful person.

Many issues caused a huge commotion at the start, but in the end, nothing was solved. This was the first time that all the culprits were caught.

The Sunlight Charity Organization became a huge topic. The police set up a special unit to investigate the issue and the children were kept at the children’s hospital for now.

Ming Shu was brought back home by her parents.

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They were not worried that this issue would affect them. They were more worried that their child would get hurt.

The episode on the orphanage ended quickly. The person behind everything was a relative of the president’s husband. After the issue was exposed, the president’s husband tried to use his network to get himself out of trouble, but he was met Ming Shu.

The husband let such things happen because he had such a fetish too. He just hid it very well.

The president had many things to take care of so the husband made use of the orphanage to satisfy himself. He changed all the staff in the orphanage.

To prevent the children from being adopted, they groomed the older children and threatened them so that they would reject the people who wanted to take them away.

These children grew up under abuse and threats of violence. Hence, they were frightened of everyone in the orphanage.

Thus, when they met people who wanted to adopt them, they would show signs of hesitation and the orphanage would use the mental health of the children to reject the adoption.

A child asked for help before, but the couple decided to take the money given by the orphanage and destroyed the child’s hopes.

What happened to those children who grew up?

The orphanage would find people with similar interests and give the children to them.

The president didn’t know any of this. She immediately filed a divorce with her husband and drew a clear line between them. No one knew whether she was trying to protect her reputation or whether she did it because she hated her husband’s actions.

The president told the media that she wanted to take the children back and compensate them.

However, this decision was rejected. The president then found that the Su family had bought an orphanage and had sent the children there.

There were kind teachers and friendly workers in the orphanage. The children would lead a better life there.

The president had no time to bother with these issues. The charitable organization and Sunlight Orphanage were sued and asked to compensate for the harm done to the children.

Someone on the Internet suddenly said the Su family took the children to get this compensation.

However, people started to a.n.a.lyze and realized that the compensation was based on the spendings of the children from primary school to university, as well as an amount to let the children receive psychological help. They did not make use of this chance to get more money.

Also, they had to spend a huge sum to let the children settle down. Why would they care about such a small amount of money?

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