Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 29 - League of Poor Students (6)

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Chapter 29: League of Poor Students (6)

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The man sat down and said, “I thought you didn’t know what self-defense is.”

Whether it was the first meeting or the second meeting, she was harmless in appearance. Only this time, she began to learn how to protect herself.

Hidden beneath her smile, her strength was not obvious and couldn’t be found easily if you didn’t carefully look for it.

“Barking dogs seldom bite.” Ming Shu smiled. The defensiveness disappeared, giving others a feeling of peace.

Ming Shu took out a bag of egg rolls and opened it.

The boy student looked Ming Shu up and down and deliberately moved closer to Ming Shu. “Do you mean you can bite people?”

They got closer to each other and Ming Shu held her egg rolls tightly without thought. Why did you scoot closer to me? Do you want to take away my snacks?

The boy student laughed at Ming Shu’s behavior. Why did this girl resemble a food-protecting cat?

Ming Shu moved to the side, asking, “Do I know you?”

“People meet for the first time, then get to know each other on the second time, and make friends on the third time. Did you know we’ve met for the third time now?”

“Friend? Who wants to be your friend? Do you think you’re a celestial being?” Ming Shu moved further away, showing her dislike. I never make friends with people I don’t know.

The boy student wasn’t annoyed and reminded her, “Lu Meng, the people you were looking at left.”

Ming Shu looked over to the lake, finding that Jin Yuqi really had left. Only that boy student who was drawing remained.

Holding her egg rolls, Ming Shu stood up and followed Jin Yuqi to the grove. The boy student who spoke with Ming Shu just now stayed for a while, watching the boy student beside the lake with a smile.

When the boy student found Ming Shu again, she was eating egg rolls, squatting next to the pa.s.sed-out Jin Yuqi.

Hearing the footsteps, she looked up. “Can’t you stop? Why did you follow me?”

“Did you kill her?” The boy student stopped walking, looking at Jin Yuqi lying on the ground.

“Do you think I look like a murderer?” Ming Shu pointed at herself with an egg roll, then quickly took it back and put it in her mouth, eating it.

The boy student couldn’t help laughing. Gesturing at Jin Yuqi with his chin, he asked, “Well, what are you preparing to do?”

“Does what I’m preparing to do have anything to do with you?” Why he is so annoying?

“Now I’m a witness. How about I call the police?”

“Oh.” I didn’t kill anyone. Call the police if you want. I would only be considered for hurting a cla.s.smate and put in jail for several days at most. When I get out, I’m still a hero. I’m not afraid of that.

“…” Her response doesn’t comply with common sense!

Isn’t she going to negotiate with me?

Why is she eating so calmly?

The boy student felt troubled for the first time, because Ming Shu was not only interesting but also a difficult conundrum to solve.

“Lu Meng, did you have any trouble with her before?” The boy student tried to be close to Ming Shu.

But Ming Shu only squinted at him, a slight smile on her face. “If I hadn’t had any trouble with her, would I be having a party with her now?”

He is so annoying.

I’ll kidnap him too if he’s going to talk all the time.

Her voice was gentle, but the man heard mockery in her words.

“Lu Meng, actually I can help you.”

“What’s your purpose?” f.u.c.k. I knew he had ulterior motives. He must want to kill me so that he can inherit my snacks.

The boy student smiled, his voice filling the quiet grove. “Lu Meng, I have no motivation. I just think that you’re funny and want to help you… En, I think you need help.”


What the f.u.c.k?

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Am I for you to play with?

But this woman was an actress. Maybe she pretended to be good in the past.

Having been delayed in the grove for a while, Ming Shu, dragging Jin Yuqi, arrived at the old teaching building when it was getting dark. On the way, she didn’t encounter any students. Then she threw Jin Yuqi into a cla.s.sroom and locked the door.

After that, she didn’t leave, but ate outside the cla.s.sroom, leaning against the window.

The sky gradually became dark. A sound came from the cla.s.sroom. At first, it was Jin Yuqi’s painful cry. She had been dragged around for a long time. It would be strange if she didn’t feel sore.

Then the sound of desks and chairs being moved emerged.

Jin Yuqi remembered that when she left the grove, she was knocked silly. She didn’t know what had happened after and now woke up here.

She knew where she was, though. It was the old teaching building.

The place she fooled Lu Meng into entering. But why was she here?


Who brought her here?

Jin Yuqi searched for her cell phone in her pocket but didn’t find it.

Where is my cell phone?

It’s disappeared?

Leaning against a desk, Jin Yuqi looked around. But with the weak lighting, she could only see the outline of desks and chairs in the cla.s.sroom.

The door was locked and she couldn’t open it even with great effort. Then she looked out the window and discovered that there seemed to be a person there.

“Who’s outside?” Jin Yuqi shouted, rushing to the window and looking out through the gla.s.s. “Why did you kidnap me? Who are you?”

The person outside turned slowly. The light of a cell phone illuminated her face, pale against the darkness.

“Ah!” Jin Yuqi was so frightened she fell down. But soon she realized who was outside and became angry at once. “Lu Meng, what are you doing? Let me out!”

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