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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 286 - Dirt on Internet Celebrity (6)

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Chapter 286: Dirt on Internet Celebrity (6)

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Xu Youran and Tang Zixuan walked out on the red carpet. Most journalists were quite tired and didn’t expect anyone at this time, but Tang Zixuan still attracted some attention.

Xu Youran thought in her mind that she must be praised to the skies and worshipped like stars when she walked the red carpet again!


“Ahhhhhh!! It’s Movie King Chen.”

The crowd suddenly burst out in noisy screams, and journalists also looked back one after another.

Xu Youran was then totally ignored.

Behind the red carpet, a tall figure stood before the car door and reached out his hand, waiting for the person inside to get off.

After a while, a hand slowly reached out from the car, followed by a small figure in a snow-white dress. The pet.i.te girl stood beside the man and looked a bit nervous.

The man put the small girl’s hand in his arm and they walked onto the red carpet together.

Ming Shu was now sitting in a car, which was driven around in a circle then drove beside the building.

“Cousin, can’t you just let me walk the red carpet and make some poses?” I’ve set some great poses!

“If I let you walk the red carpet, I’ll be hunted down by your mother for three miles.” The man snorted. “If you want to watch the show of your cousin bleeding for three miles, then just go.”

Ming Shu: “…”

She should have run just then.

Su Man’s family didn’t agree with the Host much on entering the s...o...b..z. Otherwise, relying on her appearance and background, she would have long become a superstar.

The family didn’t restrict her in some unimportant activities, though. But on occasions like this, they would stop her at the main entrance.

“Do you have any food?” I want to mourn my dead red carpet.

The cousin just gave her a look; meanwhile the car stopped. He pushed open the door, totally ignoring Ming Shu, and walked straight away surrounded by a group of people.

Ming Shu: “…” He’s my biological cousin!

Ming Shu was quite depressed. She searched through the car and inexplicably found a box of dried fish.

Ming Shu held the dried fish and followed behind her cousin. He sort of had a conscience and left her two people, so that she wouldn’t be blocked from the VIP pa.s.sage.

Ming Shu found her place and began to eat the dried fish quietly.

It tastes okay.

Occasionally discussions about that sensational Movie King Chen and the little girl beside him would reach her ears.

They were the female protagonist and male protagonist. It was normal that they would be focused on.

Ming Shu suddenly felt something hairy rubbing against her legs. She lowered her head to see a cat was squatting at her feet.

It was a Scottish Fold, but what made it remarkable were the eyes: one was amber and the other was dark blue.

This cat…

Ming Shu took out her phone and searched the pet blogger she’d noticed earlier.

She opened a picture and compared it with this cat at her feet now. Their unique eyes were indeed the same.


This web celebrity cat also came to partic.i.p.ate in Celebrity Night?

No goblins have been allowed to turn into humans since the country’s founding!

The cat, Majesty, suddenly put its claws on Ming Shu’s leg and smelled Ming Shu’s hand. “Mew~”

It mewed in a soft voice and was hoping that Ming Shu could share some dried fish with it.


Ming Shu swiftly held her dried fish tighter. “This is not enough for me.”

There’s always a cat that wants to grab my dried fish.


“Go back to your owner.” Ming Shu moved Majesty’s claws away. This web celebrity cat couldn’t be here on its own, so it must have been the owner who brought it here.

But Majesty didn’t give up. It jumped on the vacant seat beside her and then jumped into Ming Shu’s arms.

p.o.o.p-picker, you’re not allowed to hold it!

Little Beastie suddenly popped out and roared at Majesty.

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Majesty was startled and dropped off from Ming Shu, mewing in a wronged tone.

Majesty tilted its head and answered softly, “Meow~”

Ming Shu: “…” No one will come to save you!

Ming Shu lifted the cat and walked toward the outside. She planned to make use of her cousin’s remaining influence and get herself out from the VIP pa.s.sage.

“Where did you get a cat?” The cousin appeared behind her like a ghost.

“Cousin, can’t you make some noise while walking?” Ming Shu stuffed the cat to him, “I don’t know where it came from, but it stole my dried fish and it’s annoying. Take it to sell off.”

Cousin carried the cat and examined it, then said, “It’s Jiang w.a.n.g’s cat. Was Jiang w.a.n.g looking for his cat just now?”

“Mr. Jiang was looking for his cat, and he asked me if I had seen it,” the bodyguard behind answered.

Cousin looked at the unfinished dried fish in Ming Shu’s hands. “Where did you get that dried fish?”

“I found it in your car.” Food defender Ming Shu protected her dried fish and stared at her cousin. “You won’t be so stingy?”

“That’s bought for Jiang w.a.n.g.” Cousin pa.s.sed the cat to his men behind him. Majesty mewed miserably and sounded very pitiful. “For the cat,” Cousin continued.

Ming Shu: “…”

Now they feed the cat such delicious dried fish?

Imported dried fish?

“Meow~” See, it’s you who ate my dried fish.

Majesty looked at Ming Shu with hidden bitterness.

Ming Shu: “…”

Just then, a large crowd gathered around a man coming from the other side.

The man immediately grabbed Majesty. “Why is it with you?”

Cousin sold Ming Shu out without any hesitation. “I don’t know where she caught it.”

Ming Shu: “…” He is really my biological cousin.

The man was handsome. He dressed himself in a suit and tie, wearing an indifferent expression and the set of his brow hinted some aloofness.

But… he was holding a cute, furry cat. This combination looked a little weird.

“Where did you find it?” The man’s voice was pleasant to hear, like the streaming spring in the mountain, carrying some early-morning chill.

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