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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 284 - Dirt on Internet Celebrity (4)

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Chapter 284: Dirt on Internet Celebrity (4)

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Ming Shu parted ways with Qiao Yu after the dinner. The old city area was actually very noisy, and all kinds of snacks got Ming Shu busy enjoying.


“Woof woof woof!”

Animal cries woke Ming Shu up from her daydreams about food. Right, she had the world to save.

She found a place to sit down and opened her microblog, searching for the video about abusing a cat. The discussions were still ongoing, and all kinds of cat lovers and pet lovers joined together to argue against and condemn the abuser.

In the video, the background was an alley, and someone recognized it was one of the alleys located in the old city area.

Ming Shu opened the online map to check and found it was some distance away from her.

She intended to go there and have a look.

It was quite late at night and she didn’t expect to meet anything. After wandering for a while in that alley, Ming Shu got ready to go back.

But just as she turned around, miserable and scary cat screams sounded from the darkness nearby.

Scary and creepy.

Ming Shu couldn’t help a shiver.

She took out her phone and opened the live broadcast on her microblog. The Host didn’t like posting pictures online, let alone streaming. So when Ming Shu started, almost no followers noitced it.

After thinking for a while, Ming Shu ended the stream and posted to attract attention.

Then when she opened the stream again, the viewers began to rise quickly.

Ming Shu turned the camera to the dim alley. “Good evening, everyone, today I want to explore this world with all of you.”

[My G.o.ddess has such a beautiful voice!]

[Ahhhhh wuli G.o.ddess actually is doing live broadcast. Although she doesn’t show her face, but it’s her sweet voice!! It’s true!]

[I want to see the face.]

[Explore what? It’s so dark here, be careful, G.o.ddess, it’s not safe this late at night!]

Ming Shu didn’t see these bullet-screen comments as she was walking toward the place where the screams were coming from.

Apparently, those who were watching the stream also heard the screams now, miserable and sharp screeches. The screen became blank for several seconds, and after a long time, they began to fiercely comment.

No other people could be seen around here, and it was very quiet. Ming Shu turned a corner to a remote alley with a dead end. Dim lights shone into the deep alley, in which a human figure was presented squatting at one side.

Meanwhile the sharp screams of the cat kept torturing everyone’s nerves.

[This is insane!]

[G.o.ddess is still walking forward, what does she want to do! That is a pervert, G.o.ddess, you should call the police!!]

Ming Shu wanted find something to cover her face, but she didn’t take any masks or a scarf, so she gave up and went straight into the darkness.

She walked very lightly. The other party didn’t seem to notice the noise, and he concentrated on abusing the cat, which was already covered in blood.

“Hey,” Ming Shu uttered.

Hearing the call, that person immediately turned his head. He was wearing a pair of, about in his early 20s, and looked very gentle.

But the ferociousness on his face hadn’t faded, which made him look more like a monster in human disguise.

The young man hurriedly blocked the cat on the ground and asked Ming Shu, “Who are you!”

“What are you doing?” Ming Shu also asked. “Abusing a cat?”

The man averted his eyes and denied, “No, I’m not.”

Ming Shu turned on the phone’s flashlight and the blood stains were immediately exposed on the ground. “You dare do such horrible things and then feel afraid of being discovered?”

Seeing this, the young man suddenly got up and turned to run.

Ming Shu put her phone to one side, then she kicked the man in his lower leg. The man was very weak and was knocked down by Ming Shu easily.

“Let go of me.” He struggled and argued, “Why do you care my abusing the cat, I didn’t break any law, it’s none of your business.”

“Right, it’s none of my business. I just want to abuse you now.”

The man continued shouting, “What’s wrong with you!”

Ming Shu said in a smiling tone, “You abuse the cat, and I abuse you. If there’s something wrong with me, then what about you?”

The man: “…”

Ming Shu forced the man down and gave him a fierce beating. Then she squatted down in front of him with her phone. “I’ll ask you some questions, and you will answer truthfully, otherwise you’ll meet with my fists.”

The young man was quite timid, and was now trembling on the ground.

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“How many times have you done this?”

The young man had a lethal weapon in his hand, which was stained with cat blood.

He explained that he never meant to harm her, and it was she who beat him first.

He became more and more excited as he explained, which made him look like he was in an abnormal mental state.

Even though the young man didn’t break any law by abusing cats, he was considered an abnormal person.

The discussions about Ming Shu punishing the cat abuser soared to the top in searches.

She went back home; Qiao Yu had already squatted outside her house, waiting for her.

“Little Man.” Qiao Yu immediately stood up. “Where did you go?”

“Didn’t you watch the stream online?”

Qiao Yu was knocked off-balance. “Why did you go to handle this kind of thing? What if you put yourself in danger? Those kind of people must be black-hearted, they may hurt you.”

“I was just itching to beat someone, and he happened to show up in front of me, so I grasped a chance.” A chance of gaining Hatred Points.

Hatred Points = snacks.

Grasped a chance?

What the h.e.l.l does that mean!

Qiao Yu examined Ming Shu. “Are you all right? You didn’t pick up my call, I was so worried.”

“I’m okay.”

Qiao Yu kept talking about her risky behavior for a long time. Then the topic came to the issue of abusing cats. Qiao Yu was not fond of small animals, but he also didn’t hate them; sometimes he would play with the several cats in his studio. But those cruel pictures also made him angry.

“These psychos.” Qiao Yu cursed. “Little Man, what do you want to do? Are you going to reveal this to the public?”

“Emm… yes?”

Qiao Yu turned off the website.

“Well… you shut down this one, there may be another one, and you can’t stop them all.” Qiao Yu shook his head helplessly. Think about those murderers and criminals, it’s the same.

“I just happened to come across this.” This kind of thing was hard to keep track of, so if she encountered it, she’d just give a lesson to the bad guys.

There were too many people all over the country, and she was not a mighty G.o.d that could know everything. All she could do was punish whoever she met with such intentions.

Qiao Yu listened to Ming Shu with a doubtful expression.

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