Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 283 - Dirt on Internet Celebrity (3)

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Chapter 283: Dirt on Internet Celebrity (3)

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Su Man majored in Design; not Costume Design, but Home Design. She spent most of her time at home, and as long as she didn’t buy luxury goods, she could totally live on her own money.

Her family would often send money to her account, for some reason or no reason. She was a completely rich lady.

Ming Shu thought the Host was not a professional web celebrity at all.

Ming Shu continued browsing news on her microblog. Heated discussions about her had been suppressed and replaced by a video where a cat was abused.

She opened the video. It was very scary and b.l.o.o.d.y, with the small cat’s miserable screams sounding out along with the abuser’s violent actions.

Ming Shu felt uncomfortable and turned down the video.

[Additional Task: Complete more than three tasks on social hot topics.]

Ming Shu didn’t understand. What the h.e.l.l? Can you say it in a human language?

[To put it simply, you need to gain Hatred Points from more than three hot topics of social attention, like the cat abuse event you just saw. It’s group Hatred Points, and it’s cost-efficient.]

“You want me to abuse cats?”

F**k, the system who calls itself Harmony always incites me to do bad things.

Crazy bad things.

I won’t do something like that, I have my bottom line and moral integrity! Harmony System, you should incite me less.

[…] Your bottom line and moral integrity mean nothing in front of snacks. The Harmony System organized its words: [You can choose to punish the cat abuser; in that case, other people who tend to abuse cats might correspondingly transfer their hatred to you, so you can collect Hatred Points.]

“But, how can it be counted as the so-called group Hatred Points? Can I just mock a group of people at the same time?”

It’s easy for me to offend people!

I see Hatred Points flooding to me now.

It won’t be a dream to reach one million!

[That won’t work. To complete the task involving group Hatred Points, it has to… it has to have a plot.]

Okay. You’re the boss.

The phone rang at the right time. It was Qiao Yu calling.

“What’s up,” Ming Shu asked weakly, lying on the sofa.

“Little Man, I need you~ Can you come and help try on some new clothes for updates?” Qiao Yu yelled from the other end.


“No? Have you got other orders?” Qiao Yu thought Ming Shu accepted orders of designing something.

“I’m going to save the world.” I’m very busy!

“… Little Man, you should watch less of those brainless dramas. Just come in a hurry, please~ It’ll only take one afternoon, and I’ll invite you to dinner.”

Before Ming Shu answered, Qiao Yu hung up the phone.

Considering the free dinner, Ming Shu slowly climbed up from the sofa and dressed up, then went out.

Qiao Yu’s studio was located in the remote old city area, which according to Qiao Yu’s words, was a place that could inspire him.

Ming Shu took a taxi to get there. Seeing some small food stands along the street, she happily went to get herself several bags of snacks first.

Qiao Yu didn’t have many staff in his studio. Ming Shu was his VIP model, and everyone knew her face, so they warmly greeted her. “Little Man, you’re here.”

“Little Man, Boss Qiao is waiting for you in the photo studio.”

Ming Shu responded to the greetings while walking in, and she saw many cats around. “When did you get all these cats?”

She didn’t see them last time she came.

A girl with short hair turned back and explained, “They’re all stray cats nearby. We fed them for some time recently, so probably they become familiar with us, and they show up when the studio opens for work.”


Qiao Yu’s studio mainly dealt with modified Han Chinese clothing, as well as a few authentic Han Chinese clothings. This type of clothing appealed to few and particular customers, and Qiao Yu set the price very high. But amazingly, the sales were not bad.

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Staff members in the studio gave the credit to the Host—a unique web celebrity model.

The outdoor scene was a specially built ancient street nearby. The photographer told Ming Shu to wander casually, as she looked good from any angle.

But they met some tiny issues when shooting the kitten. It didn’t follow orders and always moved around.

Ming Shu tried to catch it, and in the process, a bag of little dried fish dropped to the ground.

The kitten and Ming Shu stared at the dried fish at the same time. An ethereal beauty and a cute kitten, standing apart, and the atmosphere suddenly froze for a moment.

The photographer grasped the moment and shot quickly.

Ming Shu had long legs so she easily picked up the dried fish.

“Miaow~” The kitten continued begging and it scratched Ming Shu’s dress with its claws.

Ming Shu slightly bent over to look directly into the kitten’s eyes, and smiled. “No.”

This is my dried fish!

The photographer’s eyes lit up and he shot another round of pictures. A photographer was important in taking quality pictures, but the artistic conception expressed by the people and scenery in the photo was also important.

At the end of the day, the photographer didn’t go to have dinner, but rushed back to the studio as if he had acquired some treasures. He checked all the photos taken that afternoon.

He specially selected several pictures of Ming Shu and the kitten, edited them, and posted them on the microblog.

Qiao Yu Studio V: @Full Moon A war started by little dried fish [picture] [picture] [picture] [picture].

[OMG, my dearest Full Moon has new photos, I love these!]

[Each picture is so perfect. The kitten and Full Moon are both so cute, sorry girls, I can fall in love with her.]

[My mom asks why I’m waiting below a clothing studio and copying my G.o.ddess’s pictures and petting the kitten. What can I do, I’m also desperate! This is the only place I can get her pictures!]

[My G.o.ddess is a real unprofessional web celebrity.]

This comment received the most likes. Other web celebrities would post as many pictures as possible to maintain heated discussion.

But their G.o.ddess only posted pictures through a clothing studio, what could they do?

They were also very desperate!

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