Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 282 - Dirt on Internet Celebrity (2)

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Chapter 282: Dirt on Internet Celebrity (2)

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The dishes were soon served on the table. It was western food of little amount, but it tasted good.

While Ming Shu was eating, Qi Jingsheng accepted another round of scolding from Qiao Yu.

Qi Jingsheng knew it was indeed his fault and didn’t dare to refute.

“Little Man, is your appet.i.te bigger recently?” Qiao Yu suddenly asked curiously. “Didn’t you say you’re afraid of gaining weight?”

“Recently I found out that delicious food shouldn’t be neglected,” Ming Shu answered in all apparent seriousness.

Qiao Yu glanced at her, feeling a little bit odd. “Then you should eat more.”

“Great, you said it.”

“Boss Qi will pay the bill, we don’t need to save money for him.” Qiao Yu must spend a lot of Qi Jingsheng’s money so that he could vent his anger.

Ming Shu wouldn’t waste any opportunity to eat, naturally.

Qiao Yu was startled by Ming Shu’s sudden big appet.i.te. Fortunately, Ming Shu wasn’t going too far and she controlled her eating to a scope acceptable to normal people.

Qiao Yu thought his friend Little Man was probably terrified by the sudden framing and ate a little more than usual as a result.

The plates were then removed and replaced by drinks.

Qi Jingsheng took out a bag from below and pushed it in front of Ming Shu. “Miss Su, this is a little gift, I hope that you won’t be angry anymore.”

“Take it, Little Man.”

Ming Shu saw that Qiao Yu tried to help Qi Jingsheng. Considering that they had treated her with some nice food, Ming Shu took the gift.

Qi Jingsheng relaxed. “Miss Su, I feel deeply sorry for what happened this time. Before, I told my a.s.sistant that we chose you as our spokesperson, but he probably didn’t understand my words, so this thing happened.”

“If you like, Miss Su, you’ll still be the spokesperson, and I will personally propose a contract for you.”

A president needed to handle too many issues, and it was hard for Qi Jingsheng to take care of all details himself. So normally, he would delegate tasks to subordinates, let them deal with some matters, and then receive reports back.

This time, he was too careless. He didn’t give the order very clearly, and he never expected that his people would dare to privately make a decision.

“That won’t be necessary,” Ming Shu refused with a smile. “At first I agreed to be your spokesperson because of Qiao Yu, but now that something like this happened, I think I’ll just let it be.”

Qiao Yu wouldn’t help Qi Jingsheng again.

Qi Jingsheng had to try to persuade Ming Shu. “Miss Su, your temperament is very consistent with our style of the season, would you please give it more thought? Money won’t be a problem.”

Ming Shu blinked her eyes. “But the problem is I have money.”

Qi Jingsheng: “…” I feel I’m losing face now.

Qi Jingsheng couldn’t force Ming Shu, otherwise he would not only offend Ming Shu but also Qiao Yu.

Then Qi Jingsheng politely changed to another topic.

“Did you look into that person?” Qiao Yu asked Ming Shu.

Ming Shu nodded. She happened to bring the materials with her, so she handed them to Qiao Yu.

” Chut… ” Qiao Yu looked beyond expression. “Wait for me to teach her a real lesson. This woman dared to bully you, she might be tired of living.”

Ming Shu didn’t intend to get revenge. She kept the materials just in case, fearing that if the enemy came to her she might have to fight.

But fighting would waste life bar.

If a fight could be avoided, it was better to communicate and bring out the facts and reasoning.

[…] The Harmony System would like to remind the reader that her words couldn’t be all taken for real. If she wanted to have a fight, even nine dragons couldn’t stop her.

But Ming Shu didn’t expect to use these materials very soon.

After Ming Shu finished the dessert, Qi Jingsheng offered to send Ming Shu back, but was rejected by Qiao Yu without any mercy.

“Little Man, you and Qi Jingsheng go out first, I’ll need to use the washroom.”


Qi Jingsheng gently let Ming Shu walk in front out of courtesy.

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“Isn’t this Su Man?” A familiar woman’s voice sounded from ahead, and then two women came in hand-in-hand. “She really has the mood to eat here.”

The customers of this restaurant were mostly peers in the circle who would pay attention to various news, so Ming Shu was soon recognized.

“Online it says she is the other woman, but she looks beautiful, much more good-looking than the picture…”

“The other woman? Who knows if it’s true. But like she said, if she really seduced that man, his wife would have come to find her.”

“She has such a beautiful face and is willing to be the other woman? She must be crazy!”

“Isn’t this Su…”

“Yu Qing!” Qiao Yu walked over hurriedly. “Great, I didn’t even have come to you and you just deliver yourself.”

“Who are you!” Yu Qing glared at Qiao Yu with eyes filled with dislike. This man looked like a real sissy.

Qiao Yu was a rich second-generation son. He opened a clothing studio, which was not a proper job in the eyes of his family and which was now only at the early stage.

People in his circle openly called him Mister Qiao, but in secret they called him Prodigal Qiao.

Prodigal Qiao stood akimbo and began to lay out the black history of Yu Qing. “Yu Qing, graduated from the Central Academy of Drama—oh, no, you didn’t graduate, you were dismissed because of your pregnancy. You had an affair with the man who got you pregnant, but then you hit on a director…”

Yu Qing’s face immediately turned pale and she shouted at Prodigal Qiao, “Shut up!”

Prodigal Qiao grunted arrogantly. “You must make a public apology to Little Man, otherwise I wouldn’t mind posting this dirt online.”

Ming Shu also gave her a final blow, smilingly. “When you framed others, didn’t you think of your own dirty secrets?”

“You… you…” Yu Qing didn’t manage to finish a complete sentence for half a day.

Finally, under the threat of Prodigal Qiao, Yu Qing burst into tears and posted a public apology online, causing another round of discussion.

She gave Ming Shu a fierce glare before leaving.

Ming Shu chuckled. “This is a typical type that hates others for revealing their misdeeds.”

“She deserves it.” Qiao Yu cursed.

Qi Jingsheng kept silent.

Ming Shu didn’t know what Qiao Yu did later, but she never saw that Yu Qing again.

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