Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 281 - Dirt on Internet Celebrity (1)

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Chapter 281: Dirt on Internet Celebrity (1)

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#Internet Celebrity Headline: Su Man Broadcast to be a Tipster Whenever Unhappy#

“Qi Jingsheng, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Little Man, I’m sorry, I didn’t know this would happen… That woman actually dared to frame you. She was the other woman herself, and now she really thinks that the whole world is full of other women, I have never seen such a shameless person. Little Man, say something! Don’t be angry with me. I’ll get you justice.”

A man’s voice on the phone hit straight onto the eardrum, and Ming Shu was a little befuddled. She looked at the note on the phone, but still had no idea what the man was talking about.

Ming Shu cleared her throat. “My phone battery is dying, I’ll talk to you later.”

“Wait, Little Man…”

Ming Shu hung up the phone.

She began to receive the storyline.

The fake female protagonist was called Xu Youran. She was a third-rate Internet celebrity before rebirth, and she was forced out by the male protagonist due to offending the female protagonist, and met with a miserable end.

Then, after her rebirth, Xu Youran summarized her experience, seized the opportunity, and quickly had her moment. She approached the female protagonist with hidden intentions and made the male protagonist misunderstand the female protagonist in various aspects.

Xu Youran took the opportunity to pursue the male protagonist and finally achieved a successful counterattack. While the female protagonist ended up being raped and died of depression.

The Host was called Su Man.

She was also an Internet celebrity, who became famous because of a series of Chinese-style clothing.

Different from other web celebrities, Su Man was not a professional web celebrity. She only helped her childhood friend and bromeo shoot some publicity pictures for his studio, and she didn’t expect to get popular by luck.

After that, there were many people who came to her and talked about cooperation.

But Su Man’s family background was not bad, and she wasn’t short of money. So in addition to helping her childhood friend’s studio, she didn’t accept other orders.

She was quietly playing her role as a heyday beauty, and occasionally helped her childhood friend shoot pictures for new clothing lines.

Before the female protagonist and the fake female protagonist became known to the netizens, the Host had become the big shot in the community of web celebrities with her extremely beautiful face.

But after the rebirth of Xu Youran, she was a.s.sociated with the Host several times, so she deliberately made use of the Host’s popularity.

Later she even framed the Host secretly, which caused the rumors about the Host to become worse and worse.

The Host never provoked Xu Youran, but the latter pressed on at every stage, so the Host had to strike back.

In the end, the Host became an ultimate villain boss and had a fierce “fight” against Xu Youran.

The Su family operated violently on behalf of the Host several times, but ultimately the Host lost her good reputation and almost got the whole family into trouble.

The Host’s family was quite powerful, and they could easily make Xu Youran lose the game. But inexplicably, the Host failed… Perhaps this was the aura of a leading protagonist?

Even if she didn’t want to be a villain, “fate” would force her to be.

Poor Host.

Currently, it was approaching the time when the Host and the fake female protagonist first met.

The thing was, a company invited Su Man to be their clothing spokesperson for the new season.

The childhood friend said it was one of his friends, and he asked Su Man to do him a favor, so Su Man agreed.

Su Man thought the company had determined to have her as the spokesperson. But when she arrived, she was told that there would be a show compet.i.tion, and the winner would be the spokesperson.

Su Man thought it was just a superficial form to cover that they had decided internally to choose her, so she agreed to partic.i.p.ate in the show.

But then it went wrong.

Someone among the other girls posted several candid pictures on the Internet, framing the Host as the other woman between a couple, claiming that she drove luxury cars and lived in luxury real estate…

Many people inexplicably declared war on the Host. The call just now was her childhood friend calling to apologize.

Where there are people, there are stories.

Ming Shu looked down at her clothes. It was a very delicate cheongsam, which outlined her figure perfectly and also covered all necessary parts perfectly.

So hungry.

Let’s eat something first.

After Ming Shu finished eating, she called back to her childhood friend, Qiao Yu.

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“Little Man.” The phone was picked up immediately, and the other party sounded anxious. “You scared me. You don’t need to read those comments online, they were all posted by paid posers.”

Tian Ru V: @Full Moon I was also there that day. It wasn’t like what they’re saying now. That man just gave a hand to Su Man, and his wife was also there. You should be responsible for what you said.

When other influencers also stood out, the cursing then went down.

This thing was originally not a big issue and was solved quickly. After all, they were just fictional rumors and had no facts to stand on.

But the manipulator behind it…

Ming Shu asked Qiao Yu for some materials and then she made another call.

A few minutes after Ming Shu got the materials, Qiao Yu called her and said he would invite her to a meal as an apology.

Of course Ming Shu wouldn’t refuse food.

The place was a newly opened restaurant near her house. When Ming Shu arrived, Qiao Yu and another man were already waiting.

Qiao Yu’s appearance looked quite feminine, and he loved dressing himself gorgeously, as if he was telling the whole world he was a sissy.

“Little Man.” Qiao Yu waved to Ming Shu.

That man stood up quickly and helped pull out the chair for Ming Shu.

He smiled apologetically. “Miss Su, I’m really sorry, I didn’t expect it would develop like this.”

This man was Qi Jingsheng, the president of the company that invited Ming Shu to be its spokesman. He and Qiao Yu seemed to have a good relationship.

Qiao Yu picked up the topic ironically; he didn’t sound like a sissy at all. “Boss Qi, do you know how hard I worked to persuade Little Man? And you didn’t value us, and let this kind of ridiculous thing happen. Little Man was innocent and wronged.”

“I’m really very sorry, I didn’t know they would dare to do such things.” Qi Jingsheng looked even more guilty and not like an important president at all. “It’s my treat today.”

“Nonsense, if it’s not your treat, you want me to pay the bill?”

“My treat, my treat…”

“… Can we order some food first?” Ming Shu felt these two could do this forever if she didn’t interrupt the conversation.

“Of course, of course.”

Qi Jingsheng nodded and then called the waiter.

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