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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 280 - Yun Ce Extra (Complete)

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Chapter 280: Yun Ce Extra (Complete)

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Yun Ce knew he was different from others since he was little.

He was different from his elder brother.

He was a result of his father’s one-night stand. The female vampire left as soon as she gave birth to him, so Yun Ce had never seen his mother.

The formal wife of the Yun family disliked him, and his father cared little about him. He had been living a cautious life in the Yun family.

Yun Ce was a half-vampire, half-human hybrid. Most half-bloods would show human-like habits; only a few would act more like vampires.

Yun Ce was not among the minority that tended toward vampires, but he was forced to be one of them.

His special physicality made him very weak and cowardly as a child. Not only that, but the family had an excellent eldest brother, so Yun Ce didn’t get much attention.

He was always bullied at school. Don’t think that you could escape from being bullied because you were rich. The thing was, when you were rich and cowardly, you would be the perfect object to bully.

When Yun Ce was ten years old, he tasted human blood for the first time.

Yes, human blood.

The blood of a little girl, who was very small and skinny.

“No…” The little girl crouched in a corner and begged bitterly, “No, please, let me go, please, no…”

The little girl was crying heavily.

Yun Ce stood behind others and didn’t dare to go forward.

But someone suddenly pushed him from behind. “Loser, go over.”

Yun Ce stumbled beside the little girl, and the other vampires laughed aloud.

“Look at him, poor kid.”

” Chut chut, sure enough, he’s a hybrid.”

Yun Ce wrapped his arms around his legs and crouched together with the little girl in the corner.

One of the vampires came up to pull Yun Ce’s arms and pressed him down to the ground. “Yun Ce, we’ll teach you today what a real vampire’s like.”

“Let go of me…” Yun Ce tried to struggle, but resistance could only invite more beating and kicking.

“Drag that girl over.”

Yun Ce saw the little girl being dragged before him. They caught her hand, laughing, and cut her slender wrist with sharp knife…


Voices of despair lingered around Yun Ce’s ears.

He saw the blood streaming out and its smell made those vampires become excited. Someone walked straight up to bite the little girl’s hand.

Then there was clear sound of swallowing.

“No, help… please don’t kill me, help…”

And the weak voice of the little girl crying for help.

“Okay, stop!” The vampire who held the little girl pulled the one who was drinking too much blood away. Then he pushed the little girl in front of Yun Ce. “Bite her.”

Yun Ce shook his head and horror emerged in his eyes.

The blood dripped onto Yun Ce’s cheek from the little girl’s wrist, like a silk thread.


He was pinched on the jaw, and those vampires poured blood into his mouth. The liquid flew along his throat, and the taste was not like what he had imagined, it was so sweet…



Yun Ce went back to the Yun family completely exhausted. The servant who opened the door looked at him with discontent. “Young Master, how did you get yourself so messy? Ah, there’s blood, did you fight with anyone?”


Yun Ce’s eyes were filled with horror and he suddenly pushed off the servant, then ran toward his own room.

When he ran upstairs he ran into a woman, who lost her balance and fell to sit on the steps.

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As the woman was about to complain, her face suddenly changed and she covered her belly, yelling, “Ouch, my belly, it aches…”

In order to protect the family’s reputation, they used every means to send him abroad.

He was compulsively under house arrest abroad. The Yun family wanted him to quit drinking human blood. Just at that time, it was like he understood everything all of a sudden. He didn’t resist or complain, but obediently followed their arrangements.

He also made them believe that he would never again be allured by fresh blood.

Then after they relaxed their guard, he walked into the darkness step by step and had no way of turning back again.

After several years of staying abroad, he was no longer the half-blood that could be bullied by anyone. He learned how to resist, how to make use of his ability as a half-vampire, as well as how to vent these emotions on humans and vampires.

He had killed a lot of humans, and vampires too, but no one knew.

If he continued to stay abroad, he would be able to live like that always and no one would discover his secret.

But he didn’t know why he wanted to come back, and he especially wanted to meet Xia Fu, who was the one that suspected him in those days.

He thought, perhaps he just wanted to show Xia Fu that he could do nothing to him. Even if he found out the truth, he couldn’t punish him.

He constantly provoked Xia Fu, but the latter didn’t respond to him at all. Instead, he courted another vampire.

Yun Ce felt it was very funny. That one was the Queen of the Vampires.

Even being the next heir of the vampire hunters, Xia Fu was actually close to the Queen of the Vampires, and their relationship was quite intimate.

When Ming Shu exposed him, he was shamed into anger, and he didn’t want to admit he was a coward.

But perhaps, just as Ming Shu said, he was a coward.

He couldn’t kill himself.

He expected redemption. Yet no one could become his savior and take him away from that strange cycle of darkness.

He expected someone to be his terminator, putting him to sleep forever.

Yet when the b.l.o.o.d.y truth was revealed in front of him, he couldn’t accept it.

He was a coward.

Xia Fu was a knife.

A knife that could eliminate him.

He was forced into the darkness and could never break from the shackles, which then turned him into an evil beast, lingering in the heart and feeding on blood.

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