Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 279 - The Novice Breeder (39)

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Chapter 279: The Novice Breeder (39)

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Xia Fu’s expression suddenly changed. He grabbed Ming Shu and rolled to the side. A loud explosion went off behind them.

Lai Si had decided to perish together.

He wanted Wei Xi dead.

He would not let other people have the things that he couldn’t get.

They were blasted at continuously.

Ming Shu flipped her body so Xia Fu was below her. The blasts soon stopped and the entire garden was destroyed from the explosions.

Pa .

Little Beastie dropped out from Ming Shu’s pocket as though it were dead.

Ming Shu reached out and picked it up. “Don’t play dead.”

Trash-picker, I am going to die soon anyway. I am still so small. This is child abuse, you know? Child abuse.

If I didn’t help you block the attack, you would be a pile of debris now.

Complete Manchu-Han banquet!

I want a complete Manchu-Han banquet!

Little Beastie hummed and shouted. It was still very energetic. There was nothing wrong with it and it even seemed a bit excited.

Ming Shu stuffed it back into her pocket and looked at the person below her. “Are you dead?”

“Even if I die, it would be because I was squashed by you.” This was my chance. It would be great if I was heavily injured, but she suddenly protected me.

I am so angry I could die.

“Why didn’t I squash you to death!” Ming Shu picked herself up from beside him.

The moment she stood up, her head started to spin as though she was exhausted.

Xia Fu felt her body swaying and held her up. “Don’t push yourself too hard. Now you know how it feels.”

“Xia Fu…” Ming Shu called and then went silent. She took out a blood bag from her pocket and opened it with her teeth.

“What?” Xia Fu realized that something was wrong and immediately held her up.

Ming Shu felt her pocket and realized that there was no extra food left.

So hungry.

Little Beastie had disappeared too. It must have stolen her food and didn’t dare to appear now.

Very well.

Most of the time, Little Beastie would be able to eat anything that she could eat. Hence, it wouldn’t be strange if it had stolen her blood bags.

The smell of blood became stronger. Ming Shu swallowed and looked to the side.

Her lips touched warm liquid and blood seeped in between her teeth.


Ming Shu resisted, but then she realized that she was attracted to the blood; it was even more attractive than Yuan Xi’s. Her logical side was weakening.

The delicious blood flowed down her dry throat.

Her swallowing caused Xia Fu to hug her tighter, naturally.

Lai Si was dead.

Just as he said, the vampires didn’t stop killing the humans after he died.

Ming Shu lost control of herself that day. She figured out what had happened after some time.

Lai Si used the power he duplicated from her to kill her, but the attack was blocked by Little Beastie. However, there were still some repercussions.

She made the vampires stop their attacks and then ran away quickly.

Everyone was busy controlling the situation.

As Ming Shu expected, humans could no longer accept vampires anymore.

The treaty was discarded and the vampire hunters and human army formed an alliance to get the vampires out of the humans’ territory.

Anyone who blocked their path would be killed.

Some angry humans even suggested annihilating the entire vampire race. This idea, surprisingly, got the support of many humans.

They accepted them, but in the end, this was the result they got.

Whether or not those vampires were controlled by somebody, they couldn’t accept it at all.

The world outside was a mess, but there were not many troubles among the vampires. Some vampires escaped and Ming Shu didn’t bother with them. The vampires didn’t dare to create any trouble, either, and just stayed within their territory obediently.

“Xiao Xi… my family…” Yuan Xi sat on the sofa with a nervous expression. ” I need to go back to them.” And Si Luo.

Ming Shu was a bit unhappy. “Is my place not good enough?”

“Xiao Xi, I am really thankful for your protection. However…” Yuan Xi picked her fingernails and bit her lips. “I’m a human.”

“Do you have to go?”

Yuan Xi gave a forced smile. “Xiao Xi, we’ll still be friends.” Even if the entire human race hated vampires, she would still be her friend.

Ming Shu felt pain in her heart for her little snack. She couldn’t even bear to bite her. In the end, she waved to her. “Lai Ang, send her off.”

“Yes, my queen.”

Yuan Xi got up and hugged Ming Shu. She whispered in her ear, “Xiao Xi, don’t you still have Xia Fu by your side? You will be happy. Come and find me next time. I’ll invite you to… drink blood.”

Ming Shu flicked her hair. “You can go now.”

Lucky Si Luo.

“You really don’t want to bite me?”

“Get away!”

Yuan Xi smiled happily and waved at Ming Shu. She left the vampires.

“My queen, Xia Fu has been standing outside for a few days already…” Lai Ang sent Yuan Xi off and carefully reported this. “I think he will not be able to hold on any longer.”

Ming Shu’s gaze darkened and her smile was gone.

She could still remember the taste of his blood flowing across her mouth.

She was addicted to human blood.

There was no way she would lose control when she smelled Xia Fu’s blood. The only explanation was that she had drunk his blood before.

Xia Fu had touched her food before… That time at the hotel, he was really anxious.

It must have been at that time…

She didn’t know how he covered up the smell of blood after that, but she was really addicted to it.

She didn’t reply to Lai Ang and went back to her room.

Lai Ang sighed and looked outside.

The weather in the vampires’ territory was always dark and cloudy. There was no sun in sight. Hence, it was super cold at night.

Xia Fu stood in the mist and was already frozen.

From the first time he mixed his blood into her food, he had predicted this outcome. He was lucky that she didn’t kill him.

” Cough cough cough …”

Xia Fu hugged his chest and started coughing. His head was heating up. He didn’t know how long he could last.

He looked at the palace within the mist.

Someone walked toward him from the mist. Xia Fu’s vision started to blur.

“Wei… Xi…”

Someone covered him with a warm cloak.

When Xia Fu woke up, he realized that he was lying on a soft bed and there were roses all over the window. The room smelled very nice.

There was also an extravagant coffin placed within the room.

“You’re awake?”

A vampire maid stood by his bed and looked at him with respect.

“This…” Xia Fu’s voice was hoa.r.s.e. “Where is this place?”

“The queen’s chamber,” the vampire maid replied softly. “My queen, Master Xia is awake.”

Xia Fu’s heart skipped a bit. He saw the girl slowly walking toward him; she wore that familiar smile on her face.

However, her words were not kind at all. “If you’re awake, get off the bed. Are you very comfortable sleeping in my bed?”

Xia Fui immediately got up.

He just woke up and was still very weak. Hence, when he stood he tripped and fell right into Ming Shu.

Ming Shu didn’t even reach out to hold him. Xia Fu hugged her weakly and managed to stand up straight with some effort.

He gritted his teeth and prepared to stand up himself. However, his waist was suddenly engulfed with a cold aura and the next moment, he fell onto the bed.

Ming Shu looked at the vampire maid. “When is the ceremony starting?”

The vampire maid replied obediently, “My queen, there is still one more hour.”

Ming Shu turned back and glanced sideways at Xia Fu. “You have one more hour to prepare.”

“Prepare… for what?”

Ming Shu didn’t reply to him. She lifted her legs and left the chamber.

The vampire maid smiled. “Mister Xia, congratulations. You are the first boy toy the queen’s ever had. You might even become her husband one day.”


Boy toy?

Did I hear wrong?

Xia Fu felt that Ming Shu did this on purpose to get her revenge. She knew that he couldn’t accept the status of a boy toy and that was why she made him one.

And she told the entire vampire population about it.


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I want to run away from my wedding!

He hugged Ming Shu and was very happy. Did this mean that she liked him?

He could almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“What are you happy for? Go and bathe.” Ming Shu kicked him.

“Are you not going to extinguish the fire you lit?” Xia Fu complained.

Ming Shu lay on the bed and smiled gently. “When did you ever hear of an arsonist putting out the fire he lit?”


You make sense.

The human world was still a mess. Ming Shu visited Yuan Xi once. She was living well with Si Luo.

Ming Shu didn’t like her rival and had an altercation with Si Luo when she was about to leave.

“You already have someone beside you. Why are you still eyeing her?” Si Luo was p.i.s.sed off.

Ming Shu looked at the cold-faced young man standing not away and smiled. “This does not prevent me from liking my little snack.”

“Crazy,” Si Luo scolded her and teleported to Yuan Xi’s side. He didn’t care about her opposition and forcefully brought her away.

After that, Ming Shu never stepped out of the vampire realm again.

That day, Ming Shu was discussing whether vampires should start farming or become bandits with Lai Ang, when Xia Fu came in wearing a T-shirt and sat beside Ming Shu.

Ming Shu glanced at his neck a few times.

Xia Fu checked his clothes and then realized his mistake. He immediately changed and covered his neck.

Ming Shu laughed softly and moved her gaze away.

Lai Ang spoke a few more words and then left. Xia Fu waited for him to leave before moving toward Ming Shu. “I want to see the sun.”

He had not seen the sun for a long time and felt uncomfortable.

“Don’t you have legs? Go yourself.” Ming Shu glanced at him.

“It’s so messy outside. How can you ask me to go by myself?” Xia Fu was unwilling.

Ming Shu threw the blanket beside her at him. “Who dares to attack the young lord of the Xia family?”

“From the day I chose you, I was no longer the young lord of the Xia family.” Xia Fu hugged the blanket. “Xia Yin probably wants to kill me now.”

“Just as well. I can find another one when you’re killed.”

“How dare you!”

“Why not? I am the queen!”

“You can’t!”


“Xia Fu!”

Ming Shu shouted angrily and Lai Ang, who was outside, shivered.

The king dug his own grave again.

Ming Shu returned to the Cloud Room and kept quiet for a long time.

How did she die this time?

Oh right, she tripped!

As Queen of the Vampires, she tripped and died!

Couldn’t they put more effort into her death?

Ming Shu was reminded of Xia Fu. She died too suddenly and didn’t manage to tell Xia Fu what she wanted to say.

[There was some foreshadowing. When Lai Si died, you were injured. When the vampires find you, they will realize that you had tripped and triggered your old injury.]


She still tripped and died.

The Harmony System shut up and showed her her data.

Name: Ming Shu

Hatred Points: 90000

***: ****

Additional Task: Completed

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows slightly. She managed to get 40000 Hatred Points in this world.

Not bad!

It won’t be a dream to reach one million!

Ming Shu’s thoughts jumped. “Can the next restaurant be five stars?”

There was only one food in this world. I felt so hopeless.

[…] I reject your request to order!

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