Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 277 - The Novice Breeder (37)

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Chapter 277: The Novice Breeder (37)

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In the garden…

The butler brought a few vampires into the study. “Master, everything is going smoothly. However, Xia Yin seems to have detected something…”

Lai Si sneered. “After tonight, we will not have to be afraid of them.”

The butler agreed and thought of another thing. “Master, Si Luo is not someone easy to deal with. I am afraid that he will spoil our plan.”

They had provoked Si Luo when they kidnapped Yuan Xi and he never gave up hara.s.sing them during this time.

If not, they would not have to drag out their plan for so long.

“Let him be.”

Lai Si looked at the map in front of him. “He will not be able to stop me.”

At nightfall…

A sad and shrill scream rang through the air. It was followed by many other screams.

The sound of a siren, the screeching of the car tires, screams, shouting…

“This is the latest news. There have been many cases of vampires attacking humans throughout the entire country. All humans, please distance yourself from vampires and lock your windows and doors…”

Ming Shu listened to the repeating news. She gave a slight smile and said in either a sarcastic or amused tone, “This is what Lai Si was planning?”

“Do you know what the consequences would be if he annihilated the entire human race?” Xia Fu stood beside Ming Shu.

“The era of the vampires will arrive?”

“…” He knew that he shouldn’t discuss this topic with a vampire.

Ming Shu sighed. “Lai Si is helping me to expand my territory.”

“…” Expand what territory.

Xia Fu felt that he would not be able to complete his mission of stopping Lai Si.

This issue was more serious than expected. It did not only affect vampires, but it also affected the half-bloods.

Those half-bloods that never displayed any characteristics of a vampire were now showing their fangs and biting the necks of their friends and families. They had started killing humans too.

It was a conspiracy.

A plot that started 300 years ago.

For the past 300 years, besides the first few years, humans and vampires lived alongside each other without any troubles.

The new generation had accepted the vampires whole-heartedly. They could live longer and looked much better. There were more humans who chose vampires as their mates.

Out of every ten families, at least six had a vampire among their members.

Vampires also infiltrated many companies. Some of the more important positions were held by vampires too.

Lai Si most probably wanted Mi Li… because he was waiting for this day and needed her to wake these half-bloods up.

Such a scary thought.

The news was still broadcasting when suddenly, one of the workers revealed his fangs and bit the cameraman beside him. Blood splattered onto the camera.

The broadcaster screamed and the makeshift studio was in a mess. The image disappeared after a while.

Ming Shu turned off the television and called Lai Ang.

“h.e.l.lo, Queen, we are coming your way. Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine. Do you all feel anything?” Ming Shu walked toward her room. When she walked past Xia Fu, she noticed that he was leaning against the window with his back toward her. He seemed to be making a call too.

“There is a power that keeps calling us and enticing us to kill humans… very similar to your power.” Lai Ang described the feeling he was having. If he didn’t know that his queen couldn’t do such a thing, he would have thought that this was all done by her.

Ming Shu gave Lai Ang a location and asked him to gather his men there.

Ming Shu changed clothes. Xia Fu opened his door at the same time and saw Ming Shu. “Where are you going?”

“As a queen, where do you think I should go?”

Xia Fu didn’t say that he wanted to go with her. Ming Shu smiled and went out.

There were footsteps behind her. Xia Fu had come to chase her.

He hugged Ming Shu and rubbed his head against her neck. He whispered, “Protect yourself. I’ll come to find you soon.”

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Ming Shu smiled and asked him, “Xia Fu, are you coming with me?”

“It’s quite cute…” And a bit familiar too.

The colorful fur was not very common, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen it before.


The car drove on. There was blood everywhere. Some vampires were chasing the frightened humans and most of the road was blocked.

Xia Fu took a side road, but they had to get off the car and walk in the end.

They reached the gathering location. Lai Ang and his vampires had fought their way through to get here. There were fewer people as compared to last time.

“Queen… it is getting out of control.” Lai Ang was disheartened. “I didn’t know that this was Lai Si’s plan. Queen, if this continues, it would only take one night…”

Ming Shu raised her hand with her palm facing them. A mysterious power engulfed them and the voice that kept urging them to kill disappeared.

Ming Shu put her hand down. “Go and fetch Yuan Xi. After that, return to the vampires. If Si Luo stops you, tell him that among the vampires is the safest place now. She will only be a burden to him if he brings her along.”

I need to protect my little snack.

Lai Ang nodded and asked, “What about you?”

Ming Shu smiled and looked at the bats that were flying in the night sky. “It is so lively now. I have to find Lai Si to have a chat.”

And gain some Hatred Points too.

My Hatred Points are not full yet!

I can die and be injured, but my Hatred Points have to be full.

Lai Ang: “…”

After they sent Lai Ang off, Xia Fu asked her how she was going to find Lai Si. Ming Shu smiled and told him that she would find him on the street.

Lai Si had many properties, so how would she know where he was? She could only stop vampires on the street and ask them.

Xia Fu thought that Ming Shu was joking.

However, he got a tight slap to the face.

She really managed to find Lai Si’s location.

*This queen is just so different. *

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