Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 274 - The Novice Breeder (34)

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Chapter 274: The Novice Breeder (34)

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That was what Xia Fu thought. However, in the end, he still carried the boxes upstairs.

Luckily, Lai Ang brought his men over and helped him carry some of the boxes up. If not, he might have died on the stairs out of tiredness.

The small apartment was filled with many people.

Yuan Xi was sitting on the sofa. Her face was red and she kept looking back and forth between Ming Shu and Si Luo. She was in a difficult position.

Both of them were important to her.

In the end, she gritted her teeth and pulled up her sleeve, showing off her white forearms. “Why don’t you both bite me once? I have a lot of blood anyway.”

Before she met Si Luo, she was always attacked by vampires. After all, she was very delicious. However, she always managed to escape from further danger every single time. The most she lost was a bit of blood.

After she met Si Luo, she was still attacked…

But Si Luo would save her every time.

After that, she met Ming Shu and she had never been bitten again.

She knew that Ming Shu treated her well because she felt that she would be delicious, but she was still willing to let her have a bite.

Ming Shu wanted to bite her, but pushed her arm away in the end. “I will bite you when you grow fatter.”

Si Luo slammed the table. “You dare?”

Ming Shu smiled gently. “Why don’t I?”

“She’s mine. I won’t allow you to have any intentions toward her.”

“Don’t argue…”

“What do you mean by yours? Does she have your name written on her? Is she in your family tree?”

“She’s mine!”

“Don’t quarrel…”

Bala bala…

Lai Ang and Xia Fu silently exchanged glances.

In the end, Ming Shu’s little snack was taken back by Si Luo. Ming Shu felt bad for her little snack. What if she was bitten by Si Luo? She hadn’t even bitten her yet. If Si Luo dared to bite her, she would organize her troops and attack him.

“Bloodshed caused by a girl.” Xia Fu took a book and flipped through it. “Do you like her so much?”

We’re both humans. Since you like her so much, you can like me too, right?

There are no happy endings for gays!

“She’s delicious.” Ming Shu gave her honest opinion.

Xia Fu put down his book quietly and went to prepare supper for Ming Shu.

Red liquid was poured inside a transparent gla.s.s. He placed it in front of Ming Shu.

Ming Shu was reading her messages. She casually lifted the gla.s.s and took a sip before looking at Xia Fu curiously. “Weird… your department has invented a new species? Why do I find this more delicious than the ones before?”

Xia Fu’s heart beat really fast. He maintained his indifferent expression. “Maybe.” I think that you’re hallucinating because you miss your little snack too much.

Ming Shu focused on her messages and gulped down the blood.

Lai Si was bailed out not long after he was sent to the Vampire Supervision Department.

Even if what the vampires said was true, they had no evidence against him.

Also, that was 300 years ago. The vampire laws had not been established then.

Lai Si’s background and wealth was something they couldn’t afford to touch either.

Ming Shu allowed Lai Ang to send Mi Li back to him and even gave him four words to provoke him: R eturned to its owner.



Lai Si gave Mi Li a slap.

Lai Si had no qualms about hitting women. Ming Shu had angered him so much that he kicked Mi Li.

Mi Li flew with the kick and slammed into the sofa.

Her face was full of tears as she crawled up with difficulty. “I am sorry, Mister, I…”

Lai Si grabbed her chin and forced her to look up. “A subst.i.tute is a subst.i.tute. You are so disappointing.”

He wanted the queen’s power. Only with that power could he…

“What…” Mi Li stopped crying. The people in front of her started to blur.


She… was just a subst.i.tute?

Lai Si pulled Mi Li onto the sofa and entered her body without even taking off her clothes.

Mi Li felt so much pain she wanted to scream. However, Lai Si had covered her mouth.


Let me go.

It hurts…

Her eyes were filled with despair, hatred, and pain.

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After who knew how long, Lai Si moved away from her body and casually tidied his clothes. He called for people to come in.


[Hatred Points for Mi Li are full.]

When the Harmony System told her this, Ming Shu was sleeping in the cla.s.sroom.

Ming Shu turned her body and stared right into Xia Fu’s eyes. She blinked. “Why are you looking at me?”

“Is it against the law to look at you?” Xia Fu talked back.

She knew that he would talk back anyway so there was nothing to hide.

Time to show my true personality.


“What law did I break?” I want to see what nonsense you can think of.

“Harboring evil intentions toward juvenile girls.”

Juvenile? What the h.e.l.l? How is she able to call herself a juvenile when she’s already so old? Don’t think that you can deny your age just because you have a cute little girl’s face.

“In front of you, I am the juvenile.”

“I don’t date juveniles.” Ming Shu smiled.

Xia Fu burst with anger.


This idiot dug a hole and waited for me to jump in.

What’s wrong with dating me?

Will she die!

Will she!

“Xia Fu, Wei Xi, what are you two whispering about?” The teacher suddenly called on them. “The midterms is starting soon and you’re still zoning out in cla.s.s? Stand outside and listen to the lesson!”

Xia Fu, a good student, and a genius: “…”

Ming Shu laughed silently. She turned around and looked at her Yuan Xi before walking slowly out of the cla.s.sroom.

Xia Fu followed her unwillingly.

The corridor outside the cla.s.sroom had some sunlight shining on it. Although it wouldn’t shine on them, vampires still hated standing near such strong sunlight.

As expected, Ming Shu stood in the inner lane of the corridor. She couldn’t even keep her smile on anymore.

Xia Fu felt his mood improve.

This is what you get for provoking me.


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