Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 272 - The Novice Breeder (32)

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Chapter 272: The Novice Breeder (32)

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Ming Shu squinted. Her smile became gentle as though she was looking at a peaceful and calm scene.

She stood among the blossoms and gave off a gentle and sacred aura, causing people to respect her and bow down to her.

Who dares to threaten me with my little snack.

What the h.e.l.l, you are very brave!

Are you taking me as an ornament!

Ming Shu waved her hand and signaled everyone to move back. The chaos died down and the gentle music flowed through the air, calming everyone down.

Si Luo looked at Lai Si nervously. He couldn’t afford to take any risk, He had to make sure that Yuan Xi was safe.

However, Ming Shu had no such qualms. She moved toward Lai Si one step at a time.


Lai Si shouted.

Ming Shu didn’t stop.

Lai Si was forced to move back with Yuan Xi. Si Luo blocked Ming Shu’s path. “Do you want to kill her?”

“How can I bear to kill my little snack?”

“Wei Xi!”

Si Luo’s angry shout caused Lai Si’s eyes to widen.

Ming Shu moved at lightning speed and stopped beside him. She grabbed his shoulder and twisted it, catching Yuan Xi and hugging her to her chest.

Lai Si reacted quickly too. He tried to s.n.a.t.c.h Yuan Xi back, but Ming Shu’s attack was fast and accurate. He had no chance of touching Yuan Xi.

Lai Si’s ability was very good too. Even if Ming Shu had the power of the queen, they couldn’t win against each other.

At this moment, Lai Si felt a pain in his lower body. Ming Shu had blatantly kicked an important part of his body.

Lai Si took a deep breath. He couldn’t control his body.

Ming Shu took the chance and flipped Lai Si onto the ground. She placed one foot on his chest.

The attack was easy and rough.

But it was effective.

Lai Si was in a daze. She didn’t know whether he was stunned from the throw or if it was something else.

“You…” he said in a hoa.r.s.e voice. He opened his mouth but no sound came out.

Ming Shu held onto Yuan Xi and smiled as she looked down at Lai Si. “Are you surprised?”

“You… you have regained your power.” It took much effort before he could complete the sentence. “How did you recover it? How did you recover it?”

“It’s my power. I just had to get it back. Is that very difficult?”

Lai Si suddenly understood. The main reason she kidnapped Mi Li was to get back her powers. The other things that happened were all coincidences.

“When did you find out?” Lai Si’s expression darkened.

He had kidnapped Mi Li before it happened. This meant that she learned about it a while ago.

“Tie up those vampires.” Ming Shu didn’t reply, but gave an order to Lai Ang, who was far away.

The quiet battleground became noisy again.

Someone changed the gentle music to rock music. It was loud and lively.

Xia Fu stood outside the perimeter with a cold expression.

So, what am I here for?

Am I a bodyguard-shaped ornament?

She finished the battle by herself. What am I here for?

What happened to the trope of the hero rescuing the damsel?

Is she a female!

How can I woo her!

Let me ask you! How can I woo her!

Xia Fu was bursting with anger. He had ample thoughts flowing through his mind.

However, Ming Shu had already ended the battle. He sighed dejectedly. If he’s known this was going to happen, he would have found an opportunity to strangle her.

The battleground became quiet again. Ming Shu put Yuan Xi down. Si Luo ran over and Ming Shu glared at him. However, she had more important things to do, so she asked Si Luo to take care of Yuan Xi.

“My queen, I didn’t take part in the event that year!”

“I didn’t take part either! Please do not vent your anger out on us.”

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“Yes, it was all planned by Lai Si. It had nothing to do with us.”

Ming Shu stood in the same place. The people that were tied up didn’t know what she wanted to do and were very nervous.

The queen was harder to predict now.

The sky slowly brightened. Lai Ang brought over a group of people that were carrying a machine and rushed down the shoal.

The group immediately opened the machine and pointed it at Lai Si and his men.

“Queen, it is ready,” Lai Ang shouted.

Ming Shu walked toward Lai Si and his men.

“Tell me about what happened that year,” Ming Shu found a rock and sat on it. She looked at the vampires. “Think before you speak.”

“I don’t know, I really don’t know.”

“It was all planned by Lai Si.”

“We all listened to his orders. My queen, please forgive us, we were blinded by what Lai Si said…”

On a plaza far away, this scene was being broadcasted live.

The humans who were taking a morning run and the vampires crowded under the screen looked at the image that suddenly appeared.

“What is this? It isn’t time for the morning news yet.”

“These are all vampires, right?” In order to differentiate between humans and vampires, vampires had to wear a mark on them. If they found any vampires not wearing their mark, they would be punished.

Hence, everyone recognized the race that was on the screen.

“What is happening!”

“What the h.e.l.l…”

Gossip started flying everywhere. The crowd got bigger and bigger.

On the screen, a cute little girl was sitting calmly on a stone. She looked as though she was in an extravagant palace, sitting on a throne, holding a scepter… cough , all right, she was holding some blood bags in her hand.

The image changed and a few vampires started telling their stories.

Most of the vampires claimed that they didn’t know anything. However, after a few vampires were dragged out, all the vampires on the screen started to feel frightened.

They looked as though they had seen something frightening.

Even through the screen, the viewers could feel their fear.

They started talking about the secret of what happened 300 years ago.

A history that was different from what was written in the books.

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