Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 271 - The Novice Breeder (31)

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Chapter 271: The Novice Breeder (31)

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Ming Shu didn’t contact Lai Si for a whole day. Lai Si tried contacting Ming Shu but to no avail.

Whenever he was on the brink of exploding, she would use Mi Li to threaten him.

Her threats were all filled with sincerity. Hence, he never doubted that she would really hurt Mi Li if he did anything to provoke her.

“Master.” The butler rushed into the room. “She asked us to bring Yuan Xi to the riverbanks.”

“Riverbanks?” Ming Shu had rejected all the locations that he suggested, but she set a location now.

“Yes, that was what she said…” the butler said. “Master, will there be an ambush?”

Lai Si frowned. There were too many uncontrollable factors that happened in this short time.

“Prepare the car.”

The butler noticed Lai Si’s expression and didn’t dare to talk anymore. He went off to prepare the car.

The night was dark and not a single star could be seen in the sky. The car drove along the road beside the river and arrived at the designated location.

It was a piece of a shoal. There were many random stones on the shoal and the sound of the river was continuous.

The shoal was not quiet at all. There were bonfires and the sound of people. There was even music playing. It was very lively, as though there was a party going on.

“Master, they are looking down on you,” the butler said angrily.

How dare they have a party here.

Lai Si’s car stopped and the people there quieted down. They all looked over and one could differentiate them now.

Those people that were singing and dancing were all Lai Ang’s men. Those that could not move were the vampires that Lai Si sent to kill Ming Shu.

Lai Si walked down the shoal and scanned Lai Ang. “Where is your queen?”

“Don’t be anxious, Prince Lai Si, the queen will be here soon.” Lai Ang bowed elegantly at him. “Have you brought Miss Yuan Xi?”

Lai Si didn’t know where Ming Shu was and showed a cold face. He didn’t reply to Lai Ang.

Lai Ang was not in a hurry. He swung the gla.s.s in his hand. “Would Prince Lai Si like a gla.s.s?”

“No,” Lai Si replied coldly.

Lai Ang felt really good. He was always the one that waited for people and followed their orders. Now, he finally got to have a taste of people waiting for him.

More and more vampires started appearing on the shoal. All of them were dressed properly. You could see that they were all people who had positions and power among the vampires.

“Prince Lai Si.”

“Why did you gather us here?”

“Yeah, why did you call us over in the middle of the night? Did something happen?”

“What happened to those vampires over there?” The vampires that were tied up caught the attention of the other vampires.

They were all guessing that these vampires had done something wrong and would be executed in front of them.

Most of the vampires were here because of Lai Si. Lai Si frowned. He didn’t summon any of these vampires.

He was the only prince. The only other person who could gather all of them was… the queen.

He suddenly turned to look at Lai Ang, who was flirting with two pretty ladies.

His sharp gaze almost pierced through Lai Ang.

Lai Si clenched his fist and ordered the butler, “Ask them to surround this place.”


After a while, a group of vampires walked down the shoal. This group of vampires was different from all the other vampires. Their hair color and eye color made them look like westerners.

The other vampires looked at them with vigilance.

“Why are the westerners here?”

“Isn’t that the prince from the Lei De family…”

“What on earth is going on?”

“I don’t know.”

Si Luo, Lai Ang, and Lai Si formed a triangle. The atmosphere was sinister and awkward.

Only the gentle music and the crackling from the fire could be heard.

Under this tense atmosphere, Ming Shu walked out from the forest beside the shoal. Xia Fu was dressed in black and he followed beside her like a bodyguard.

Xia Fu was cursing relentlessly in his heart.

To h.e.l.l with bodyguards.

“Your Highness.”

Lai Ang and his men bowed to her. The other vampires were stunned. Highness?

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The only prince that they had now was Prince Lai Si. What other prince was there?

A commotion rose among the vampires again.

“Let’s have a fight then.” Ming Shu was very happy. Her eyes were smiling. “Let’s fight first.”

Lai Ang’s mouth twitched.

He called the vampires out to scare her, not to have a fight with her.

“Everyone.” Ming Shu raised her hand. “Just attack them without any worry. If you kill them, you will be able to inherit their food.”

… Inherit their food?



“For the sake of food!”

Only Ming Shu’s side seemed very excited. Si Luo was looking indifferently at them. He didn’t intend to act.

Lai Si’s men were still stunned. Why had they started fighting already!

Were they loading just now and missed an episode?

Hey, stop! They didn’t say that they want to fight!


Even though it was a battle, in reality, they were only able to be beaten up by the other party. They had no energy to retaliate at all. The queen’s oppressive aura was not obvious at all. Really.

As a prince, the influence on him was much weaker and he could still move about.

Lai Si made use of the chaos and asked the butler to carry Yuan Xi out. She was unconscious. He shielded her in his arms.

Si Luo, who had been watching the battle from the side, stepped forward. “Lai Si, let her go.”

Lai Si shouted with a cold face, “Don’t move!”

He elongated his fingernails and grabbed Yuan Xi’s neck.

A bit more strength and blood would flow out.

Once Yuan Xi bled, all the vampires would realize her uniqueness and no one could predict what would happen.

“Wei Xi, ask your men to stop!”

Lai Si shouted at Ming Shu.

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