Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 270 - The Novice Breeder (30)

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Chapter 270: The Novice Breeder (30)

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“Why is Mi Li in her hands?”

Lai Si had a chilly aura around him. He glared at the butler coldly.

The butler felt cold sweat on his back. “When Miss Mi Li left, she didn’t allow us to send her off…”

He had asked the master whether he wanted to call her back, but he rejected the offer.

“She rejected you so you all just listened to her?” Lai Si took the ornaments on the table and threw it at the butler. “Do you all listen to me or her?”

“Miss Mi Li insisted…” You also said that we should listen to Miss Mi Li too.

The butler didn’t say the last part. He was afraid of provoking Lai Si.

“It is my fault.” At this moment, he should apologize first.

Lai Si supported himself with both hands on the table. His breathing was irregular and hard. This indicated that he was really angry.

“Master, what should we do now?” They had lured Xia Yin over. They couldn’t let him retreat now, right?

The Vampire Supervision Department was not commanded by them. It would not be easy to make Xia Yin retreat.

“Think of a way to make Xia Yin retreat.”


Lai Si shot a glance at him and the butler didn’t dare to talk anymore. He immediately went to fulfill the order.

Inside the five-star presidential suite…

Ming Shu sat on the bed and looked at Mi Li who was all tied up and glaring at her with bloodshot eyes. Mi Li wanted to rush over and strangle her.

[Guest, why don’t you meet Lai Si here and then let him see Mi Li on the bed with another vampire. That way, you can gain Hatred Points.]

Ming Shu: “…” You are the founding father of bad ideas.

[Is that not a good idea?] The Harmony System was worried about the Hatred Points. It felt that this idea was possible. Why is the Guest giving me a look of disdain?

“Have you watched too many fights among the devils?” Ming Shu looked at it with even more disgust.

[Do you want to take a look?] The Harmony System immediately conjured the image the minute it was asked.

Ming Shu: “…”

What kind of system do I have?

Showing me devil battles whenever it feels happy.

Your mother is calling you back to learn about being harmonious, my Harmony System.

“I can bring you out.” Xia Fu sat beside Ming Shu. He glanced at Lai Ang who was making calls and lowered his voice. “They haven’t finished organizing their troops yet. We can still rush out now.”

“Why must we go out?” Ming Shu asked.

“If not, do we stay here and wait for the New Year?”

Ming Shu looked at him with a mysterious smile. “Someone will come and fetch us.”

Xia Fu immediately knew who she was talking about.

Lai Si.

Ming Shu liked Yuan Xi, but that was only because she smelled delicious.

However, Mi Li was different.

Lai Si had to prevent Ming Shu from discovering the secret in Mi Li; he had his own plans regarding Mi Li as well.

Thus, Mi Li was more important than Yuan Xi.

Ming Shu held her chin and said, “His brain must be fried to use Yuan Xi to threaten me.”

“Don’t you know that the Yuan family are all very special?” Xia Fu said. “Their blood is a supplement for vampires. Yuan Xi is even more special. Lai Si might have thought that you wanted to use Yuan Xi to restore your power.”

Ming Shu sighed. All these schemes.

There is no such thing as special blood…

Okay, there might be. After all, she really felt that Yuan Xi’s blood was very delicious and wanted to bite her badly.

Just as Ming Shu predicted, Lai Si did something and most of the people below retreated. Very soon, there were only a few people left.

After a while, those few people left too.

Lai Ang was puzzled. “Why are they leaving? I have called my men. Are we not fighting?”

He was planning to fight his way out in a cool manner.

But the troops had all retreated. There was not even a single person left.

What are they doing!

Can’t they let me display my abilities!

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With Ming Shu around, who would be able to show off their abilities?

Third: to criticize him for being too stupid.

Whether or not Xia Yin believed her, Lai Si would have a harder time pushing the blame on other people.

“My queen, master is waiting.” The butler was standing in front of Ming Shu.

It was such an irony for him to call her his queen.

The butler looked behind her and didn’t see Mi Li. He frowned.

“Ask him to wait, then, I’ll go change my clothes first.” Ming Shu waved and walked around them toward the road.

“My queen, it’s better if you follow me now.” The butler blocked Ming Shu’s path. His tone was firm. “Master has limited patience.”

“No problem, I have a lot of patience.” Ming Shu smiled. “If he wants to see Mi Li alive, don’t rush me. My hands become itchy when someone keeps rushing me.”

Ming Shu and Mi Li didn’t come down together. The butler immediately sent someone up, but they couldn’t find her. They didn’t find anyone suspicious within the area at all.

While Ming Shu was distracting the butler, Lai Ang brought out Mi Li, who was wrapped up like a dumpling, and left using the car in the bas.e.m.e.nt.

“Tell your master, if my little snack loses a hair on her head, Mi Li might lose her arms and legs.”

The butler couldn’t do anything to Ming Shu and could only watch her leave with Xia Fu.

When Ming Shu arrived at home, Lai Ang was already there. Xia Fu saw the key in Lai Ang’s hand and his expression immediately changed.

She didn’t give him the key, but she gave it to this vampire.

Ming Shu really went back to change her clothes and started to have her meal slowly.

“You’re really not anxious.” Xia Fu leaned against the table.

“What is the use of being anxious? Will being anxious save Yuan Xi or help me kill Lai Si?” If it can’t, why must I be anxious? I am not anxious at all!

“You’re not afraid that he will kill Yuan Xi?”

“WIll he dare to?” Ming Shu smiled. “He has to weigh the consequences of provoking Si Luo.”

“If he was forced into a corner, he might do it.” Xia Fu took the opportunity to proclaim his love. “I don’t want you to be in any danger.”

“Do you know when you are the cutest?”

Xia Fu was puzzled.

“When you don’t talk.”

Xia Fu, “…” Why don’t you just directly tell me that you don’t want to hear me proclaiming my love for you?

F**k, I propose to you and you just give me the cold shoulder!

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