Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 268 - The Novice Breeder (28)

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Chapter 268: The Novice Breeder (28)

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The blood bag dropped to the floor and fell onto Vampire #1’s face.

The little girl squatted in front of him and smiled. Her voice was clear and sweet. “Since you call me the queen, how can you forget that I am your ruler?”

Vampire #1 felt his body stiffen.

He felt that he was not looking at a cute and obedient-looking girl. He was looking at a devil. A devil that was smiling at him.

The extravagant background behind her started to distort and was rushing toward him fiercely.

“Don’t be afraid, your brothers and sisters will be here soon.”

Ming Shu kicked the empty bag away and picked up a new one. She went back and lay on the sofa.

Many vampires visited the house, but they all ended up the same way as him. They fell onto the floor and couldn’t move at all.

She was the queen.

She had not been dethroned yet.

She still held their lives and deaths in her hands.

The vampires only realized this now.

“Master, none of the vampires came back.”

The butler glanced at the man who looked like an emperor from h.e.l.l and felt cold sweat flowing down his face.

He thought that everything had been settled, but it turned out like this. Even if she was a has-been queen, she was supposed to be easy to deal with.

The man remained silent for a while. “Invite the lady.”

The butler stared blankly for a while before probing cautiously, “Are you talking about Yuan Xi?”

The man nodded.

The butler was hesitant. “Master, didn’t you say that it was not a wise move to provoke Si Luo? Yuan Xi… has a relationship with Si Luo. If we invite her, won’t it provoke Si Luo?”

“Let’s give Si Luo something to do.”

“Where is Mi Li?”

The butler immediately replied, “Miss Mi Li went home. Do you need me to call her back?”

The entire room darkened as if there was no one inside.

Mi Li stared at the window before finally looking down. She left. She didn’t know what the man saw her as… He called her whenever he wanted and sent her away whenever he felt like it.

Mi Li rejected the driver’s offer to send her home and walked around aimlessly.

As she walked around a corner, a few vampires appeared and blocked her path. “Miss Mi Li, please come with us?”

Mi Li recognized these vampires. She had seen them with the man before.

Mi Li frowned. “What’s the matter?”

“Follow us and you will know.” The vampire didn’t answer her question.

Mi Li thought that Lai Si was looking for her. That man was unpredictable. Occasionally, she would be called back after she just stepped out of the gates.

Hence, she didn’t suspect anything.

However, when she realized that the direction they were heading to was wrong, she started to feel worried. “Where are you taking me?”

No one answered her.

The car stopped at this moment. They were on a quiet street. There were no cameras and no cars. It was so quiet they seemed to be on a different planet.

“Miss Mi Li, please get off the car,” the vampire who was driving said to Mi Li.

Mi Li was a bit frightened. She immediately opened the door and got out.

The minute she got down, the driver stepped on the accelerator and disappeared as though there was something chasing them.

Mi Li stood alone on the street. She was puzzled. Why did they bring her here?

A car approached her from afar and stopped in front of her. The car window winded down and revealed a cute little face.

Mi Li didn’t know the man who was driving, but just based on his aura, she felt that he was someone of a powerful status.

Mi Li took a step back, on her guard. “Why are you here!”

Was she the one that ordered those vampires to bring her here?

How is she able to order the man’s subordinates?

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Ming Shu opened the door and got down. She smiled and looked at her. “Mi Li, how do you feel using what’s mine? Is it comfortable?”

“To let you see the night scenery.” Ming Shu looked out of the window. “Isn’t it nice? Did Lai Si ever take you to see it before? See, aren’t I better than him? I even accompany you to see the night view.”

Mi Li almost wanted to vomit blood. Who wants to see the night scenery with you?

This crazy person.

“You think that Lai Si will let you go since you have me in your hands? Wei Xi, do you know the consequence of provoking him?”

“What?” Ming Shu asked curiously.

Mi Li choked for a while but still gritted her teeth and said, “He will teach you what is a living h.e.l.l.”

She felt afraid just thinking about the ways he tortured people.

He will find out that I’m missing and come and save me.

He will.

Ming Shu crossed her legs and placed her chin in her hand. Her posture was cool and domineering. “I know what is a living h.e.l.l.”

My ability is an example of a living h.e.l.l.

Mi Li: “…”

“Fine, let’s not chit-chat anymore. Time to do serious business.” If they talked anymore, Lai Si’s men would find them before they could finish.

Mi Li’s face turned red.

Who is chit-chatting with you?

“What do you want to do?” Right! I need to drag this out.

When Mi Li realized this, she immediately got excited. “Wei Xi, what are you planning to do? Let me tell you, Lai Si will not let you go. You are not his match at all. He will kill you as easily as killing an ant.”

Ming Shu smiled gently. “I am gold-plated.”

Mi Li: “…” What the h.e.l.l is gold-plated? Are you telling me that an ant that is gold-plated is not an ant?

“Queen, are you sure you want to do it here?” Lai Ang was a bit worried. This was not a safe place. If anything happened, what would he do?”

“I am just taking back my power, what is there to be worried about?” Ming Shu waved her hand. “You can leave first.”

Mi Li stared at her with her beautiful eyes. Take back her power?

What nonsense is she saying?

Mi Li had a sudden thought and remembered that she felt a similar aura in her body before. She…

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