Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 266 - The Novice Breeder (26)

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Chapter 266: The Novice Breeder (26)

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“You don’t have to follow me. Don’t you have any friends?” Ming Shu smiled. “We are of different races. We can’t become close friends.”

Xia Fu asked her back, “Do you think I have friends?”

Before Ming Shu could reply, he said, “I want to be good friends with you.”

Good friends your head!

“Don’t you have a house?”

“That house belongs to the Xia family too.” The words Xia family were emphasized. “Everything I have is provided by the Xia family.

“Will you take me in?”

Ming Shu smiled with closed lips. “My temple is too big. I can’t put a small G.o.d like you inside.”

Xia Fu: “…” Don’t hold me back. I want to strangle her to death!

“In return, I will tell you everything I know.” For the sake of the mission, Xia Fu sacrificed everything. “Everything.”

Ming Shu tilted her head and suddenly stopped in her tracks. She turned around and looked up at him. “Do you like me?”

“Yes.” Only idiots would like you.

“What do you like about me?”

“Everything.” I’d like to strangle you.

Xia Fu’s eyes were black and she could see her reflection in them. He looked serious.

Ming Shu placed her box in Xia Fu’s hand. “Don’t ever eat my food. If not, you can get out.”

Xia Fu heaved a sigh of relief before he started cursing again.

He was a human!

Why would he eat her food?


In reality, Xia Fu kept a blank face and used a “gentle” voice to reply to her. “Okay.”

He disgusted even himself.

[Persevere and you will succeed.] The system encouraged him.


“Where do I put this?”

“Anywhere.” Ming Shu took two blood bags from the table and continued lying on her sofa. “There is only one bedroom so you will sleep on the sofa.”

Xia Fu pushed the box into a corner. “Can’t we sleep together?”

Ming Shu sucked her blood bag. “Should I get a bed for you in heaven?”

How dare you ask to sleep on my bed!

What gave you the courage?

“You have a network up there too?” Xia Fu felt that he was controlling himself very well, but he just couldn’t help it in front of her.

Why the h.e.l.l is there always someone who wants to destroy my character setting.

“I not only have a network up there, I have one belowground too. Which one do you prefer?” Actress Shu replied with experienced.


I don’t need you to act kind.

Up or down, I will still die. What choice do I have!

Just calm down.

Deep breaths.

“I just want to think about you.”

“Then think.” Ming Shu paused. “It’s not impossible. You can be my boy toy…”

“I will sleep on the sofa,” Xia Fu immediately decided.

As a youth that had ambition, he would never be a boy toy.

Ming Shu’s face was filled with regret.

Xia Fu walked to the side of the sofa and moved Ming Shu’s legs away. He sat down. Ming Shu glanced at him and had the urge to kick him.

Xia Fu said with a serious face, “Do you want to listen?”

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“Not really.”

“Xia Yin said that it was to ensure my safety. However, I know that it was to watch over me and once I disobey him, this would happen.”

Xia Fu looked out of the window. Ming Shu followed his gaze.

There were a few strangers’ presences and they seemed quite powerful.

Ming Shu hugged her food. “Don’t dirty my place.”

Xia Fu pushed himself up using the sofa. “Okay.”

Xia Fu left the house and slight noises could be heard from outside the window. There were the sounds of people shouting in pain and of something heavy falling to the ground.

After a while, Xia Fu came back. His gaze was heavy and he was deep in thought.

Xia Yin wanted a puppet that listened well. No matter how powerful a genius was, he was just a disobedient puppet if he didn’t follow instructions.

Now, he just sent people to bring him back… He didn’t know what he would face in the future.


He had taken the wrong step again.

According to his original plan, he would not fall out with Xia Yin. However, when he heard Xia Yin asking him to persuade this idiot to take back her powers, he felt very angry suddenly.

He felt even angrier when he proposed to make use of her as compared to when he made use of Xia Fu.

This emotion came and went quickly. Even Xia Fu couldn’t comprehend it.

When he finally got hold of his emotions, he had fallen out with Xia Yin and his points were being deducted.

“Isn’t it just getting back my powers? Why don’t you allow me to listen to him?” Ming Shu continued the conversation as though nothing had happened.

She didn’t know what Lai Si did to Mi Li. She could not feel that her powers were inside Mi Li’s body.

But this explained why Mi Li wanted to kill her out of the blue.

She had gotten powers that didn’t belong to her and their owner was right in front of her. How could she be at peace if she didn’t kill her?

Of course, Lai Si could be the one directing her to do this.

“He wants to use you as a stepping stone.” Xia Fu stood beside Ming Shu and suddenly bent forward. His gaze was serious. “Do you think that I will allow that?”

Ming Shu looked away. “Even if it is like that, I will have a chance to get my power back. Isn’t that good?”

Xia Fu placed his hand on her cheek. “You think that Lai Si and Xia Yin will let you get your power back?”

Before Ming Shu could react, he lowered his head and kissed her lips lightly. He said in a low voice, “They won’t. They will kill you.”

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