Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 265 - The Novice Breeder (25)

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Chapter 265: The Novice Breeder (25)

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Yuan Xi’s bullets were made for vampires. After Yun Ce was. .h.i.t, his power decreased and he was caught by Yuan Xi and Ming Shu together.

Yun Ce fell on the ground and glared at Ming Shu with sinister eyes. Even in this state, he still looked handsome.

People with good looks can afford to be stubborn.

They even look good when they’re angry.

“If you want to die, just go and die. Why are you creating so much trouble? Are you not tired?” The Hatred Points were not full yet. Ming Shu continued to poke Yun Ce’s soft spot.

Yuan Xi looked curious and panted, “He… why does he… want to kill himself?”

“You have to ask him.” At first, she felt that the Yun Ce’s aura was very weird and contradicting.

Now that he was wanted, he didn’t leave but came to find her. If someone wanted to live, they would not take such a huge risk.

Also, he kept provoking Xia Fu. His intention wasn’t to have a battle with him. It was purely to provoke him.

Ming Shu managed to read Yun Ce’s heart many times. Yun Ce stared at her with his bloodshot eyes.

[Hatred Points are full.]

Ming Shu smiled like a flower. “Done, let’s go and exchange him for food.”

Yuan Xi looked stunned. Done? Exchange for food?

“Where are you bringing me?” Yun Ce struggled. If he could shoot knives out of his eyes, Ming Shu would have been stabbed many times. “Let me go, let me [email protected] Wei Xi, do you not know your situation? What right do you have to say this to me?”

“I am bringing you to see your lover.” Ming Shu tilted her head and smiled. “Don’t you wish to die at his hands? As for my situation, that is none of your business.”

It doesn’t matter what situation I’m in. If I can’t handle it, I can just die.

I am invincible.

“Xiao Xi…”

“Go back home first.” Ming Shu waved at her little snack and then grabbed Yun Ce and flagged a taxi.

Yuan Xi: “…”

Ming Shu brought Yun Ce straight into the Vampire Supervision Department. Under the angry stare of Yun Ce, she successfully exchanged him for some food.

“The girl who betrays her race is here again…”

“I heard that she has a unique relationship with Main Head Xia. I wonder what their relationship is.”

“That little girl is so cute. I didn’t know that Main Head Xia likes this type. But she is really cute.”


Their Main Head Xia was carrying a box down the stairs without any expression on his face and walked toward the living room.

Xia Fu opened the door and saw someone inside. The atmosphere became awkward.

Ming Shu sat on the sofa. A white-haired middle-aged man was sitting opposite her. He didn’t know what had happened, but they didn’t seem to be getting along. The atmosphere was heavy.

Xia Yin turned and looked at Xia Fu. He said in a low voice, “You haven’t told her?”

Xia Fu was irritated by Xia Yin but he couldn’t show it. “No.”

“Tell her, then.” Xia Yin threw these words down and left the living room. He stopped when he was at the door. “I don’t care what method you use, I hope your report will be what I want to hear.”

The living room door closed slowly. Xia Fu stood there for a while before putting down his box.

“I don’t care what he said to you. Just don’t listen to him.”

“Oh, are you not happy with your father?”

Before Xia Yin said anything, Xia Fu entered the room. Hence, Ming Shu didn’t know what he wanted to tell her.

Xia Fu raised his head. “If you don’t want to die, you better listen to me.”

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. “What if I want to die?”

Xia Fu remained silent for a moment. “Then listen to him.”

“You don’t plan to stop me?”

“If you want to die, how will I be able to stop you?” I can’t wait to strangle you to death.

Ming Shu smiled. “True. No one can stop someone who wants to die. Just like Yun Ce.”

Speaking of Yun Ce, Xia Fu got curious. “How did you catch him?”

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None of their people managed to catch him after searching the entire city. But she caught him.

Xia Fu hastened his pace.

Xia Fu heard the system deduct his points and knew that he was dead. Impulsiveness is deadly.

Since his points were gone, he would not go back anymore.

[Lord Nine, if you continue to violate your character setting, you will get negative points.] Lord Nine’s points were already few and he still went to violate his character setting.

“Hmph, a genius like me will get them back soon.” Xia Fu was very confident.

[…] There will still be punishment when you get back!

Xia Fu ignored the system and caught up with Ming Shu.

“I broke ties with my family.”

Ming Shu acknowledged him and then asked calmly, “What does that have to do with me?”

Xia Fu stared at her. “It was because of you.”

If he continued to stay in the Xia family, Xia Yin would force him to do those things. If he did it, how would he be able to chase after her?


I did this for the mission!

“You want me to be responsible for it?” Ming Shu hugged her box.

“Everything I have is provided by the Xia family. I have nowhere to go.” I am such a genius . “I saved you before. Shouldn’t you take me in?”

Even though what he says makes sense, why do I still feel like he is taking advantage of me?

Ming Shu continued to hug her box tightly. “Will the Xia family let you off?”

You are the genius of the Xia family. Can you leave just like that?

Even if you give yourself up, will they give you up?

Don’t fool around.

A lot of time and effort is needed to train someone.

“Whatever… I won’t go back.” Xia Fu looked gloomy at the right time. “I’ve had enough of that place.”

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