Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 264 - The Novice Breeder (24)

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Chapter 264: The Novice Breeder (24)

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“Pa.s.sing by.”

Xia Fu threw two words at him and walked down the stairs.

“This place will not require your a.s.sistance anymore.” Lai Ang blocked Xia Fu.

Xia Fu raised his head and looked at him. His black eyes were indifferent. “You said. Not counted.”

He grabbed Lai Ang’s wrist and pulled it back. Lai Ang instinctively retaliated and the two of them started a fight in the narrow corridor.

However, it only lasted for 20 seconds. After that, the two of them parted and each stood at one corner.

“Main Head Xia has grown stronger.” Lai Ang rubbed his wrist, surprised.

As expected of a genius from the Xia family that appeared once every hundred years.

Xia Fu didn’t care about him. He turned around and left without a change in expression.

“What are you for…” Lai Ang muttered and then immediately entered the house. He heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Ming Shu sucking the blood bags. “My queen, why were you with Xia Fu?”

“Why are you here?” Ming Shu didn’t answer the question. “Did you move all these in?”

“Haha, my queen, this is your house so it cannot look so poor. This is more fitting for your status.” E ven if she doesn’t have a palace, she cannot be looked down upon by other vampires.

Ming Shu said softly, “I’d rather you give me food.” This house was filled with things that cannot be eaten. She was not the least attracted to it.

Lai Ang: “…”

Didn’t he prepare a lot of food? Was it not enough for the queen?

This was not the point.

Lai Ang had heard about the happenings at the castle and was worried for her. That was why he came.

He had seen Ming Shu bomb that building so he was very calm when Ming Shu bombed the castle this time.

“Lai Si will strike soon…” Lai Si understood Lai Si really well. They had worked together under the queen before.

“He will either send someone to kill me or…” Ming Shu smiled and looked out of the window. “Tell the other vampires or humans that I have returned.”

“That will be troublesome.” Lai Ang frowned. “You… if the other vampires find out that you have returned, they will definitely come and kill you.”

No vampire would want a sinner queen that was supposed to be dead to come back to life again.

“How many vampires do you have under you?”

“Not many…” Lai Ang said. “Although Lai Si didn’t kill me, he prevented me from gathering my own troops. Most of the people that followed me were bought over by Lai Si.”

“Then let’s just wait.” W ait until things get chaotic, and then we step in to make it even messier. Let the whole city become a mess.

A lively world will make our lives colorful.

Lai Ang wanted to persuade Ming Shu to either stay lowkey or leave this place. When she had gathered her strength, she could return again.

However, Ming Shu was against this proposal.

Ming Shu didn’t manage to see Lai Si’s men, but she met Yun Ce.

On the way home from school.

The evidence that Ming Shu gave was videos. The person in the video was none other than Yun Ce.

Hence, on the second day after they came back from the castle, Yun Ce was wanted by the police. Although the school kept the news to themselves, Ming Shu knew about it.

Yun Ce had disappeared three days ago.

Yun Ce wore a gray casual shirt and a cap which covered his red hair. He was worried about being recognized by others.

He blocked Ming Shu on her path home.

“Wei Xi, were you the one that pa.s.sed them the things on the cellphone?” Yun Ce lowered his voice and controlled his anger.

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“This kind of stuff has to be pa.s.sed to the professionals.” Ming Shu sucked her blood bag calmly.

“No…” I’m not a coward.

“Xiao Xi, what are you standing there for? I didn’t see you when we finished school. I was looking for you…” Yuan Xi’s voice sounded behind her. Her voice suddenly cut off.

Yun Ce changed tack and rushed at Yuan Xi viciously.

Yun Ce recognized the person and was stunned. She remembered Si Luo telling her about Yun Ce being on the wanted list and her face changed immediately.

Ming Shu instantly chased after him.

Yuan Xi had many experiences of being chased by vampires. Before Ming Shu shouted, she turned around and ran off.

Ming Shu blocked Yun Ce’s path the next moment and grabbed his elbow, slamming him into the wall. “Who says that you can touch my little snack?”

“Yours?” Yun Ce jeered. “Dhe doesn’t have your name on her.”

Yun Ce finished speaking and attacked with his fist, aiming it at Ming Shu’s face. However, when he was just about to hit her, he twisted his body and went to chase Yuan Xi.


Ming Shu threw the finished blood bags on the ground and pulled up her sleeves. She chased after him and grabbed Yun Ce’s collar, once again throwing him back.

Yuan Xi put some distance between them and looked back. She saw Ming Shu fighting with Yun Ce. She panted and started searching through her bag furiously before taking out a weapon that looked like a gun.

“Bullet… where are the bullets?” Yuan Xi was so anxious she was sweating profusely. Her hand continued to search through her bag. “I know I put it in my bag. Bullets… found it!”

Yuan Xi loaded the bullets and aimed the gun at Yun Ce. However, Ming Shu and Yun Ce kept changing positions and she was unable to aim properly.


“Get away, Xiao Xi!”

Yuan Xi shouted and hoped that Ming Shu would coordinate with her.

Ming Shu threw Yun Ce in Yuan Xi’s direction and hid behind his body.

Peng— the gun was fired.

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