Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 263 - The Novice Breeder (23)

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Chapter 263: The Novice Breeder (23)

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Xia Fu argued reasonably, “There are many vampires staying in this building. If you want your food to be taken by other vampires, you can leave them outside.”

“I don’t think anyone dares to touch my food.” W hoever that dares to touch my food will be killed by me. Everyone has a part to play in protecting their food supply . Ming Shu didn’t let Xia Fu in. “Please leave.”

“Don’t you want to know more about Lai Si?” Xia Fu brought out his ultimate weapon.

Ming Shu went silent and after pondering for a while, she retracted her hand and signaled for him to bring the food in.

Xia Fu walked in and immediately felt as though he went to the wrong place.

Was this still the house that had nothing but bare walls?

This house was extravagant enough to be a princess’s room!

The poor queen suddenly had money.

“Do you have a sugar daddy?” Xia Fu couldn’t help but ask.

Ming Shu said in an arrogant tone, “I am the Queen of the Vampires. I can only be a sugar mama to other people. When will I ever need a sugar daddy?”

What does she have to be arrogant about?

Xia Fu moved the boxes. Although the information she provided was useful, it was not able to get her so much food. The rest of the food was taken out of Xia Fu’s pocket.

If I don’t sacrifice something, I will not be able to get her.

I am giving my all.

The floor was covered with a thick carpet and the old sofa was nowhere to be seen. There was only a genuine leather sofa now. There were many things thrown on top of the sofa. Most of them were blood bags.

She was like a hamster storing her food.

Ming Shu turned on all the lights in the living room. Under the lighting, the room looked even more extravagant.

Actually, Ming Shu got a shock when she came back too. She guessed that Lai Ang took the chance when she was away to stuff things into her house.

“If the things you say are not useful, I will throw you out of here.” Ming Shu pointed at the window and smiled threateningly.

Xia Fu looked at the books that were on the sofa: The History of Vampires and A Short Introduction to the Vampire . He then shifted his gaze and sat on the sofa, looking directly at Ming Shu. “You can’t remember what happened to you in the past, right?”

“I guess not…” The sofa was occupied by Xia Fu. Ming Shu had no choice but to carry her food and sit on the rocking chair opposite him. She placed her chin on her hand and smiled. “I have no recollection of how the war happened. Besides that, I can remember the other things.”

This was what the books wrote about her…

They said that she was a surly person who made enemies with humans just because she was unhappy. She was a cla.s.sic example of someone who liked war.

The reason for her starting the war was because she wanted to breed humans to satisfy her personal desires.

In other words, there was nothing good said about her and all the things were presented reasonably as though it was the truth.

On the other hand, Lai Si was the G.o.dly savior and he managed to get himself a bunch of fans.

If she were not the Host, she would have believed the story.

Xia Fu took a deep breath and slowly said, “The reason for the war was, you suddenly ordered the vampires to attack the humans—and it was a ma.s.sive attack.

“At that time, the Xia family was pushed to become the leaders because we are vampire hunters. The other ones that were pushed out were the Song family. They were vampire hunters too. Everyone fought alongside each other to resist the attack of your army.

“Toward the end, the Song family seemed to know all your plans and your army was destroyed. At the crucial moment, Lai Si convinced a huge portion of the vampires to betray you and fought alongside the humans to exile you. This forced you to go into the forbidden lands.

“When the Xia family arrived, your army was annihilated and you… were missing. Lai Si and the Song family said that you were dead and that’s what all the books say now.”

Xia Fu said all this without any expression as though he was reading from a history book. However, there were some things that were not mentioned in books.

Such as the Song family…

Such as the fact that the Xia family didn’t partic.i.p.ate in the final match…

Ming Shu asked softly, “Where are the descendants of the Song family?”

Xia Fu raised his head and looked at Ming Shu. “Missing.

“After the war, it was the most chaotic period for humans and vampires both. The Song family mentioned that they had to rest. Everyone was reorganizing and no one took much notice. It was only when the treaty was formed and they needed the signature of the Song family that they realized that the Song family had not appeared for a long time.

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“They sent people to search, but the Song family’s house was empty. There was no sound at all and everyone had disappeared.”

“Also… I’m a vampire.” Ming Shu dragged out her words. Her cute face was filled with smiles. “As a vampire hunter, your ancestors will come out of their graves and kill you if they learn you’re dating a vampire.”

How can they fell in love if they are not from the same race?

Interracial love? Not possible!

“It is my business who I want to be with,” Xia Fu said, “and I don’t lose anything either. You are the Queen of the Vampires.”

“Has-been queen, right?”

“…” Can we stop bringing this up?

Why did he call her a has-been queen in the first place!

Ming Shu sucked some blood and suggested sincerely, “Xia Fu, why not you become my boy toy?”

Xia Fu sprang up immediately. “If you don’t want to know, forget it.”

To h.e.l.l with your boy toys.

How can a genius like me become someone’s boy toy? Most importantly, she’s not human.

If other humans know about this, I will lose his face.

“Walk slowly, I will not send you off!” Ming Shu waved her small hand.

Xia Fu choked and gave a snort before leaving the apartment. He opened the door and saw Lai Ang, who was just preparing to knock on the door. Lai Ang looked quite handsome and his clothing was extravagant too. Xia Fu squinted his eyes.

Is he the one that stole her?

“If it isn’t Main Head Xia.” Lai Ang patted Xia Fu’s shoulder and greeted him playfully. “Long time no see. How is your father?”

Xia Fu pushed Lai Ang’s hand away indifferently. He spoke slowly, “Ask him yourself.”

“You are still not cute at all.” Lai Ang didn’t care. “What are you doing here?”

Lai Ang spoke the last sentence seriously. The atmosphere in the corridor became still, like the calm before a storm.

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