Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 262 - The Novice Breeder (22)

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Chapter 262: The Novice Breeder (22)

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Yuan Xi looked apologetically at Ming Shu. She couldn’t win against Si Luo.

Ming Shu couldn’t fight with Si Luo on the bus so she sat beside their seats.

This bus was smaller than the one that brought them here. Head Zhou’s men were also riding with them so there were not many empty seats available.

Xia Fu stood in front of Ming Shu. He signaled for her to move aside and not take up two seats by herself.

“Aren’t you Main Head Xia? Get down and sit in their designated cars.”

Ming Shu provoked Mi Li and continued to provoke Xia Fu. Everyone was at a loss. Wasn’t her relationship with Xia Fu very good?

Xia Fu continued to hypnotize himself to not argue with a crazy woman and to learn to care for them.

He took action. He carried Ming Shu and threw her to the seat inside.


The entire bus kicked up a fuss.

Xia Fu glanced at them and they immediately quieted down. They looked at each other and changed the topic.

Ming Shu secretly kicked Xia Fu. The kick landed on Xia Fu’s calf and Xia Fu almost couldn’t stop himself from slapping her.

Xia Fu gritted his teeth and turned around, blocking others’ views before saying, “What did you eat when you were growing up?”

Why are you so strong?

My calf is numb.

Ming Shu smiled brightly and said clearly, “Humans.”

F**k, do you know that you’re a vampire and not a cannibal? What humans are you eating?

Xia Fu wore a serious and expressionless face. “When do you plan to eat me, then?”

“You?” Ming Shu scanned Xia Fu. “I will consider it when you grow fatter.”

Xia Fu didn’t believe that she couldn’t understand his intention and purposely leaned toward Ming Shu. “You know that I’m not talking about this.”

“Oh.” Ming Shu lifted her hand and pressed against his chest, preventing him from coming any closer. She smiled. “I have frigidity.”

Xia Fu, “…”

I bow down to you!

You are amazing!

Xia Fu controlled himself and swept her hand away. He sat up straight. “Don’t forget who saved you.”

Ming Shu’s voice was indifferent and held a hint of a smile. “Even if you don’t save me, I will not die.”

Xia Fu: “…” What the h.e.l.l. I just left for a week. Who brainwashed her!

Don’t let me find out.

If I do, I will not forgive them easily.

“Did anyone see Yun Ce?”

Someone outside the bus suddenly shouted. Everyone looked around but didn’t see that red-haired person. They all shook their heads.

“I didn’t see him when the castle exploded.”

“Is he in trouble?”

Someone had died in the castle and then it was bombed. The students became nervous again.

“I’m sorry, I went to the washroom.” Yun Ce’s voice came from outside the bus. Soon, his red hair appeared in front of everyone.

“Hurry up and sit down.” Head Zhou got onto the bus too. “We will be going down the mountain immediately. Everyone can have some rest. It’s very safe on the bus.”

Yun Ce glanced at Ming Shu and sat down.

The bus started driving down the mountain.

However, just as they were reaching the bottom of the mountain, they were stopped by a car.

Head Zhou pulled a long face and went down to talk to the owner. He came up immediately and said, “No worries, the owner of the castle is worried and wanted to send us down personally.”

n.o.body had ever seen the owner of the castle even though they were there for so long. When they heard what Head Zhou said, some of them looked out of window curiously.

The car outside had its windows closed. They couldn’t see anything inside.

The bus started moving again. The car kept its distance and followed them. The journey was very peaceful. Once they reached the bottom of the mountain, the car changed direction and drove off.

It seemed that they really came to just send them down.

Ming Shu didn’t speak to Xia Fu for the whole journey. Xia Fu wanted to say something but the bus was too quiet. Hence, he decided to stay silent.

When they reached the school, it was already past ten in the morning. The homeroom teacher and a few other teachers from the school were waiting at the school gates.

The homeroom teacher said, “Everyone had a hard time. Go back and get some rest. I will inform you when we are starting the lesson.”

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Most of the students returned to a familiar environment and started to relax. They crowded around the homeroom teacher and started talking.

Of course, he didn’t type that out. He was afraid Ming Shu would get out of the car and beat him up.

Ming Shu didn’t ask for anything weird. She requested a huge amount of food supplies.

Head Zhou reported this to Xia Fu. Xia Fu was speechless for a long time. Is she a pig?

I have never seen any vampires that ate as much as her…

Xia Fu suddenly had a flash of memory. However, when he tried to recall it, he couldn’t remember anything.

He shook his head.

He had felt strange when he was asked to go into the psychological therapy room. He would not allow himself to be dragged into that dark room again. The people inside were devils!

Dingdong .

Ming Shu looked up from the sofa. So late…

Who is it?

I don’t want to open the door.

Ming Shu decided to pretend that she didn’t hear anything.

The person outside relentlessly pressed the doorbell.

Ming Shu scratched her head and walked toward the door without her shoes.

The person outside the door was none other than Xia Fu. He had a few boxes around him and he was breathing slightly heavily. He should have carried the boxes up.

“Is there no one in your department? Main Head Xia has to personally send them?” And send them in the middle of the night? What is he thinking!

Xia Fu said without any expression, “Where do I put them?”

Ming Shu smiled. “Anywhere, someone will pack them in a while.”

Someone! Wil! Pack! Them!

There is someone!

Is it the person who s.n.a.t.c.hed her away when I wasn’t around?

No way! I have to stay and take a look.

I have to see which b.a.s.t.a.r.d stole my girl.

Xia Fu looked down and covered up the emotions that were about to explode in his eyes. He carried a box inside. Ming Shu stopped him. “Main Head Xia, I didn’t invite you in.”

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