Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 261 - The Novice Breeder (21)

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Chapter 261: The Novice Breeder (21)

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Beautiful fireworks exploded in the sky above the castle. At the same time, the castle shook as though it was being pushed by something.


Fireworks exploded and Lai Si’s figure was lit up. There was a cold aura surrounding his tall figure.

The fireworks continued exploding and formed a smile in the sky as if laughing at the people below.

From Lai Si’s position, he could see the part of the castle which was bombed. Flames and smoke rose up into the air. It looked cool and amazing.

“Hah…” Lai Si held onto the window sill. “Not as stupid as last time.”

He focused on the fireworks and didn’t even give a glance at the bombed castle.

The butler carefully said, “Master, don’t you think that that person has changed?”

“Three hundred years… there should be some changes.”

The butler was still cautious. “Master… I am worried that she will recover her lost memories.”

“Most of the power of the vampires is in my hands now. Even if she regained her memory, what can she do? Depend on Lai Ang?”

“She is still the Queen of Vampires…”

Lai Si gave a cold smile. “Then let’s see who will get the last laugh this time.”

Xia Fu stood outside with a bunch of people and stared at the castle that was half destroyed by the bomb. His mouth twitched uncontrollably.

She actually went to bomb the castle behind his back!

Xia Fu had another mission that was related to Lai Si. The thing that he wanted was in the castle.

But looking at the situation now, the mission most probably failed.

Violate my character, cheat on me, destroy my mission…


How am I supposed to continue my mission!

I am not doing it anymore!

I want to go back!

Ming Shu carried her bag and slowly followed the anxious students out of the castle. She even looked back at her work and seemed very satisfied.

Xia Fu didn’t even think and walked straight over, grabbing her by the shoulder.

He pulled her toward him and blocked most of her view. “There is nothing for you to gain by bombing the castle and provoking Lai Si.”

He was so angry that he forgot to maintain his character setting and spoke fluently.

“Hey, aren’t you a man of few words? I have no money to give you for all the extra words that you spoke.” Ming Shu raised her eyebrow. Her focus was still on Xia Fu’s character setting.

Xia Fu: “…” Oh no, oh no, the character setting is violated.

F**k, I don’t care anymore!

“As a member of the Xia family, I need some disguise sometimes.” Xia Fu started adding scenes for himself expressionlessly. “You are different from the doc.u.ments I received too.”

Xia Fu spoke fluently but his expression didn’t change. That way, he could violate less of his character setting.

Ming Shu nodded her head as though she accepted his explanation.

Xia Fu didn’t care whether she believed him or not. He decided to just smash the pot since it was already broken. “As a queen, don’t you think you’re being a bit rash?”

Ming Shu’s small face was filled with smiles. She replied light-heartedly, “I am just a has-been queen. I don’t need to consider anything.”

Xia Fu: “…” This was what he said before.

He had to fill the hole he had dug no matter what happened.

“Also—” Ming Shu swept away Xia Fu’s hand that was still on her shoulder and looked up at him. Her eyes were smiling. “How do you know that I was the one who did it? Did you see it yourself? If you don’t have evidence, don’t accuse me. I might make a claim against you!”

The fireworks above were still exploding.

The colorful lights fell into the eyes of the girl and they looked like the cosmos, so bright that he couldn’t shift his gaze away.

Xia Fu was in a daze…

He had seen this pair of eyes somewhere before.

He didn’t dare to stare straight at her and purposely shifted his gaze away. “I heard you say it personally.”

No one else would want to bomb this castle except a lunatic like you, right?

Xia Fu didn’t dare to say his thought aloud.

“Did I bomb the castle when you heard me? Maybe I was just joking? If I say that you are my ancestor, will you really become my ancestor?” Ming Shu continued to provoke Xia Fu. Her ultimate aim was to anger him to death.

“I will not quarrel with you.” Xia Fu made an effort to calm himself down. “You must not tell anyone about this. I will help you cover it up.”

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“I don’t need your help. I will take care of my own business.” Ming Shu suddenly patted his shoulder and gave a mysterious smile.

Let me give you a fireworks show.

If you’re not angry, I will admit defeat.

Mi Li’s beautiful eyes turned round.

She did this!

“Don’t stare at me. Your eyeb.a.l.l.s look as though they are about to fall out. It’s very scary.”

Ming Shu said this sentence loudly. The students beside them all turned around. Mi Li didn’t have the time to retract her gaze and some students saw her expression.

Mi Li was a G.o.ddess to them. When they suddenly saw the vicious expression on her face, they couldn’t get used to it.

She felt anger in her heart and immediately changed her expression. “Wei Xi, I don’t think I provoked you, right?”

“Nope.” Ming Shu smiled. “I just want to make you angry.”

For the sake of my snacks, I have to gain Hatred Points.

Mi Li gritted her teeth. “Are you sick!”

Ming Shu nodded her head seriously. “I have an illness that will only get better if I make you angry.”

Everyone: “…” Crazy.

Mi Li’s face turned red. If there were no one on the bus, she would probably have pounced on Ming Shu and bit her.

Ming Shu looked at the speechless Mi Li who wanted to flare up with anger but couldn’t. She happily hummed a tune and walked to the back.

Conversations started behind her.

“Wei Xi and Mi Li’s relationship seems very bad…”

“Is Wei Xi bullying our G.o.ddess again…”

“Mi Li looked very scary just now.”

“She was angered by Wei Xi. G.o.ddess also has a temper.”

Ming Shu suddenly turned around, “I have a temper too. Be careful of what you say.”

Everyone: “…”

Ming Shu was satisfied and walked forward. She saw someone sitting beside her little snack and her mood immediately dropped.

You can’t have the best of both worlds.

Si Luo raised his eyebrows at Ming Shu triumphantly. Let me see how you’re going to s.n.a.t.c.h her now!

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