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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 26 - League of Poor Students (3)

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Chapter 26: League of Poor Students (3)

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“Lu Meng, how could you be so rude!” Jin Yuqi’s finely arched eyebrows furrowed; she seemed to be unsatisfied with Ming Shu’s behavior. But she restrained her anger because she didn’t want to be inelegant in front of others.

Jin Yuqi scrutinized Ming Shu secretly. Woman’s intuition told her that the girl in front of her was a bit different from who she used to be.

If Lu Meng had seen Jin Yuqi and Shangguan Feng together in the past, she wouldn’t be able to bear it and would be liable to fall over. But today she was so calm, which was strange.

And she only had a cold after being locked in the old teaching building last night.

“What’s wrong with being rude to you?” Ming Shu’s face was red because of her fever. With a sweet smile on her lovely face now, she was so cute that others wanted to pinch her cheeks.

“It’s wrong.” Jin Yuqi hid her confusion in her heart, showing grief on her face. “I saw that you’re not feeling well and wanted A’Feng to take you to the infirmary. It’s fine that you didn’t accept my kindness, but you shouldn’t have been so rude. Lu Meng, didn’t your parents teach you manners?”

Without really trying, Jin Yuqi’s expression was such that others didn’t think she was being deliberate.

Subconsciously, others were partial to her.

Ming Shu chuckled, her sweet voice saying, “You scold me claiming my parents didn’t teach me well?”

Jin Yuqi didn’t expect that Ming Shu would say that directly. When she heard that, her expression changed and her hands fell to unconsciously clutch her clothes tightly. She took a deep breath, explaining, “I didn’t mean that. Lu Meng, don’t misunderstand my words.”

“Yuqi, don’t say too much to her. She just knows how to make trouble out of nothing. Lu Meng, apologize to Yuqi and we’ll let this go.” Shangguan Feng dragged Jin Yuqi close to him, looking at Ming Shu indifferently.

One had to admit that Shangguan Feng was really handsome, or Jin Yuqi wouldn’t have taken a fancy to him and tried to win him over.

“Apologize? I never apologize to a brute.” Jin Yuqi deliberately flaunted their relationship in Lu Meng’s presence. Ming Shu would have felt sorry for Jin Yuqi if she didn’t counterattack and get Hatred Points. It would be a missed opportunity for them both.

“Lu Meng, where is your upbringing?” Shangguan Feng was disappointed. He remembered that Lu Meng was polite in the past and wondered why she changed so much.

Ming Shu almost laughed. Why did Shangguan Feng still think he had the right to be disappointed in Lu Meng?

If it were not that Shangguan Feng flirted with the Host, would the Host like him so much?

Ye Miaomiao was right: Shangguan Feng was a bad man.

“I fed a dog with my upbringing.” Ming Shu slightly tilted her head, asking Shangguan Feng, “Well, was it delicious?”

“…” Shangguan Feng couldn’t restrain his anger anymore, furiously demanding, “You really don’t want to apologize? Don’t think that I don’t dare deal with you.”

He had clearly explained to her that he always regarded her as a sister and thought she would understand. But things developed into this, beyond his expectation.

That a lovely girl changed to such an impolite girl disappointed him greatly.

“I just don’t want to apologize. Do you want to hit me? Come on, hit me!” Ming Shu pushed her smiling face closer to Shangguang Feng’s on purpose.

Shangguan Feng was so angry he almost lost his mind, hand rising to slap Ming Shu. Meanwhile Ming Shu smiled wider. Looking into her smiling eyes suddenly, Shangguan Feng felt fearful for no reason and wanted to stop.

But now he couldn’t stop and had to slap her.


Ye Miaomiao’s shout was drowned out by a louder sound. Before everybody could see what happened, Shangguan Feng was sprawled on the floor, the desk tipping so that somebody’s breakfast fell onto him.

The cla.s.sroom quieted down, the smell of braised beef in sauce suffusing the air.

Under the strange atmosphere, Ming Shu naturally took back her gesture of an overarm throw, brushing her hands with a smile on her face as if to clean dirt off them. No dislike could be seen on her face, but could be greatly discerned from her behavior.

I’m so hungry that I almost have no energy to hit people!

“…” Ye Miaomiao was silent and cried in her mind, Oh my G.o.d! What happened to Mengmeng in just one night?

She beat Shangguan Feng…

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It was unbelievable!

Because of her serious cold, Ming Shu felt that her body was heavy. While she was sleeping, she felt that she was crushed by something and almost couldn’t breathe.

A slight sound rang out beside Ming Shu’s ear; she returned to herself at once. Narrowing her eyes, she looked to the left and saw a boy in uniform searching the cupboard where the school doctor kept the medicine.

Ming Shu shook her dizzy head and sat up. “Hey.”

The boy turned his head; a handsome face entered Ming Shu’s sight. He looked like a star, practically shining.

… He’s familiar. Where did I meet him?

Ah, right. The student ID last night.

It’s him.

Turning back his head as if nothing had happened, the boy student put two bottles into his bag, closed the cupboard, and walked toward Ming Shu. Then, leaning against the bed and looking at Ming Shu, he bent down gradually. A strange smell surrounded Ming Shu. “Lu Meng, what did you see just now?”

“You stealing medicine.”

The student’s mouth turned up, his face becoming evil immediately. “Lu Meng, are you sure?”

Ming Shu smiled back and moved away to distance herself from him. Blinking her eyes, she asked, “Do you have any food?”

His mouth quivered slightly in shock.

The second time…

“No.” He stood up, heaving his bag, and squinted at Ming Shu from his greater height. “Lu Meng, if you dare to tell others what happened just now…”

He looked at Ming Shu meaningfully, then left through the window, disappearing from Ming Shu’s sight.

“…” How dare you be so without any food!

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