Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 258 - The Novice Breeder (18)

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Chapter 258: The Novice Breeder (18)

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Ming Shu leaned toward Xia Fu and placed her hand on his shoulder, leaning half of her weight on him.

She turned. “Xia Fu, if you are willing to be my boy toy… I can consider you.”

Xia Fu pushed Ming Shu away and walked off.

After a few steps, he started to regret it. Would it still be possible to turn back now and say that he was okay with being her boy toy?

“Yuan Xi!”

“Let go!”

“My little delicious snack, I haven’t asked you why you’re hugging her. Don’t you know that males and females must keep their distance?”

“Si Luo, Wei Xi… let me go first.”



Xia Fu took a deep breath. He didn’t need to turn around to know what was happening behind him.

Even if it was possible, he was not willing to.

He needed some time alone.

The next few days, it was very peaceful. Nothing strange happened and most of the students enjoyed their time at the castle.

That night, there would be a bonfire banquet organized by the owner of the castle.

Ming Shu went down a bit later as she was filling up her stomach.

Yuan Xi was s.n.a.t.c.hed by Si Luo.

She sat in the shadows and watched Si Luo dance with her little snack, silently planning to pop their bubble.

Just as she was getting up, a small girl b.u.mped into her. The little girl apologized to her embarra.s.sedly and ran into the castle.

“Wei Xi, I have something to talk to you about. Follow me.” Mi Li appeared out of nowhere and blocked Ming Shu’s path.

“I have something on.” Ming Shu tried to walk around Mi Li.

Mi Li didn’t let her go. “Why? You don’t have the courage to talk to me alone? Weren’t you very arrogant yesterday?”

Ming Shu saw Si Luo pulling Yuan Xi away and immediately gave Mi Li an evil smile. “Let me show you my arrogance again.”



Under the gazes of the crowd, Mi Li was thrown over the shoulder by Ming Shu. Everyone looked toward them.

“If you block my path again, I might cut off one of your legs.” Ming Shu bent down and helped Mi Li tidy her clothes. “So many people are watching. Do you feel embarra.s.sed? Are you angry?”

Mi Li pushed Ming Shu’s hand away and picked herself up with a long face. She noticed the different stares she was getting and felt her face turning hot.

She stared at Ming Shu and bit her lip. Then, she disappeared instantly into the castle.

Wei Xi, you just wait. I will make you pay for this.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know… Wei Xi suddenly threw Mi Li onto the ground and then Mi Li ran away.”

“Let’s go take a look at Mi Li.”

Mi Li’s vampire friends followed Mi Li into the castle. The guys that admired Mi Li started reprimanding her.

“Wei Xi, you’re going overboard. How can you do this to Mi Li?”

“How am I going overboard?” Ming Shu gave him an innocent face and started spouting nonsense. “She wanted to fight with me. Am I going overboard just because I won? Am I in the wrong just because I’m powerful?”

No one knew what Ming Shu and Mi Li said just now. When they looked over, Mi Li was already on the ground.

Hence, they didn’t know if Ming Shu was speaking the truth or not. What if they were really fighting each other?

“Even if what you said was true, how can you be so hard on Mi Li?”

If I’m not hard on her, how can I gain Hatred Points?

Also, she blocked my path first! I wasn’t the one who started it.

I am not going to take responsibility!

“Anything can happen in a battle.” Ming Shu looked at the guy who spoke just now and smiled. “You are also wrong to grow so tall. Why don’t I cut off a portion of your height?”


Ming Shu smiled. “What about me? I know I’m cute. You don’t have to compliment me.”

“…” Shameless!

The guy still wanted to say something. Ming Shu pulled up her sleeves.

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The guy’s face changed. He sneered and left with his companions. The other people started gossiping among each other with different expressions and then dispersed after a while.

“Is it the people of this castle?”

“No way…”

Gossips started sprouting everywhere. The butler turned around and looked at the students indifferently. He spoke in a stable tone: “For everyone’s safety, please gather in the dining hall.”

The vampires were not really scared, but the humans were. They gathered in groups and stayed away from the vampires.

The lights in the dining hall were all on, illuminating the dining hall completely.

Ming Shu found a place and sat down.

“Who did it?”

“Who knows. All the vampires are suspicious.”

The vampires got unhappy and refuted, “That might not be true. What if a human imitated a vampire and committed this crime?”

The geniuses started investigating the case. “I just saw He Jiajia one hour ago. How can a human finish committing the crime in such a short time?”

The vampire argued, “How do you know it was He Jiajia that you saw? The lighting was so dim. Did you speak to her?”

The human didn’t give in. “I sat behind He Jiajia in school. I know her very well. I can’t possibly make a mistake.”

The two parties were preparing to fight each other when the butler appeared at the right time and stopped their argument.

“Please check and see who is not here.”

“There is Shao Ping, Alice, Si Luo, Andy, Yun Ce, Xia Fu, Yun Ce and…” Mi Li stood up and said, “Wei Xi.”

“Isn’t Wei Xi here?” Someone pointed at the corner. Ming Shu swung her legs. Her body was half-blocked by the pillar and the person in front of her was standing up. Hence, Mi Li might not have noticed her.

Mi Li froze for a while and said, “I didn’t see her.”

Xia Fu and Yun Ce were in their rooms and were called down instantly.

Yuan Xi and Si Luo came back from outside. Alice and Shao Ping could be found and Andy was missing.

Alice was a vampire. Shao Ping was human.

Xia Fu sat beside Ming Shu and didn’t say anything. He typed on his cellphone.

“I saw you walking over to the crime scene before it happened. Why did you go there?” Xia Fu finished typing and showed it to Ming Shu.

“Why are you observing me?” Ming Shu’s smile was gentle. “If I say I went to murder someone, will you believe me?”

“I won’t.”

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows and maintained her gentle smile.

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