Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 256 - The Novice Breeder (16)

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Chapter 256: The Novice Breeder (16)

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Andy let Yuan Xi sit beside Si Luo. Yuan Xi pouted, but she couldn’t fight against Andy, so she could only change her seat unwillingly.

Andy happily sat beside Ming Shu. “Actually, I don’t really like Lai Si either. Bring me along when you bomb this place.”


“Aiya, Si Luo, Lai Si didn’t give us any good att.i.tude last time. Why are you afraid of him? It’s not as though we can’t beat him in a fight.”

“I’m afraid of him?” Si Luo immediately got displeased. “I just don’t want to get into any trouble.”

Andy continued, “Tsk, Si Luo, don’t forget that you were not the one who started the trouble in the first place.”

Si Luo kept quiet for a while and poured some drinks for Yuan Xi. He had already accepted Andy’s request.

Andy blinked at Ming Shu flirtatiously as though saying: L ook, I managed to convince Si Luo already. Please bring us along to play!

Ming Shu: “…”

Why is the male protagonist not following the common path? You are the male protagonist! And the female protagonist, shouldn’t you have stopped us angrily? We are planning to bomb someone’s house!

Yuan Xi was in a daze as per normal.

Yun Ce raised his hand. “I am willing to contribute my effort toward Cla.s.smate Wei Xi’s cause too.”

Ming Shu continued smiling. Have you all given up on your character settings!

Hey! Wake up!

The only person that seemed normal was Xia Fu. He continued eating his food as though he didn’t hear their conversation at all.

Xia Fu was thinking internally:

F**k, why don’t you all fly straight to heaven!

Bomb the castle? Why not you go bomb the universe!

This girl is crazy too!

Wait, why did you use the word “too”?

No, I can’t let them bomb the castle, I still have a mission to uncover Lai Si’s wrongdoings!

Xia Fu finished his food quickly, packed up his things, and left. He disappeared as suddenly as he appeared.

Ming Shu watched him leave the dining hall and retracted her gaze. She looked at the excited Andy beside her.

She didn’t like Si Luo because he was always occupying her little delicious treat—hence, Ming Shu decided to bring them along to have some fun.

Ming Shu decided that if anything happened, she would push the male protagonist out and then her little delicious treat would be hers.

This is a great idea.

However, Yun Ce got angry because she didn’t want to bring him and he left with Xia Fu.

[Guest, please be calm. Why are you fighting with the male protagonist for the female protagonist?]

The Harmony System felt that it couldn’t remain harmonious anymore.

“The female protagonist belongs to everyone. Whoever has the ability will get her. Even the secondary male protagonist can fight for her, so why can’t I?” Ming Shu said blatantly.

I don’t even bear to bite her. why must I let the male protagonist bite! No way!

[Your mission is to gain Hatred Points, not gain Liked Points.] I shall give the guest some small demons to fight with to calm her down.

“I am gaining Hatred Points too. I brought so many people along to gain it together. Isn’t it good!”

The Harmony System was speechless. You brought the male protagonist to help you gain Hatred Points. Awesome.

[Let go of the female protagonist! She can’t be eaten anyway!] The Harmony System tried one last time.

“Who says the female protagonist can’t be eaten?” If she can’t be eaten, why am I protecting her?


If the fake female protagonist could be eaten, would she protect her too? The Harmony System couldn’t help but feel disgusted. It told itself that it would never allow such things to happen.


Yun Ce walked out of the door and saw Ming Shu leaning against the corridor wall. The lights along the corridor shone on her and formed a warm aura around her.

Her clear gaze was fixed on a painting on the wall. No one knew if she was looking at the painting or daydreaming. She had her guard down and looked like a harmless cutie.

If anyone sneaked an attack on her now, the person would definitely succeed.

“Cla.s.smate Wei Xi, have you changed your mind?” Yun Ce closed the door and walked toward. Ming Shu. “Have you decided to bring me along?”

Ming Shu gaze moved slowly and landed on Yun Ce’s face.

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A few seconds later, she smiled. “No, I am here to beat you.”

Ming Shu nodded and smiled. “I am looking forward to it.”

“Miss Mi Li, Master is waiting,” the attendant behind Mi Li reminded.

Mi Li nodded and started walking.

However, just as she walked past Ming Shu, Ming Shu grabbed her elbow.

Mi Li’s beautiful eyes landed on her. “Wei Xi, what are you doing?”

Ming Shu smiled. “I’ll send you down. No need to thank me.”

She immediately pulled Mi Li down.

Mi Li stepped into air and fell down the stairs. She even forgot her abilities as a vampire due to the shock of being pulled down.

The attendants: “…”

Mi Li slammed into the carpet below. She looked up angrily and shouted at the attendants, “Catch her!”

“Aiya, being angry is correct.”

Mi Li looked at the smiling Ming Shu and got even more p.i.s.sed off.

The four attendants looked at each other and attacked Ming Shu together.

Ming Shu dodged their attacks and provoked them irritatingly, “You didn’t manage to catch me. Did your master deduct your food supplies?”

“Catch her!” Mi Li jumped up furiously. Her expression was sinister.

Ming Shu jumped up the stairs and stood in the corridor.

The four attendants attacked her in an orderly manner. However, when they were near her, they kneeled down. It was not of their own will, but a natural bodily reaction.

Their bodies naturally respected the vampire in front of them.

“You all will suffer if you are so disrespectful toward me.” Ming Shu turned around and left. She waved her hand. “Let’s play next time.”

Ming Shu had no energy to watch the reaction of the people behind her.

Every single kind of power consumed something.

She was not only hungry now, but she was also very tired.

If Mi Li attacked her now. she would die at once.

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