Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 255 - The Novice Breeder (15)

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Chapter 255: The Novice Breeder (15)

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“Xiao Xi, what do you think this place is? This is so big… it’s like a palace. The school pumped in a lot of money for the Autumn Twilight trip this year.”

Yuan Xi was unpacking her stuff and talking to Ming Shu.

“I don’t know.” At least, she didn’t know anything now .

The Host had never jumped grades before so she didn’t know the location of the trip.

However, she had help.

Ming Shu didn’t get any reply from Lai Ang, but she got a call from him.

“Queen, why are you at Lai Si’s place?” Lai Ang immediately asked her. “I will send my men over instantly. Do not make any moves.”

“This is Lai Si’s place?” Ming Shu raised her eyebrows.

Hatred Points are sent to my door!

“Yes, you must be careful.” Lai Ang kept warning her. “Lai Si loves to scheme and plot against people. He must be planning against you.”

Ming Shu smiled softly. “Don’t worry, I can handle it.”

Lai Ang was still worried. He immediately said a few words and wanted to send people over.

Lai Ang was a powerful general under Wei Xi in the past. He had been living in the human world for very long and was definitely not a general without an army.

However, in order to make Lai Si drop his guard toward him, he had to portray himself as someone who was flirtatious and playful.

That was the only way to prevent Lai Si from killing him.

In the end, Ming Shu stopped Lai Ang from coming and gave him a mission. She asked him to research Lai Si and that finally prevented Lai Ang from coming over.

After unpacking, everyone gathered in the dining hall. The homeroom teacher spoke about some rules and regulations and then everyone started eating. It was free and easy that afternoon.

The dining hall was very big. Yuan Xi looked at it in awe.

Ming Shu stared at the bright red liquid in her cup and frowned slightly.

She glanced at the vampire beside her. His cup was filled with the normal artificial blood.

Only her cup had the smell of fresh blood. In order to stop her from recognizing the smell, there was other stuff added to it. If she hadn’t been careful, she would not have noticed it at all.

Ming Shu stared at her cup in a daze. Yuan Xi bit into her steak and poked her. “Xiao Xi, why are you not drinking? Are you not hungry?”


I am starving to death!

Why not let me bite you?

The cup in front of Ming Shu was suddenly taken away. Yun Ce appeared opposite her and he pushed his cup toward her. “Why do I feel that your cup is more delicious? Cla.s.smate Wei Xi, do you mind if we change cups?”

Although Yun Ce was a half-vampire, his habits leaned more toward the vampire kind. However, Ming Shu had never seen him drinking blood before.

“I mind.” Ming Shu grabbed her cup.

I just don’t want to give it you!

“Cla.s.smate Wei Xi, you’re not drinking it and you don’t want to exchange with me. Isn’t this… what was it, to be a dog in the manger?”

Yun Ce was very handsome. Even if he said such vulgar words, no one would find him bad at all.

“I’m happy. What can you do?” Ming Shu raised her eyebrows and smiled. “I just don’t want to exchange with you. If you want to drink, you can ask for a cup over there!”

“That’s so troublesome. I still feel that your cup will be more delicious.”

Yuan Xi looked at the two people arguing with a puzzled look. Isn’t it just a cup of artificial blood? What is there to argue about? There is still a lot over there…

Si Luo was walking toward Yuan Xi among all the screams from the girls. Yun Ce was sitting opposite. He looked at him in disdain and moved a bit to the side. He placed a plate of steak that was already cut up in front of Yuan Xi. “Eat less, you are already as fat as a pig.”

Yuan Xi: “…” Then why are you still giving me another plate?

The guy who was always smiling could only sit between him and Yun Ce.

“Hi, I’m Andy.” The guy waved at Ming Shu. “We have never met before. I didn’t know there’s such a cute cla.s.smate in our school.”

Ming Shu smiled back politely.

An aura appeared beside Ming Shu. A guy in black silently sat beside her.

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The appearance of Xia Fu caused the atmosphere at the table to become a bit strange.

Ming Shu seldom stared at someone with so much focus, but she was doing it to Xia Fu. She wanted to glean something from his expression.

However, there wasn’t anything.

Xia Fu let go of her and started eating silently.

No way am I going to violate my character setting.

Yun Ce raised his leg and squeezed his collar with his fingers. He continued, “Cla.s.smate Wei Xi, the owner of this place seems to have something against you.”

When Si Luo and Andy arrived, Ming Shu had already covered her cup with her hand and they didn’t notice anything different about the blood.

However, Yun Ce’s words caused them to shift their attention towards the cup instinctively.

“Is there any problem?” Andy said curiously. He even went closer and took a sniff. Ming Shu was still covering the cup but there were holes. Andy smelled the blood. “It’s fresh blood.”

Andy and Si Luo looked at each other. He smiled. “How did you provoke Lai Si?”

They knew whose place this was.

Long ago, fresh blood was the best food to welcome customers with. But now, this was not the case.

“I just destroyed his building.” Ming Shu’s tone was casual.

” Cough cough cough …” Andy choked.

Yuan Xi had a stunned look on her face.

Si Luo and Yun Ce wore surprised expressions. Only Xia Fu had no expression, but internally, he was flipping and dancing about.

Andy asked in a small voice, “You still dare to come here? Are you crazy?”

“How can I catch the tiger if I don’t go into its den?” Ming Shu smiled and started talking nonsense. “I’m prepared to destroy this place too. What do you all think?”

“How are you planning to do it?” Si Luo sneered. “Your ability has downgraded, right? Do you think you can walk out of here alive after provoking Si Luo?”

Ming Shu smiled gently and didn’t reply.

If I can’t get out of here alive, I can get out of here dead.

Also, she had squeezed many things into Little Beastie’s storage s.p.a.ce during the Doomsday world’s events; it wouldn’t be a problem bombing this entire place.

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