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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 254 - The Novice Breeder (14)

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Chapter 254: The Novice Breeder (14)

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Si Luo got on the bus and saw the girl who had just taken away his sweetheart sitting in the back row.

She arranged his little sweetheart on a seat by the window, so it seemed impossible to take her back directly.

Si Luo walked up to Ming Shu with his long legs and showed an overbearing expression. “Move.”

“No.” Ming Shu really wanted to roll her eyes if she could.

Delicious dessert belonged to whomever took her away.

I got her with my beauty, why should I give her to others.

“Are you looking for death?”

Yuan Xi pulled Ming Shu’s sleeves and nervously looked at Si Luo, then said weakly, “Si Luo, she is my friend, I want to sit with her…”

Si Luo looked at Yuan Xi seriously. “Will you say that again?”

Yuan Xi got up the courage. “I said… I want to sit with my friend.”

“Look, she is more willing to stay with me.” Ming Shu offered a dazzling smile.

“She’s a vampire!” Si Luo gritted his teeth. “You want to sit with her? Do you know what she might be planning?”

“You can’t always stop me from making friends…” Yuan Xi murmured and sounded very wronged. “I also want to hang out with my friend.”

“You’re talking like you’re not a vampire. What kinds of things are you planning, then?” Ming Shu looked at Si Luo, and she suddenly got up and leaned over to him, then said in a voice that could only be heard by him and herself, “Weren’t you attracted by the smell of her at the beginning?”

Si Luo’s expression changed abruptly. He reached out and grabbed Ming Shu’s hand. “Don’t you dare harm her.”

Before Ming Shu could struggle, a slender hand suddenly appeared between them and lightly pressed on Si Luo’s wrist. Ming Shu’s hand was released.

Somehow it became very quiet in the bus.

Everyone looked at the boy in black clothes one after another.

Si Luo turned his head, burning in anger. “Xia Fu, what do you want? It’s none of your business! Your Xia family has no reason to interfere with me.”

Xia Fu released Si Luo and spat out two words. “My girl.”

Si Luo seemed to be shocked, and his eyes moved back and forth between Ming Shu and Xia Fu.

“It turned out to be you.” Si Luo seemed to have understood something. He shook his hand and walked to the seats behind them. When pa.s.sing by Ming Shu, he said, “Your Majesty, Wei Xi.”

Ordinary vampires and humans seldom knew the name of the Queen of Vampires, but he knew.

And Xia Fu recently had been paying close attention to a certain vampire, whose name was Wei Xi.

“Then how dare you compete with me to grab her!” Ming Shu didn’t suppress her voice at all.

Si Luo was dumbfounded.


Grab her? What is this girl talking about? Yuan Xi was originally his little sweetheart!

Who was grabbing her now!

Si Luo was so angry that he wanted to go back and argue more, but was stopped by a boy behind him, indicating that he shouldn’t be impulsive.

“Wow, what’s happening here.” A frivolous voice broke the strange atmosphere in the bus.

Yun Ce’s flamboyant red hair was particularly eye-catching.

“Trash.” Si Luo immediately showed a disgusted expression after Yun Ce came up.

A gloomy look flashed across Yun Ce’s eyes. He wondered if what Si Luo said had to do with his half-human, half-vampire ident.i.ty, or…

“Naturally, you’re the n.o.ble, Your Highness Si Luo.”

Si Luo snorted and sat down in a seat behind Yuan Xi. The boy who stopped him before also immediately sat next to him.

“Cla.s.smate Xia Fu, congratulations.” Yun Ce turned his head and showed his typically cynical face.

Xia Fu knew what he was congratulating him for, but he just gave a cold look at him, then silently sat down opposite Ming Shu.

Yun Ce smiled to himself, then also looked for a seat to sit down.

“Mi Li, doesn’t that Wei Xi come from junior high and has no background?”

In the first few seats, the girl next to Mi Li asked in a whisper, “Xia Fu protects her, and now, why do I feel that Si Luo and Yun Ce also treat her with a weird att.i.tude?”

“Right, she was so challenging, but she wasn’t tossed out by His Highness Si Luo.”

Mi Li looked at the person from behind the makeup mirror, and her eyes were full of gloominess.

She didn’t respond to her companions’ questions. The girls saw Mi Li wore a bad expressions and they didn’t dare to discuss further.

Mi Li was always like this recently. They were a little scared.

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After the homeroom teacher called the roll, the bus set off.

Xia Fu should be about 185 centimeters tall, and Ming Shu stood in front of him, which simply made them look like the most representative couple of the cute height difference aesthetic.

“Cla.s.smate Xia Fu, I don’t need you to follow me.” Ming Shu was speaking to Xia Fu.

She still wore a smile on her face, but Xia Fu thought the smile was a bit strange.

Xia Fu had a bad feeling in the bottom of his heart.

He left for just one week.

What happened!

“Not safe.” Xia Fu uttered a few words slowly.

“That’s none of your business.” Ming Shu smiled.

Xia Fu: “…”

The nerves between Xia Fu’s eyebrows jumped wildly, and his eyes seemed to be suppressing some kind of emotion.

Ming Shu looked at him with an interested expression, and her lips were faintly turned up, which was very annoying.

Xia Fu took a deep breath secretly. “Be careful.”

Then he turned and left.

Just at this time, the homeroom teacher clapped his hands and told everyone to follow the manservants wearing tuxedos. “Everyone follow them in, choose your own room, two people to one. Put down your luggage and then gather at the old castle restaurant.”

“Everyone, please come with us.”

The number of manservants was exactly matched with the number of student pairs.

And the rooms were arranged for same-s.e.x pairs so Yuan Xi got rid of Si Luo and waited for Ming Shu.

Si Luo was too overbearing. Yuan Xi always had a sense of oppression when staying with him. She didn’t even know where to put her hands and feet properly.

But it was totally different with Ming Shu. She had a soft smile, and staying beside her was like holding a warm little sun. Each time she saw her smile, she even wanted to offer her a bite.

Si Luo glared at Ming Shu with dissatisfaction. Ming Shu remained smiling, though. “Change your gender if you like, or wear some women’s dresses.”

Si Luo, “…”

“Hahahaha!” The boy next to Si Luo laughed.

“Which side are you on?”

“Well well, Si Luo, don’t be angry! Wait for me…” The boy hurriedly followed Si Luo into the old castle.

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