Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 253 - The Novice Breeder (13)

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Chapter 253: The Novice Breeder (13)

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Lai Ang looked at the miserable house of Ming Shu, and his face looked as if he’d eaten a hundred flies.

“My Queen, do you really live here?”

“Right, I’m just an outdated Queen, and I can’t live in a splendid palace.” Ming Shu lay down on the sofa.

“Even so, you can’t live in this…” Lai Ang didn’t know how to describe the place. But you’re the Queen of Vampires, how can you live in such a miserable place!

Ming Shu waved her hand carelessly. “Even if I live on the street, I am the Queen.”

Lai Ang: “…” Why did he feel that his Queen always had a kind of unknown confidence.

Lai Ang tried to persuade Ming Shu to live in the place he prepared for her, but Ming Shu didn’t want to move. Hence, Lai Ang could only order people to rearrange the apartment.

The empty apartment was immediately stuffed with a lot of high-end goods, and the whole s.p.a.ce then acquired a completely new atmosphere. Just looking inside, you might think that it was a room for a princess.

“Lai Si has been the head of the vampires in the eyes of humans for so many years. Most vampires respect him, but he hasn’t made himself into the king.” Lai Ang introduced to Ming Shu her mission target for Hatred Points.

“About what happened in those days, how much do you know?”

“In those days?” Lai Ang paused to wonder, “Are you talking about that big war?”

Ming Shu nodded.

Lai Ang shook his head and became a little angry, “I don’t know the specific situation very well. I just acted on your orders. But before you decided to attack the humans, you and Lai Si met with each other very frequently. Then the war began… and then, Lai Si joined forces with the humans to besiege you. I was dispatched to other places, and when I came back, I only heard the news of your death. That war made Lai Si into a hero.

“I have never believed you dead, and I thought you would come back. Now my intuition is proven correct.”

Speaking of this, Lai Ang was a little excited.

But Ming Shu didn’t have any memory of what Lai Ang said. She nodded thoughtfully. “You go back first, I’ll contact you if I need something.”

“No, I have to stay with you,” Lai Ang refused seriously.

Why stay with me?!

I can’t afford another “errand boy.”

Lai Ang strongly insisted to stay and voluntarily took the position of the Queen’s butler.

Ming Shu’s several errand boys expressed a warm welcome to the sudden appearance of the golden thigh butler.

Ming Shu: “…” Whoever offers food is the boss.

Though they were not liked by Butler Lai Ang, Lai Ang arranged them to go elsewhere.

How can these kind of blind vampires with dubious backgrounds stay around Her Majesty?

The news that Paradise Entertainment City was bombed spread in the school. Ming Shu strolled into the school slowly. Occasionally she would see some students dragging their suitcases out, not knowing what they were to do.

Ming Shu walked into the cla.s.sroom leisurely; it was as noisy as ever.

As Nora glanced at Ming Shu, her face suddenly turned as pale as paper.

She didn’t know why, but she thought that the bombing of Paradise Entertainment City was related to her.

I should never provoke her again.

I’m really afraid…

“Wei Xi, Wei Xi, why didn’t you come to cla.s.s yesterday? Xia Fu didn’t come, Yun Ce also didn’t come, did you all agree to skip”

As Ming Shu just sat down, Yuan Xi hurried into the cla.s.sroom, put down her schoolbag, and at the same time the first bell rang.

Our female protagonist always got into the cla.s.sroom just before the first bell.

Ming Shu took a look at Yun Ce’s seat next to hers. Books were piled up messily on the desk, as if it hadn’t been cleaned for a long time.

“I went to do something big yesterday.” Ming Shu averted her gaze and her eyes fell on Yuan Xi’s neck, swallowing involuntarily.

Yuan Xi covered her neck morosely. “How can you act like Si Luo and always look at me in such a covetous way?”

Was she really so delicious? She kept wondering this.

Si Luo… this male protagonist, I haven’t seen him so far, Ming Shu thought.

Then she suddenly got close to Yuan Xi. “Did Si Luo ever bite you?”

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Yuan Xi shook her head. “That’s against the law, okay?” Si Luo did lose control and almost bite her several times, but in the end, he didn’t.

Yun Ce: “…”

“Cla.s.smate Wei Xi, don’t be foolishly sentimental, I wouldn’t like a skinny little girl like you.” How shameless was she to say that she was underage.

Ming Shu held her chin. “Isn’t it you being foolishly sentimental? Who was shamelessly asking me to do something to him?”

Yun Ce choked. The sentence he just said did not have that meaning at all.

“Xia Fu hasn’t come back yet?” Yun Ce shifted the topic. “Is he dead…”

His voice became very low for the last sentence, and Ming Shu didn’t hear it clearly.

After the bell rang, the conversation between the two was terminated.

The next few days were quite calm. Yun Ce kept a record of skipping everyday for half the day. Mi Li didn’t have any more conflicts with Ming Shu, and the rest of the students only paid attention to the Autumn Twilight trip.

Monday finally arrived with everyone’s expectations.

In addition to their cla.s.s, there were also other scheduling the trip on today. But their destinations should be different.

Ming Shu walked to the position of junior Cla.s.s 7, and then she found the female protagonist standing beside a tall boy, who was more like a foreigner than an Asian.

The boy’s hand rested on Yuan Xi’s shoulder, which made it look like he was preventing her from moving.

With that face and that outstanding aura, at first glance you would know he was the male protagonist.

How dare he touch my delicious dessert…

Yuan Xi waved to Ming Shu.

Ming Shu took the opportunity to go over and pull the delicious dessert to her own side, in her arms. Then she gave a big smile to Si Luo who was looking at her with eyes wide open, and took the dessert away from him.

Si Luo: “…”

Who is this?

“Hey, Si Luo, your little sweetheart was spirited away.” A boy next to Si Luo poked him laughingly.

Si Luo glanced at him with a gloomy expression.

The boy wasn’t afraid at all, and he continued to laugh. “That girl dared to s.n.a.t.c.h someone from your hands, and with that arrogant att.i.tude, hahahaha.”

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