Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 252 - The Novice Breeder (12)

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Chapter 252: The Novice Breeder (12)

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The person Ming Shu came for was called Lai Ang, who was a loyal supporter of the Host. Even after the Host became a villain in the original plot, he was always standing on her side.

He may know something about what happened in those days…

On the sixth floor, the facilities looked more elegant than on the lower floors, and the people coming in and out were also more decent.

Black cards naturally had corresponding ident.i.ties, but staff on the six floor and below generally wouldn’t bother checking these black card holders, so one could get in as long as one held a black card.

Nine Dragons Playing With Beads.

Ming Shu stared at the name of the room. What the young staff sister said just now was probably here…

She reached out to push the door and it easily opened. The scene displayed in front of Ming Shu was extremely… shocking.

It was completely matched with the idiom of nine dragons playing with beads.

” Cough !” Ming Shu cleared her throat. “Well, would you please stop for a moment, there is an underaged girl here.”

All kinds of moaning in the room suddenly stopped.

The man on the sofa squinted over. He put his arm around the shoulder of a young woman and smiled. “Are you taking underaged girls now?”

“No, I’ve never seen her before.”

“Little sister, have you come to the wrong place?”

“Little sister, are you lost? Go back to your parents.”

Those young women began to tease Ming Shu in laughter.

Ming Shu also smiled. “Lai Ang, it’s been a long time.”

The man narrowed his eyes until they were almost like threads, and he loosened his hand. “Get out first, all of you.”

“Mister Fu…” Young women pouted.

“Okay, be good, I’ll come to you later!” The man touched the faces of those young women and laughed flirtatiously.

“Okay… okay then.”

“Don’t forget us, Mister Fu.”

“Okay, go now.”

The young women walked out of the room while twisting their enchanting bodies, and even closed the door kindly for the remaining two.

The man sat up from the sofa, sorted out his messy clothes, and examined Ming Shu alertly. “Who are you?”

He hadn’t used the name Lai Ang for a long time.

The little girl looked a little familiar, but he didn’t seem to know her.

Ming Shu bent over and placed a jade ring on the gla.s.s table, then looked up at the man and chuckled.

“Wei Xi, your Queen.”

Lai Ang left the room with Ming Shu. The dissolute look on his face was as usual, and he still flirted with those young girls when he walked past them.

However, when he looked back at Ming Shu, his expression obviously held some respect.

Three hundred years.

He had waited for three hundred years.

Finally, she came back.


The Queen seemed to be much gentler than before. She had put away her piercing eyes, and her entire body was surrounded by a soft but energetic atmosphere.

“Get downstairs from this way…” Seeing that Ming Shu was going in the wrong direction, Lai Ang quickly reminded her.

“Who said that I’ll go down?” Ming Shu looked sideways at Lai Ang.

Lai Ang was puzzled.

Ming Shu looked in the direction of the upper floors. “Since I’m here, why don’t we leave a gift?”

“This place is the property of Lai Si…” Lai Ang frowned.

“So what, he dispossessed my things, can’t I just vent some anger?”

Lai Ang seemed to know what Ming Shu was saying, and his eyes became a little aggressive. “I will take back the rights that belong to you, my Queen.”

“Then let’s blow up the building first.”

Ming Shu happily made the decision.

Lai Ang: “…”

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This place was strictly guarded, and they couldn’t even get upstairs. How to blow it up?

Ming Shu leaned on Lai Ang’s car and watched the entrance to the building be pushed open. Some bodyguards in black escorted a man out.

Ming Shu whistled.

She didn’t know if the man heard it or sensed something, but he looked over in her direction.

The man’s eyes were as sharp as a blade.

But Ming Shu just smiled and even waved her hand. She walked toward the man.

She stood at a distance of five meters from him, and her brisk voice pierced through the messy background noise, reaching his ears. “Lai Si, I’m back. Are you happy to see me again?”

Gaining Hatred Points in this way was, of course, more enjoyable.

“Wei Xi.”

The man called her name with a low and steady voice.

Compared with Xia Fu’s indifference as a youth, this man was tough and strong like he had experienced countless wars.

Ordinary people may tremble standing in front of him.

“You really didn’t die.”

Ming Shu blinked. “Of course I’m not dead. I am a Vampire Queen. It’s not so easy for me to die. Are you surprised, are you happy?”

Ming Shu looked into the sky, where the smoke was rolling and rising. “Right, do you like the gift I gave you?”

The air around the man got even colder.

“Yes, that’s right, get angry.” Seeing the man’s darkened expression, Ming Shu continued to provoke him. “I feel so happy that you’re angry.”

Lai Si looked at the girl, and the edges of his mouth curled in a cold smile. “You looked a lot different when we last met.”

“Soon you will find that I have not only changed my appearance, but also have become smarter.” Ming Shu narcissistically parted the hair in front of her forehead, and then waved her hand. “I’ll think over a gift for you for next time, but you must remember to stay angry, it’ll help you become handsome.”

If you don’t hate me, my effort will be wasted.

Lai Ang drove past the man, and the man watched them disappear into the crowded traffic.

“My Queen… you are crazy,” Lai Ang said after they had moved afar. “Do you know how much resources and power he has now?”

“Do you think I’m afraid of him?” Ming Shu bit into a bag of blood. “If he is really powerful, let him go blow up the school, and I’ll give him a prize for that.”

Lai Ang: “…”

Perhaps he would really dare to do so.

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