Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 251 - The Novice Breeder (11)

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Chapter 251: The Novice Breeder (11)

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Ming Shu looked around and didn’t see anyone else. Then she suddenly smiled at Yun Ce brightly. “Cla.s.smate Yun Ce, I have an academic question to discuss with you.”

Yun Ce raised his eyebrows. “What question?”

Ming Shu’s fist came straight at his face.

Yun Ce had been beaten once, and this time he wasn’t caught off guard, so Ming Shu’s fist just shot past his cheek.

He successfully avoided the fist, but didn’t avoid Ming Shu’s kick.

Yun Ce was a halfblood, so he could use some vampire capabilities. But the same feeling as that time in the cla.s.sroom came to him again.

The suppression due to a higher level…

Yun Ce was turned over on the ground by Ming Shu.

Ming Shu controlled him and gave him a fierce beating. After she finished the beating, she even arrogantly pinched his face and asked with a big smile, “Are you angry? You should be angry more often. You know, you look the most beautiful when you’re angry.”

Am I angry?

Of course I’m angry!

I have been beaten by the same person twice in a row.

And what the h.e.l.l was that “you look the most beautiful when you’re angry”!

Ming Shu went back inside after gaining a series of Hatred Points.

Yun Ce got up and kicked the door. His whole body was covered with a gloomy haze, eyes faintly red; then he turned to walk downstairs, disappearing into the night.

Ming Shu leaned by the window and watched Yun Yun’s figure disappear into the darkness.

Her lip corners slightly curled up. The wonderful nightlife has just begun.

Go get another round of Hatred Points?

… Or I should stuff myself full first?

At Paradise Entertainment City…

Ming Shu looked up at the high-end and shining entertainment club signs. Then she walked straight inside.

The big male bodyguard at the gate stopped her. “The underaged are not allowed to enter.”

Ming Shu: “…”

The word underage is far away from me!

Don’t judge people solely by their appearance!

Ming Shu raised her hand, and the tremendous momentum of her movement suggested she was going to start a fight. Those big guys stared at her cautiously one after another.

Ming Shu smiled and took out a card from her pocket, which was earned by her errand boys with effort, then handed it over.

The big bodyguard: “…” Do you really need to take out a card in that way?

The card in Ming Shu’s hand was a low-level yellow card. Her errand boys had already made desperate efforts to get such a card, Ming Shu didn’t wish for a diamond black card as well.

The bodyguard checked the card and didn’t find any problem, and so he waved. “Get in.”

Paradise Entertainment City was a high-end place integrated with all kinds of entertainment activities.

The building had a total of ten floors, located in the most prosperous center area.

The lower eight floors corresponded to different cards, and the cardholders could enter the corresponding floor. Of course, an advanced card would allow you to enter any floor below.

The ninth and tenth floors didn’t allow anyone to enter without permission.

Ming Shu had a yellow card, the lowest level, which could only get her in the first floor.

This place was one of the estates under the name of Lai Si… His current name was Yi Jing, another mission target for Hatred Points. It was said that he spent most of his time here.

However, Ming Shu was not here for him today. But it also wouldn’t be bad to collect some Hatred Points from him.

Even if Ming Shu was as tall as an adult, her loli face still made her look like an underage girl to others. Hence when she walked alone in the dim channel, she attracted a lot of attention.

“Isn’t this our new cla.s.smate?”

Ming Shu was blocked by a group of vampires, the foremost of which was the girl who was “bullied” by Xia Fu and left the cla.s.sroom last time.

Her name was… Nora.

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Nora looked at Ming Shu c.o.c.kily at this moment. “What, Xia Fu didn’t follow you here to protect you? As a vampire, you got so close to a human and even asked a human for protection, aren’t you ashamed?”

The sound insulation of the room was very good. Ming Shu turned everything upside down and made huge noises and screams, but no one came to investigate.

Finally, she tied everyone up. Ming Shu dragged a chair over and sat in front of Nora.

Nora’s eyes were full of anger. “Wei Xi, do you think you can leave here? You beat me, and you will die like a dog!”

“Yeah.” Ming Shu nodded casually. “But before I die, I will definitely take you with me, so don’t worry.”

Nora: “…”

The light in the room was very dark, and the smile on the face of the girl opposite seemed to be distorted. Nora couldn’t help but feel chilled.

“Now, I’ll give you a choice. If you get me a black card, I’ll let you go.”

“Black card?” Nora burst out and looked at Ming Shu as if she was mad. “Are you crazy? How can we get a black card?”

The others also wore similar expressions.

They came in here with Nora, who held the highest-level card among them. Some of them didn’t even have a card.

The black card corresponded to the sixth floor, while they were now on the third floor. For half the distance, how could they get it?

“I don’t care about that. You only have two hours, and if you can’t get it to me, I’ll kill you all.”

Ming Shu crossed her legs and smiled confidently. “I dared to come here, so I naturally have my ways. Don’t think that I won’t dare to kill you.”

Nora felt ill at ease, and she said after a long while, “You tied me here… How do I get it for you?”

Ming Shu caught her wrist, and Nora suddenly felt a coldness go straight into her head, making her want to surrender involuntarily .

Ming Shu released Nora with a gentle smile. “Go quickly and come back quickly, otherwise you will be very uncomfortable.”

“You… what did you put in my body?” Nora’s voice quivered.

“Don’t be afraid, if you come back in time, you’ll be fine.” She was a Vampire Queen, okay? Even if she didn’t own the Queen’s strength, she could still use some special skills.

Nora regretted all the way to a dead end at that moment. Why did she have to provoke this girl?

She glanced at the girl sitting in the half-light, then left the room while grinding her teeth.

She wanted to run.

But, for a reason she didn’t know, she was totally under the control of the girl’s brisk and smiling voice.

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